Effective abdominal slimming exercises at home - Striving for the ideal


If you do not have enough time for a fitness room, try to do exercises to lose weight in the abdomen at home.

If you do not have enough time for a fitness room, try to do exercises to lose weight in the abdomen at home. Simple, but effective movements, developed by experts, will help to bring the figure in order.

Even if the stomach only began to sag slightly, it will take at least a couple of months to bring the muscles to tone.

How long will it take?

Let's finally stop deceiving ourselves and believe in wonderful tales of rapid weight loss with the help of two or three magical exercises (tablets, herbs, etc.). With the accumulated years of fat deposits is not so easy to part. Moreover, the stomach is a problem area, and to remove the excess in this particular place is the hardest.

Even if the stomach only began to sag slightly, it will take at least a couple of months to bring the muscles into tone. To bring very weak muscles into perfect order, you will have to work hard for at least six months.

However, to torture yourself with exercises to complete exhaustion is not worth it. If only because it may not in the best way affect your well-being. Enough regular classes a day for 30-40 minutes a day. Subject to a change in nutrition, of course. Otherwise, you simply will not have time to burn incoming calories again.

A healthy lifestyle - that is, a balanced diet and exercise - the only way to restore not only your own figure, but also your health.

Tip! Start working not tomorrow or Monday, but today. An organism that has received a decent dose of endorphins - pleasure hormones - will immediately perk up, and your mood will rise and the strength will appear for further struggle.

Why fat is deposited on the stomach?

Before taking any measures to combat fatty deposits on the stomach, it is necessary to understand where they come from and what needs to be done in order to get rid of this problem forever. After all, excessive savings in this area are not only outwardly unattractive, but are also fraught with the development of quite serious diseases.

Causes of excessive accumulation in the abdomen can be:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal failure, including an excess of cortisol (male hormone) - in fact, for the male figure is characterized by accumulations of fat in the abdomen;
  • lack of exercise.

Getting a hormonal crash is easy. Enough to lead the "unjust" way of life, overeat and not let the body get enough sleep. Then, having recollected himself, it is necessary to mock him with diets for a couple of months, limiting the most important products for the body, and thus only aggravate the situation.

The admonitions of doctors, that we earn the majority of illnesses only with unhealthy diet, we have not been afraid for a long time. The phrases that “overeating” and “eating at night” are harmful and you need to adhere to a “balanced diet” so familiar that we just stop paying attention to them. Although a healthy lifestyle - that is, a balanced diet and sports - the only way to restore not only your own figure, but also your health.

Motivation is one of the main principles on the path to success in losing weight.

Tip! Stop listening to fairy tales about magic pills, wonderful belts for weight loss and bads. To achieve a meaningful result, you should work on yourself and completely change your lifestyle. Other effective and, most importantly, safe means simply do not exist.

What is visceral fat and how is it dangerous?

Doctors divided body fat into three types:

  • subcutaneous;
  • intramuscular: the first two types are the least dangerous;
  • visceral, localized precisely in the abdominal cavity and enveloping all internal organs, squeezing them and leading to serious changes; it is in this type of fat that “bad” cholesterol is accumulated.

Fats in reasonable quantities are needed by the body. With the help of them, fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed. A small layer of fat accumulates all the harmful substances from food.

Subcutaneous and intramuscular fats, in fact, are an energy pantry. They protect the body from cold, and internal organs - from injury. With visceral, everything is much more complicated. It is his accumulation that leads to the development of atherosclerosis, diseases of internal organs, heart disease and diabetes. Doctors say that every added centimeter at the waist takes a year of life from us.

Doctors say that every centimeter added at the waist takes a year of life

Tip! It has been proven that fat burning is most intense at night. Therefore, if you want to lose weight - not only eat right, but get enough sleep.

10 exercises for beginners

The one who plays sports for a long time has long picked up his own set of exercises, ideally suited to him. For beginners, we suggest using the advice of a fitness trainer Gay Gasper, who has developed simple but very effective exercises specifically for the abdominal muscles. However, again - for the effect to be obvious, classes will need to be conducted regularly.

Tip! You should not immediately load the muscles in the first seconds. Before starting any workout, do a warm up.

Simple twisting

To perform this simple exercise, you must lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Feet at the same time should be completely on the floor. Hands are turned over the head. The press is a little tight. When you inhale - this is important - we lift our shoulders from the floor, linger in this position on two counts (one, two), and then again, as we exhale, drop to the floor. Just like all subsequent exercises, repeat 10 times.

The chin during this exercise should not be omitted. The elbows should be in line with the shoulders. It is necessary to work only with the press - buttocks at this moment should be relaxed. In fact, all other exercises will be complicated variations of the first with the study of other muscle groups.

After the first exercise, let your muscles rest again - lying on your back, stretch your arms, inhale and lower them.

If during the exercise you feel tired, do not give up. Without labor, the ideal stomach does not come

Tip! If the exercise is still difficult for you, simplify it by doing it with arms folded at the wrists. In the future, when the muscles become stronger, you will be able to perform its full version.

Lifting legs

Now we start to work out the lower press. This exercise is also done lying down. At first we lift the legs bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Hands divorced to the sides, palms pressed to the floor. Slowly, we pull in the stomach, slightly raise the hips a couple of centimeters from the floor (legs remain bent) and return to the starting position.

Let's have a little rest, stretch and continue the exercise again. The back of this exercise should not be torn off the floor. All work must be done by the abdominal muscles. When you fully master these movements in subsequent workouts, complicate them by lifting not fully articulated, but fully extended legs.

