Thousands count: Jack Nicholson and his women


Actors, musicians and other representatives of creative professions, as a rule, have enormous success with the opposite sex. On the account of the popular macho are the most luxurious women from around the globe, and Jack Nicholson is no exception to this rule. His charm and charisma drove many girls crazy for several decades.

The title of the Hollywood Lovelace Jack Nicholson received not without reason - the actor turned the heads of several thousand representatives of the weaker sex. And this is quite natural - a temperamental man with such charisma simply cannot but gain fame among women.

Even as a boy, Jack was a success among peers. Actor, born April 22, 1937, grew up among creative people. His father was a musician, and his mother a dancer. It is not surprising that since childhood Nicholson grew up as a charismatic and interesting child who knew how to feed himself well when dealing with a variety of people.

At the age of 18, the future actor is inspired by the films “The Man with the Golden Hand”, “East of Paradise” and “In the Port”, after which he firmly decides to link his life with the acting career. That year 1955 becomes the starting point of Jack to the title of one of the main womanizer of Hollywood.

Colossal fame legend cinema brought the role in films such as "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Words of Tenderness", for which the actor won the Oscar. On the love front, of course, no awards are given out, but according to rumors, the actor has been seen in more than 2000 different sexual relationships, which confirms his status as one of America’s most desirable show business men.

Despite the huge number of women in his life, Jack only once tied the knot. His chosen one was Sandra Knight, known to movie lovers from the films Terror and The Tower of Death. The couple was happily married, and in 1963 Sandra gave birth to a daughter, who was named Jennifer. The marriage lasted about six years, but the ring on the ring finger did not prevent Nicholson from continuing his love affairs.

Sandra knight

During the filming of the movie entitled “Five Easy Pieces”, the lover hero gets acquainted with his colleague Susan Anspach, with whom Jack has an affair. Thanks to this love affair in 1970, the second child of the actor Kaleleb Goddard is born. The actress Nicholson's fatherhood never confirmed.

Susan Anspach

Models and actresses were an integral part of the life of a Hollywood lover, his passion. It is because of his craving for representatives of creative professions in the life of a star appears Winnie Hallman. In 1981, the Danish model becomes the mother of the third child of Jack - the daughter of Hanny Hallman.

Winnie hallman

Next on the hook to the hunter for women's hearts was an American actress Rebecca Broussard, who presented the actor with two more heirs. In 1990, the Nicholson family was supplemented by the daughter of Lorain, the future actress, and in 1992 the son Raymond saw the light.

Rebecca Broussard and Jack Nicholson Lorein Nicholson

Among Jack's famous connections, you can list the intrigues with many popular actresses. One of them was Meryl Streep, with whom the actor brought fate in 1987 on the set of the film "Thistle". Between the stars instantly began a tumultuous romance, which the artists, by the way, denied many times.

At that time, it was rumored that Nicholson was abusing various drugs - LSD, marijuana and cocaine. Due to this riotous life, the counter of the sexual partners of a loving Hollywood handsome man has grown inexorably.

Meryl Streep

No less loud than with Meryl, became an affair with the daughter of director John Houston - Angelica. That relationship with her was the longest in the life of Jack and stretched for a long 17 years. The reason for the gap, surprisingly, was the news about the pregnancy of the mother of one of his children - Rebecca Broussard.

Angelica Houston and Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston

The relationship with Michelle Phillips, the vocalist of the group "Mamas & Papas", got into the list of the most vivid novels of the actor. Not bypassed Jack side and another famous singer, this time rocker, Joni Mitchell.

Michelle PhillipsJoni Mitchell

Star of the films "Practice" and "Twin Peaks" Lara Flynn Boyle also caught the network to the Oscar-winning actor, who Melanie Griffith could not resist.

Lara Flynn Boyle Melanie Griffith

Jack almost always had a weakness for representatives of creative professions - singers, models and actresses. Perhaps he was just used to spending time in the company of his colleagues in the star shop, and perhaps his interest in such girls was caused by his upbringing and values ​​that had been instilled in the actor from early childhood. Of course, in his entire life, Nicholson was able to excite the minds of a much larger number of the most diverse women, but his main novels developed with talented personalities.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary, the actor officially drew a line to his wild life and announced that he was no longer able to combine career and similar entertainment. After that, he established relationships with all his children and began to devote all his free time to them.