Haircut Aurora for short and long hair with bangs


Women's haircut Aurora incredibly popular for more than a dozen years. She is romantic and slightly cheeky and suits almost every woman, regardless of age, giving her a unique look. However, in order to perform it, you need to find an experienced stylist, because such a hairstyle is difficult in terms of performance.

Aurora came into vogue in the distant 80s, when most idols of young people had such a haircut. Now it is again relevant, and this is not only a tribute to the retro style, but also one of the latest fashion trends.

Short haircut

Characteristic hairstyles Aurora for short hair are:

  • rounded and voluminous "cap" on the crown of the head;
  • big bangs;
  • on the back of the head free and cascade locks.

The short version of the haircut is barely covered neck or the length to the shoulder blades, but the main volume of long curls will have to be sacrificed for the beautiful silhouette of the hair.

This hairstyle can fit almost every woman. Any oval face can be differently modeled by bangs of different styles and elongated strands on the sides. But if the face is very round or full, then it is better not to do too short hair.. The best option - This is an elongated haircut for medium hair.

You can choose the style of Aurora along the length of the control strands, which will create the main rounded "cap". The most effective option for short hair - This is their length to the chin, and the bang is chosen individually depending on your wishes. This hairstyle is great for hair of any type, but best of all - for straight or slightly wavy. The hairstyle is multi-level, the tips of the curls must be worked through with special thinning scissors. This will give the hair volume and make them as obedient as possible and do not require complicated styling.

Hairstyle Aurora in one form or another - a vivid example of how with the help of properly selected haircut, you can quickly change and transform. If a short haircut is given extra volume on the top of the head, the oval of the face will visually stretch and at the same time soften due to the rounded shape. And if on the back of your head you want to keep the same length, then the curls covering the neck, it is recommended to cut the cascade. It will look very elegant.

Aurora is a win-win hairstyle for girls with a rounded or angular face. Thanks to her face flaws disappear, and attention is focused on the cheekbones and eyes. On short hair with this hairstyle you can successfully experiment with bangs, it can be like this:

  • very short;
  • to the middle of the forehead;
  • up to the eyebrows;
  • straight form;
  • asymmetrical.

Feature hairstyle isthat bangs fit any length and shape, as long as it gives harmony to your facial features.

Haircut Aurora for medium hair

For owners of medium-length hair, such a haircut is also great. She is very versatile and will suit every lady, regardless of age. For young girls, it is good because it allows you to create an original and fashionable image, and for more adult women it is an opportunity to look younger and hide minor defects on the skin of the face.

Due to the large number of varieties, it is possible to choose one or another version of Aurora to any style and type of person. Stylists recommend this hairstyle in such cases:

  • If the hair is thin and brittle - cutting will give them volume, eliminate the problem of split ends and accelerate hair growth;
  • If they are straight, on curly hair Aurora will not be able to fit normally;
  • If the face is oval, triangular or square. Due to the hairstyle you will hide the disproportionate facial features, they will become more feminine.

Long hair

Haircut Aurora for long hair is done according to the classical scheme. In this case, the “cap” will be a long and smooth silhouette, the oval of the face will be advantageously emphasized by long strands that will effectively lie on the shoulders. The contours can be frankly "torn" or a neatly arranged haircut or "feathers" are allowed. You can decorate your hair in different ways, it all depends on your preferences.

It is worth noting that now trend is natural, so thanks to this hairstyle you can demonstrate your natural hair color. If desired, you can effectively complement it with a slight coloration and add a little gloss and volume. On long hair bangs, too, should be given due attention, it will give your image a unique charm. It can be long, asymmetric or arched to successfully complement the created image.

Pros and cons hairstyles

Any haircut has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before you go to a beauty salon and be transformed, you need to take them into account.

The hairstyle of Aurora has the following advantages:

  • The shortest strands on the crown together with the cascade give additional volume to the hair and make it visually thicker. If the curls are thin, this can be successfully brightened due to the fact that the strands of different lengths are superimposed one on one;
  • Ease of care - you do not need much time to pack every day, you just need to wash your hair and dry your hair with a hairdryer;
  • The ability to create a variety of styles - strands can be stacked or even braided in different ways;
  • The hairstyle is well suited for hair of different lengths.

The advantages of this hairstyle a large number, but there are also disadvantages:

  • It is not recommended to do such a haircut if you have curly hair. It will look unnatural, and the transition between hair of different lengths will not look very attractive. However, if you do decide on this hairstyle, then get ready for the fact that every day you will need to align the curls and carefully put them. In order to get a perfect hairstyle, then contact a professional stylist;
  • For girls with a round face, hairstyle will also not look very good;
  • Not recommended for girls with short stature, additional volume will only visually make you lower.

As you can see, the advantages of this haircut are much greater than the minuses. In most cases, changing the image will benefit you, so you can try to take a chance.

Styling methods

When you leave the salon with an updated hairstyle, you will need to think about how to put it on. There are many options, so you can appear almost every day in a new image, depending on the situation.

Below is a description of the most interesting styling options for such a hairstyle that will suit all occasions:

  • Straight strands are now in trend with smooth and perfect smooth strands. Curls can be straightened by ironing and fixed with a small amount of varnish;
  • Casual hairstyle - perfect for going to work or study, or in the case when there is no time for a large-scale styling, but you want to look attractive. To fit your hair, squeeze a little foam on your palm and evenly distribute it through your hair and dry it with a hairdryer. In the area of ​​the cheekbones, the curls are wrapped inside, and the effect will be noticeable for a long time due to the presence of the foam;
  • Disco hairstyle - stylists assure that he is again in trend. On wet hair, you need to put a little foam and ruffle the hair with your hands. Dry your hair with a hairdryer. If there is a bang, then it needs to be combed back. The image is ready;
  • Romantic style - this option will give your image more femininity. The whole head of hair should be wound with small curls, and the bangs should be laid neatly on one side, and then stabbed with floral decorations. In a different way, all the strands are combed to one side, and the ends are twisted, then the ornament is attached;
  • Evening styling - sometimes it is necessary for the hairstyle to look beautiful, but at the same time succinctly and strictly. On the top you need to comb a little curls and twist the strands on the sides. Next, they are connected by means of invisible or beautiful hairpins with flowers or rhinestones. The tips need to straighten, and the hair is ready. This evening option will perfectly complement the long open dress for going to a party;
  • Retro. Defining this style are all kinds of hoops and ribbons that can be found on the market or in stores that sell various fashion accessories. It will be necessary to make a slight bouffant on the top of the head, to pin the bang, and then fix it with varnish. Complete the look with a bright rim that contrasts with the hair color.

As for the colors, the Aurora haircut will look great on different shades of hair. Coloring is especially worth noting. Since there are step transitions in the haircut, this, together with coloring, will give an unusual tint.

A huge plus haircuts Aurora - is its versatility and variety of performances. It can be combined with different hair colors, different bangs and perform on hair of different lengths. The right haircut will effectively complement your look and emphasize your character and personality.