Beautiful hairstyles with collected hair


To date, a huge number of methods have appeared, how to exquisitely style hair for every day or a solemn event. You can use both the classic styling and make a variety of different beautiful accessories. Collected shag of any length on every girl looks great.

Long hairstyles collected

Twisted tail

  1. Using a thin transparent elastic band, make an ordinary tail of hair.
  2. Pull the gum down a bit.
  3. Carefully divide your hair into two strands with your hands.
  4. Between the strands do a small hole with your fingers and pull the tail into it through the top.
  5. In the same way it is possible to make a hairstyle by passing the tail through the bottom of the hole. This uncomplicated method is considered the basis of a multitude of styling. You can do this on the side or decorate it with various colorful hair clips.

Tail to the side

In order to create a styling with wavy strands, the hair must first be twisted on the electric tongs, fixed with varnish or spray and then carefully collected on the side of a thin elastic band. Carefully separate one loose strand and wrap around the elastic, securing invisible, thus the hair will look more attractive. Such a tail can be made on any side convenient for you. And also you can easily decorate a hairstyle with various hairpins, bows.

Spit on one side

Anytime braids have always been highly relevant. A scythe has quite a few ways to do it: in the center, in the tails, on the side, etc. The scythe is considered to be an original variant for everyday life. Creating it is pretty easy:

  1. To begin with, comb your hair, gently fan the strands to give them a volume and make a light lick.
  2. On the side convenient for you pick up strands.
  3. Weave braid, securing it with a thin elastic band.
  4. Very beautifully, this braid will look on girls with curly curls.

French spike to the side

This stylish hairstyle is suitable not only for everyday life, but also on a date, party or holiday.

  1. Well comb the curls.
  2. From the side convenient for you, select one lock and divide it into three parts.
  3. Begin to weave an ordinary three-strand pigtail.
  4. Twisting the braid, add to it a free strand, taking it from the other side.
  5. In this way, weave a pigtail to the ear, while the movement should be vertically.
  6. On one side of the head the pigtail will look wider.
  7. Weave the ends of the hair in an ordinary way and secure with a rubber band.
  8. Stretch your arms to add volume.

Hairstyles collected on medium hair

Unusual cool bunch

  1. Well comb your hair.
  2. Make a high tail on the crown.
  3. Leaving a small loop, fix it firmly with a rubber band.
  4. With one hand, twist the tail with a cord and stretch it into a loop, while helping yourself with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.
  5. Carefully flatten the loop to the width, the hair should be inside this bunch.
  6. The ends of the beam fix stealth.
  7. Gum should be decorated with a beautiful hairpin.

Bundle with roller

  1. Hair on top should be collected in an ordinary tail, securing a thin elastic band.
  2. Put a roller over the tail. Spread your hair so that the roller is not visible through the strands, first select it by the shade of your curls.
  3. With a discreet rubber band, carefully fasten the distributed hair on top of the entire bolster.
  4. Wrap around the elastic band and fasten the ends with a small pin.
  5. It is desirable to fix the hairstyle with varnish.
  6. Such a bundle can be decorated with a handkerchief, wrapped around it and making a bow from it, or with various bright accessories.

Twisted Tail Bundle

  1. You need to comb the hair and make the tail from the bottom on the back of your head.
  2. Put a little gum down with your fingers, make a hole above it.
  3. Thread the tail through this hole.
  4. Weave braid, tie the tip with a rubber band.
  5. Hands gently stretch the strands, thus giving them volume.
  6. Lift the braid up, hide its tip in the hole.
  7. Fix stealth.
  8. Spray the hairstyle varnish.

French braid bottom

  1. Head down and comb your hair well.
  2. At the back, take a piece of hair closer to your neck and divide it into three strands.
  3. Lay the left strand on the center.
  4. Then put the right on the center.
  5. Place the left strand again on top, add a new strand of loose hair to it and in this way weave it into a braid.
  6. Continue weaving, grabbing curls from two sides.
  7. Pigtail must be picked up with gum.
  8. In front, make a high basal pile.
  9. After that, you should remove all the hair in the loose tail at the top, capturing the tips of the pigtails. Secure with a rubber band, slightly lowering it.
  10. Hide the tail and hair ends in a pocket under the rubber band.
  11. Secure the studs and haircut is ready!

Volume knot

  1. Divide the pile into two parts.
  2. On each side of the head, part from head to ear.
  3. From the one half of the back of the head, make the tail as high as the bottom strands allow. Secure with a rubber band.
  4. Divide the tail into two parts and twist them into flagella. Weave them together. Do not pay attention to the dropped strands. Wrap the flagellum around the rubber band and secure with a rubber band.
  5. Repeat the same on the second tail.
  6. Continue to pull the side strands to the tails, twisting them slightly with flagella, and fix in place of the tail with hairpins.
  7. Spray the hairstyle varnish.

Hair bow

Comb the hair. At the crown of strands straightened by electroplips, make a tail. Make a large loop of curlssecuring it with a rubber band. Fasten the loop on the sides with hairpins or stealth or split it in half. Place a loose strand from the tail, centered between the two halves of the loop. Fix the tips with a hairpin, and hair - hairspray.

Short hairstyles collected

Sloppy bunch

  1. Well combed hair should be slightly combed at the roots and collected in the tail at the back of the head or slightly lower.
  2. Take the end of the strand and twist the bundle, putting it in a bun.
  3. Secure with studs and shake a little with your fingers, giving them a slight negligence.
  4. Laying decorate with a barrette.
  5. Separate the locks on the temples and curl them with curls. This will give your image coquetry.

Bun on the back of his head

  1. Gather the hair at the back of the head, pre-combing it at the crown.

  2. Then, twisting the curls in a small tail, fix them with a rubber band.
  3. Lift the end of the tail to the back of the head, securing it with two strands.
  4. Spray the hairstyle varnish.

Greek style

  1. Put on the bezel.
  2. Seat the locks under the gum, starting from the temporal side of the head. So get to the head.
  3. The curls on the back of the head are refilled last.
  4. Decorate the bezel with hairpins.

Romantic tail

  1. The hair is divided into strands 5-6 centimeters wide.
  2. Each curl slightly curl up the floor with a curling iron.
  3. Slightly curl at the crown to give shape and volume.
  4. Fix the top of the head stealth, slightly lifting hair. For good fixation, the invisible being must be pinned crosswise.
  5. Continue to pull up to the top all the other hairs, securing them invisible.
  6. The remaining strands on the back of the head are gathered together with the upper curls under a beautiful hairpin.

Evening styling

First, you need to twist the curls on the curling iron and lightly comb them. Next, you need to twist a few curls around the face and grab them with a clip. Collect the lower curls in the tail and a little mix. Separate the locks from the face and back up, pre-combing them. Fix using stealth. To hide the ends of the strands, you should tuck them inside and secure with pins. It remains only to fix the hair with lacquer.