Denis Lebedev is not going to apologize to Buzova

The man believes that he should not suffer a sense of guilt.

The talk show finalist Denis Lebedev made a loud statement. According to him, he is ready to forgive Olga Buzova. Recall, it was Olga Lebedeva who chose from the contenders for the show. But then the ugly details of his personal life came to light. So, at the time of the show, he was still married, and besides, fans found out that at the expense of the eminent bride, he just wanted to make himself a PR.

Lebedev first denied all the rumors and even tried to make up with Buzova, waiting for her at the station with a bouquet. However, Olga remained unapproachable. Now Denis has chosen a different tactic - he said in Instagram, that he himself is ready to forgive the girl and accept her, but he no longer feels guilty before her.