Tip! As soon as you feel that your muscles are strong, pauses and rest between repetitions can be removed.

Twisting and lifting legs

Let's combine the first and second exercises already mastered by us. Lying on your back in the same way as in the second exercise, bend your knees and spread our arms wide apart. We press. In this position, we need to raise both shoulders and buttocks above the floor.

The exhalation during the exercise is done at the time of greatest stress. Breathing is uniform. Do not pull the elbows forward. Rest and relax the muscles for 1-1.5 minutes. We continue these exercises.

Get started in a good mood, then the result of training will be better

Tip! Playing sports with someone for a couple is easier. Enlist the support of a friend or colleague and start practicing your figure together. You can help each other with advice and share the results of achievements.

Lateral twisting

These movements will help to work out the oblique muscles. The initial position is similar to the position in the first exercise. Lying on your back slowly bending the legs at the knees. Feet pressed to the floor. Hips slightly apart. Hands behind head. It is not necessary to hitch them, just hold them tightly to the head.

On the exhale, we begin gradually to reach out first with one, and then with the other, shoulder to the opposite knee. The other elbow remains on the floor, helping to keep us in balance. Buttocks from the floor do not come off. Only the upper back is lifted, the back in the waist area remains tightly pressed to the floor. Chin do not omit. Also 10 reps.

Tip! You can simplify the exercise, if you don’t hold your hands behind your head, but simply reach for the opposite knee. A more difficult option is to raise and cross legs.

Twisting with lunge

Lying down Feet are on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Hands hold the head. Tightening alternately one or the other leg to the chest, while lifting the back. The second leg is still bent at the knee to maintain balance, and the foot is on the floor.

We look forward. Exhale when bending, inhaling when returning to the starting position. Breathing does not knock. Same for the second leg. We make 5 movements for each leg.

It is important every repetition. Even if you are tired, force yourself to make another move, one last time.

If you want to facilitate the exercise, pull the leg up. A more difficult option with the rise of both legs. At the same time, when the first leg is working, the second is unbent.

Tip! It is important every repetition. Even if you are tired, force yourself to make another move one last time.


Slightly modified movements, familiar to us from the physical education classes, excellent work on the lateral muscles. Bend the legs so that the heels are closer to the buttocks. Hands behind head, shoulders off the floor. First, straighten one leg so that the angle between it and the floor is 45 degrees. At the same time with one shoulder to the knee of the bent (opposite) leg.

We straighten the bent leg, bend the second and repeat the movements, but with the other shoulder. Repeat 10 times without pauses.

Tip! To achieve the best results, it is important not the quantity, but the quality of the exercises. To fully load the muscles, the movements must be slow and unhurried.

Wiggling socks

Quite a difficult exercise, giving the maximum load on the press. Lying on your back, we put our hands behind our heads and lift our legs bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The socks are drawn at the same time. Tear off the upper back from the floor. We lower one leg, touching the toes of the floor. Then we return it to its original position and lower the second leg.

Let workout become your good habit.

While inhaling, the back is pressed to the floor. On the exhale - go up. We do not lower the back during the execution of movements.

Tip! If it is difficult for you to make these movements, try to bend your legs at first, without taking your shoulders off the floor. Further complicate the exercise by doing it with your arms extended above your head.

Circular rotations

Exercise to work out the entire press. In a prone position, knees are slightly bent, feet on the floor, hands behind the head. We tear off the shoulders from the floor and begin to rotate the body of the body one way or the other 5 times, without a pause. Every time you need to do a full circle.

Taz is not detached from the floor. Keep balance with the help of legs pressed to the floor. Exercise is done as slowly and clearly as possible. Exhale - climbed. Breath - went down.

Tip! Excessive overvoltage is unacceptable. It will only lead to the fact that you quickly get tired and can not finish the whole complex.


We pump the abdominal muscles and back. To do this, kneel down. Elbows should be bent and lean on the floor. Under them you can put a small pillow or a soft towel.

We tear off the knees from the floor, holding only on the elbows and toes. The back is straight. Count to three and carefully return to the starting position.

Never hunch - otherwise the stomach will immediately begin to sag. If you have weak back muscles, add a few posture exercises to the complex

Tip! All exercises for the abdominal muscles can be done for both women and men.

Lifting legs

Lie on your stomach. Arms bent at the elbows. Socks stretched legs rest on the floor. Rise in that position above the floor and stretch yourself to the string so that each of your muscles is tense. The back should not sag. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise again.

Tip! Never hunch - otherwise the stomach will immediately begin to sag. If you have weak back muscles, add a few posture exercises to the complex.

Aerobic exercise

With the help of the exercises listed above, you will be able to significantly strengthen the abs, get rid of a saggy abdomen and put internal organs in order. But, if you have a serious problem with weight, be sure to connect aerobic exercises - exercises in which oxygen is intensely burned. After all, with his participation consumes the maximum amount of fat.

If you want to not only strengthen your muscles, but also in the shortest time possible to part with the hated fat deposits, go in for sports walking, jogging, swimming, skating, volleyball, football, hockey or dancing

Therefore, if you want to not only strengthen your muscles, but also to part with the hated fatty deposits in the shortest time possible, go in for sports walking, jogging, swimming, skating, volleyball, football, hockey or dancing. They, along with proper nutrition will help you quickly get rid of problems with weight.