Christian Bale has health problems.

Christian Bale reported health problems. All because of - countless diets.

The other day, in an interview with the Sunday Times, Christian admitted that he could not prepare for the roles as before. The American actor said: "My death is looking straight into my face."

Previously, his experiments with the appearance caused the admiration of fans. Having a role in the "American Psychopath", he scored 81 kg. After that, to play the character, exhausted by insomnia, in the drama “The Machinist”, the actor had to lose 26 kg. And Bale managed, becoming a walking skeleton. With the growth of 1 meter 83 cm, its weight was 55 kg!

A year later, Christian switched to a pain for the film "Batman. Start," but then had to lose weight for the pictures "Saving Dawn" and "Fighter". Less than three years, as an actor for the film "American Hustle," recovered to 92 kg. You must admit that such torture is difficult to endure!

Christian Bale is worshiped by audiences and respected by critics. In his career, one Oscar and 3 nominations for this prestigious film award. Even if the actor stops his exploits, they won't love him less.