Dana Borisova sues her ex-husband

TV presenter hopes to "knock out" of child support.

Dana Borisova was again in the center of the scandal. This time she filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband. In it, the star claims that the businessman does not devote time to his daughter and does not pay for her maintenance. She hopes to get alimony from her husband through court.

Borisova really invests a lot of money in raising a child. Judging by the photos on the web, the girl constantly goes to clubs and deals with tutors, as well as studying in an elite school. In addition, she quite often go to rest with her mother.

Interestingly, Dana's former husband, Maxim Aksyonov, only recently allowed her to live with a child. A year ago, when a celebrity admitted to using drugs and flew away to recover in Thailand, a businessman took her daughter to her and did not want to give it back.