Getting ready for the cold: 30 photos of fashionable models of women's jackets for autumn 2018


Always be in trend and catching envious glances - this is the main rule of the avid fashionista. And who does not want to look especially attractively dank and slushy at times? And here come to the rescue fashionable women's jackets, which in the fall of 2018 will become a real wand for wardrobe.

Trendy colors

In the autumn of 2018, stylists propose to opt for the following current colors:

  • discreet beige;
  • juicy wine and bordeaux;
  • gentle milky;
  • sky blue;
  • saturated mustard;
  • luxurious emerald;
  • noble brown;
  • classic black.

Trendy styles and materials

Designers agreed that a woman should not limit herself, and offered many options for jackets of various styles and textures. In the fashion collections, suede and leather outerwear, diluted with quilted and lacquered models, flash.


Universal leather jackets - the undisputed trend of autumn 2018. The abundance of flowers and decor allow you to choose the option that fits perfectly with any clothes. Traditional black, gentle beige, bright red and muted brown - the most popular colors from the last fashion shows.


Nubuck outerwear is another hit of the coming autumn. Particularly relevant are the shortened versions with fur trimming on the cuffs and collar. Decorated with unusual buttons, belts and locks, they attract maximum attention.


Lightweight models of silk and satin, decorated with floral prints, conquer the most sophisticated fashionistas.

Short leather bombers will be appreciated by connoisseurs of the classics, and knitted variants will suit lovers of sports style.


Denim matches perfectly with any style, so designers offer several options for autumn jackets from jeans. Straight cut suits lovers of the classics, casual models will pay attention to casual casuals, and short jackets with an abundance of decor will fall in love with feminine and romantic ladies.


Universal jackets will be appropriate for women of any age. The park fits perfectly with both jeans and dresses. Particularly relevant in the autumn of 2018 models with leather inserts, colored fur collars and Alaska.


Lightweight models filled with down will warm in bad weather, bright inserts will add originality, and discreet décor will add elegance to the image. At the peak of popularity, down jackets decorated with prints and embroidery, as well as quilted options.

What options are considered anti-trends

The main anti-trends of autumn 2018 are:

  • Extra long models with profuse faux fur trim. The main taboo - fur pockets.
  • Down jackets and jackets with metallic (golden) sheen.
  • Leather jackets straight cut to mid-thigh and below.
  • Ultra-wide coats with voluminous oversized shoulders.

The most current models of women's jackets in the fall of 2018: more photos

Try to create a variety of original and fashionable bows with stylish autumn jackets.

The quilted down jacket stops being boring and mundane due to the bright colors, unusual decor and well-chosen details.

A stylish denim jacket with patch pockets and a fold-over collar, decorated with fur, is what you need to create a casual look in a casual style.

A cropped soft "sheepskin" so beige so popular this autumn will ideally complement an elegant outfit.

Traditional black jacket “jacket” is excellent not only with jeans. A flared flare and suede shoes are a great solution for creating a romantic look.

For the sake of truth, a high heel in the fall is not particularly in the trend, but for such a skirt - just right.

In the autumn season of 2018, every fashionable woman can choose for herself a stylish and comfortable jacket. The main thing is to follow the advice of stylists and not dwell on one model. Diversify your wardrobe with different cut options and select several suitable colors - it is easier and more convenient to create unique images for all occasions.