How to quickly sit on the longitudinal splits? - Effective stretching exercises


How to sit on the longitudinal splits quickly? - Stretch every day

You do not know how to sit on the longitudinal splits and do not understand why some people succeed in this, while others do not? It's very simple: all people have different physiological features. Some may be called "gutta-percha": flexibility is inherent in such people from birth. Well, some have to make considerable efforts in order to become at least a little more flexible. Nevertheless, to achieve a good stretch and sit on the splits - quite an achievable task for everyone. True, sometimes it takes years of hard training.

Some may be called "gutta-percha": flexibility is inherent in such people from birth. Well, some have to make a lot of effort in order to become at least a little more flexible.

In this article you will find a number of exercises that will help you to sit on the longitudinal splits. Choose the ones that seem most comfortable and efficient to you. And start training!

What is splits: a little theory

Before embarking on exercises, it is worthwhile to understand: what is the splits? It is worth mentioning that in gymnastics, ballet and yoga, the approach to the splits is different. In gymnastics this is an element that adds to the performance of entertainment. The same can be said about dancing. In this case, the position of the spine and joints almost do not care: the main thing - to achieve the desired stretch.

In yoga, things are different. No pain: twine is achieved by achieving maximum mobility of the hip joints. In this case, the muscles should not hurt and the person will be able to twist and lean in different directions.

Tip!To quickly achieve the result, you need to stretch twice a day: in the mornings and evenings. In the morning it will be more difficult to do the exercises, but the training will be more effective. In the evening, stretching the muscles is easier: you can say that before going to bed you will fix the result.

Twine is achieved by achieving maximum mobility of the hip joints

Why do you need to do the splits?

If you think that sitting on the splits should be solely in order to be able to boast of your stretching, you are mistaken. Through this exercise, you can achieve a variety of effects:

  • Increased mobility of the pelvic bones;
  • Improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs;
  • Improving posture and straightening the spine;
  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles and hips.
  • Doctors even claim that doing stretching exercises is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the genitourinary system!

Tip!During exercise, concentrate on your inner feelings. In no case should you feel pain: only a pleasant feeling of stretching.

Doctors even claim that doing stretching exercises is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the genitourinary system.

Who should not try to sit on the longitudinal splits?

Of course, everyone wants to be more flexible. However, if you have contraindications to the exercise of stretching, training should be abandoned.

You should not try to sit on the splits in the following cases:

  • You have a fever;
  • You have chronic joint disease;
  • You recently had a muscle injury or fracture;
  • There are inflammatory processes in your body.

Immediately stop doing the exercise if you feel dizzy or tinnitus! Lie down, drink water, try to relax your muscles. If during the workout these symptoms recur regularly, you need to see a doctor: most likely you have problems with the vessels.

Tip! 15-10 minutes before a workout, take a hot shower: this will make the muscles more elastic and minimizes the risk of injury.

Warm-up: start training

Why you should start with the longitudinal twine? Everything is very simple: longitudinal splits are considered the simplest. After all, it uses the same muscles that work while walking. Therefore, you can sit in the longitudinal splits much faster than in the transverse. This can be done even by people who have never practiced sports or gymnastics.

Neglecting a warm-up can cause significant damage to muscles and joints and permanently lose the desire to stretch.

However, before proceeding to stretching, you need to warm up. After all, how to quickly sit on the longitudinal splits, if your muscles are not ready for loads? Ignoring the warm-up, you can cause significant damage to the muscles and joints and permanently lose the desire to stretch. As a workout fit any cardio. Choose the exercises that you like the most: do some energetic squats, jump over the rope. If you have an exercise bike or a treadmill, practice it. This will prepare the muscles and improve blood circulation. In addition, thanks to cardio, you can combine stretching with weight loss, which for many is very important.

Tip! Perform exercises in a warm room. At low temperatures, the muscles stretch much worse. If the room is cool, wear warm clothes.

Effective stretching exercises

Ballistic attacks

If you do not know how to sit on the longitudinal splits, start with lunges. This exercise is reminiscent of the usual attacks that many people do in the gym. However, there is a difference: at the lower point, it is necessary to lock in and try to stretch the thigh muscles with light springy movements.

While bending the leg, place your hands in the thigh just above the knee and make several spring movements. A total of 20-30 repetitions on each leg are required, three approaches are performed in total.

Tip!In order to record the results achieved, use a normal ruler: measure the distance from the groin to the floor at the time of maximum muscle strain.

Stretching will help warm up the muscles and joints


This exercise helps stretch the muscles of the thighs and make the hip joints more flexible. Sit on the floor, spread your knees apart and connect the feet. If your knees are on the floor while doing this, you can proceed to the next exercise. However, this innate flexibility is a relatively rare phenomenon: for most people, the knees are far enough from the floor. Your goal - to ensure that the knees were on the same level with the feet.

