Kylie Minogue told about the new boyfriend

The star shared her happiness with fans.

Two recent interviews with 50-year-old Kylie Minogue are wholly devoted to the singer's new novel - apparently, the star is very happy and is not going to hide it from others. Recall that in the winter of this year it became known about the connection between Minogue and Paul Solomons, the 44-year-old director of the British version of GQ magazine. In an interview, Kylie honestly admitted that she did not hope to fall in love again - she met Paul when she was very painful when she broke up an engagement with her last boyfriend, Joshua Sass.

That is why the star tried to hide new relationships, fearing again to lose her lover. Now, according to her, they are constantly opening up to each other from new sides and she is happy that she has met Paul on her way.