Begin slowly pressing on your knees with your hands, without making sudden jerks. Whenever the muscles stretch, exhale: this will make the exercise even more effective.

Tip!Do not stop doing the exercises and do not take long breaks! Otherwise, the results will worsen, and you have to start over.

Butterfly pose

Stretching using the machine

Of course, there is hardly any real ballet machine in your house. However, it can well replace a table, chair or window sill. Put your foot on a makeshift "machine". Do a deep tilt to the working foot. In this case, bending the supporting leg or twisting the body is impossible. Do two dozen repetitions and change the working leg. In total, for each leg, three approaches are required.

There is another exercise with the machine: keep your working leg on the support, start doing a slow squat. You will immediately feel how the thigh muscles are stretched. However, care must be taken: this exercise is only suitable for people who already have some experience in stretching exercises.

Tip! Do not try to set yourself deadlines to achieve a result. All people are different: someone will sit on the splits for a few weeks, someone will need years.

If you decide that you are obliged to sit on the longitudinal splits in a month and do not achieve a result, this can cause great frustration and discourage the desire to continue training. Consider your individual characteristics. And do not believe coaches who claim to know how to sit on the longitudinal splits for a week!

Being engaged in stretching at home, instead of the ballet machine you can use a chair or table

Leaning forward from sitting

If you are learning how to sit on a splits longitudinal, exercise will help you stretch the muscles located on the inner side of the thighs. To complete it, sit on the floor and spread your straight legs to the sides as far as you can. Extend your arms forward and try to make a deep tilt. To make the exercise easier, you can put your palms on the floor and "slide" forward. Once you reach the maximum stretch, lock in for one minute. No sudden movements! If you feel a lot of pain, lightly move backwards.

Gradually, you will notice that leaning forward is becoming easier and easier. This suggests that the muscles stretch, and the goal of training is approaching.

Tip!If, after stretching exercises, you feel pain in the muscles, do not refuse training. Take a hot bath and have a massage: it will help remove lactic acid, which is the cause of discomfort.

Leaning forward is a good leg stretching exercise.

Runner Pose: Yoga Exercise

Take a deep breath, lunge forward, put your foot, which turned out to be the front, under the knee. Stretch the other leg, lean on the toes and point the heel back. Put your hands on both sides of the front leg.

Shoulders should be straightened and lowered, and neck - elongated. Look straight ahead. The abdominal muscles slightly tense. In this position, try to linger for one minute. Keep your breathing calm and even.

Tip!It does not matter if you can not stand in the pose of a runner for a full minute. At first, linger in it for as long as you can: after a while the muscles will get used to the loads, and you can easily hold the body in the desired position.

Runner pose

Exercises for stretching the thigh muscles

These simple exercises will allow you to quickly enough to make the muscles of the legs more elastic, which contributes to the achievement of your goal. So, do the following exercise regularly:

Lie on the floor, lift one leg as high as you can, trying to pull it up to the body. It is very important not to bend the knee of the “working” leg: of course, this way you will be able to lift it higher, but the exercise will not bring the desired effect. When the foot reaches the extreme point, lock in for 20-30 seconds. Exercise should be repeated for the second leg. Make 10-15 approaches.

Tip!If you want a warm-up before stretching exercises to be not only effective, but also fun, put on your favorite energetic music and start dancing! Incendiary dance perfectly prepare your muscles for the upcoming loads.

Tightening one leg to the body, try to keep the other leg exactly

Twine preparation

There are several simple ways to stretch the muscles for longitudinal splits. So, spread your legs perpendicular to the body as wide as you can, and follow these steps:

  • Take some books. Put them in such a way as to "sit" on the stack. As soon as you realize that the distance to the floor can be reduced, remove the upper book;
  • Sit in the splits as deep as you can. Doing this exercise, you should feel a slight discomfort: the muscles as if begin to twitch slightly. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and slowly rise. It is important that your feet slide on the floor at the same time.

When performing any stretching exercises, you should feel light discomfort. Do not allow any pain

Tip! Try to practice at least four times a week. Of course, ideally, it is advisable to do stretching exercises on a daily basis, but this is not always possible.

Making longitudinal splits

To make this exercise easier, it is worthwhile to perform it on a smooth, slippery floor, wearing socks. You need your feet to slide slightly over the surface.

With regular stretching exercises, your splits will soon become reality.

Try to do the splits as deep as you can. Stretch your hands on the floor and start making spring movements. At the lowest point, try to linger for 30-40 seconds.

Tip! Do not overdo it! It is better to make fewer approaches without damaging the muscles. Excessive zeal in doing stretching exercises can lead to microscopic muscle fiber tearing and tendon stretching.