Effective exercise plank - Before & After pictures, reviews


Exercise Plank is universal for strengthening many muscles at once.

There is a universal physical exercise - a plank (photo), which allows you to strengthen and develop many muscle groups. Static, fixed position - form the foundation of this load and allow you to do without additional equipment.

Thorough execution ensures the fit of the figure

Planck: benefits

Trips to gyms, exhausting jogging in stadiums and squares, strength and strengthening loads with the help of wall bars, horizontal bars, dumbbells and other attributes of sports exercises for many are unattainable concepts. Sometimes, they do not allow to fit into the daily schedule, or simply scare you with excessive efforts and responsibility.

Planck is an exercise unique and universal in all respects.

  • Its implementation is only a minimal amount of time.
  • It does not require a large room space.
  • It can be done at any time of the day.
  • A full stomach is not a question.
  • No need for special equipment.
  • It has a minimum number of contraindications.
  • In the study involved the main muscle groups.
  • Careful execution ensures the figure is fit.
  • Strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

The main muscle groups are involved in the study.

Correction of a figure with a level

If you want a clear and clear picture of what the exercise of the plank will lead to after multiple trainings, then the results before and after the monthly classes can be examined in detail not only in the photo, but also read about them here:

  • Posture. A sedentary lifestyle or physically hard work can lead to back problems: scoliosis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis. Regular implementation of the strap will rescue the body from the captivity of these diseases, strengthening the spinal column and the muscular back frame.
  • Legs. Almost all the gastrocnemius and femoral muscles are involved in the work when performing the plank. Their activation will return the legs strength and elasticity.
  • Arms. Gradually, day by day, confidence will appear in the palms, forearms, and shoulder girdles. Hands get stronger and stop shaking from tension. But the result after some 3-4 weeks will encourage further studies.
  • Buttocks. The sexiest part of the body will be rounded, gain elasticity, say goodbye to cellulite.

This is an excellent exercise to clean up.

  • Stomach. Planck will make tighten the press, to drive fat from the abdomen.
  • Waist. The sides and muscular frame in the waist area will take shape, and if from the very beginning they also measure the circumference of body parts, then the desire to improve their figure will only increase.

Tip! After the first classes, the muscles of almost the whole body will hurt. This is inevitable, but it should not be alarming: it means that all the actions performed were carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

Slimming exercises

Planck - an exercise for those who set for themselves the main goal: losing weight. The main requirement - the regularity of execution - will ensure the burning of fat, pumping of the abdomen and provide the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks, most of the back with a drawn silhouette. A rug and a bit of free time - that's all the attributes on the way to improving the shape.

Plank in the classic version

Beginners should pay attention to this exercise. From this option it is recommended to start execution of a level. This is a basic case study.
Lying on your stomach, lift your upper body and stand on your arms, bending at your elbows at a strictly angle of 90 degrees. Hands close in fists. Head lift, look straight ahead. On a par with this, pull the socks of your feet over yourself, stand on them and lean on. Tighten the abdominal muscles and lift the torso. Resting the elbows and toes of the feet against the floor, the body should form a single straight line from the heels to the crown of the head. The back does not bend or hunch. In this static position you need to lock in for 60 seconds. For an untrained body, 30 seconds will be enough for the first time.

Classic bar

Tip!30 seconds will seem like an eternity for a physically weak person. The areas of the abdomen, shoulders and hips will be accompanied by a burning sensation: this muscle tension should not alarm or frighten. So it went.

The magnitude of the effort is relative

There are ways to simplify, weaken the force of the impact of the strap. This is necessary for those who, at the initial stages, have unbearable loads of simple, at first glance, exercise. And, conversely, there are methods that increase the intensity and productivity of classes.

Simplified options:

  • Placing your legs wider during workouts, reduce the load on the muscles.
  • If the bar is performed on straightened arms, not elbows, the task is simplified.
  • It is allowed to reduce the time for the plate to be completed by splitting it into several approaches.

Simplified version - on straight arms

Complicate the bar:

  • Do the bar, leaning on the arms bent at the elbows.
  • Keep your legs together.
  • Increase the intensity by adding time to classes.
  • Load yourself by choosing a more complex version of the strap.
  • Swaying pelvis with a small amplitude.

Different types of slats are working on muscle groups of one kind or another. This is a side plank, with an outstretched arm, and with a transition, and the reverse - there are a total of about a hundred types of this useful and beloved exercise.

Tip! Ideally, the bar should be done with three approaches, the breaks between which are not more than a minute.

Side bar

Its correct implementation makes additional muscles of the back, shoulders, chest and legs additionally involved in the work.

Lie on the side. Legs hold one in front of the other. Like walking, lying down. Raising the upper body, lean on the arm bent at the elbow. Lift the pelvic area from the floor, leaning only on the elbow and feet. The body should form a straight line from the ankle to the crown. Put your free hand on the belt. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

Side bar

To complicate your task, you can perform a side bar with two points. This exercise activates the deep abdominal muscles, gives excellent tension to the middle muscle of the buttock, works out the femoral muscles perfectly - wide and internal.

Taking the position of the usual side bars, lift up your hands and legs free. Limbs do not bend, keep them absolutely straight. The body should be straight. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Exercise is extremely difficult to perform, but the result is effective in connection with the work of the muscles that hold the torso in this position.

Tip! The side bar can be simplified to begin with by resting on the knee. The most accurate performance can be achieved in front of a mirror or under the control of an instructor.

Reverse bar

The exercise bears its name due to the fact that it has a property with a classical plank, only in an inverted, reverse section.

In order to perform the reverse bar, you need to sit on the floor, straighten your legs and back, put your palms on the floor at shoulder level and lift the buttocks. The body should form a straight line. Fix this position for 30 seconds.

Excellent option of the return level with a support on four points - palms and feet

Being in the position of the back plate with the alternate lifting of each of the legs, the implementation becomes more complicated and the load on the abdominals of the abdominal muscles, hips, and shoulders increases. Swinging foot when lifting can be held straight or bent at the knee.

Errors when performing this type of strap:

  • chin up to chest;
  • drooping of the head;
  • non-observance of a clear geometry of the exercise: the main load goes into the hands, the muscles of the hips, back and the press work indirectly.

Excellent option of the return level with a support on four points - palms and feet. The resulting figure resembles a table. In this position, the upper back and the back muscles of the arms are well worked out.

Tip! Additional load may be accompanied by training with weights attached to the limbs or chest.

Limbs with the removal of limbs

Someone said that the plank is an exercise for the lazy, but if you take a photo before the start of classes and after completing the course of exercises, it turns out that the lazy can, if he wants.

Side bar with hand raised

Having mastered the classic and side bars, you can begin to complicate yourself the task of its implementation.

Having taken the position of the classic bracket, extend the arm in front of you (the bar is called “superman”) or sideways (it’s easier) parallel to the floor line. In such a fixed position, it is necessary to withstand 30 seconds. Then return the hand to the starting point, and lift one leg off the floor and do not bend. Stand still for 30 seconds.

The removal of a limb may be accompanied by its movement in the air - this complicates the task. For example, standing in a classical plank with a support on straight arms, pull up the left knee to the left hand, at the same time turning the head in the direction of the directed movements - this allows improving the work of the body and neck.

Performance of a level with rise - endurance test and force of hands. Standing in a classic plank, raise your hand and put your hand in place of the elbow. Straighten your hand, as if wringing. Repeat the same with the other hand.

Tip! Performing any of the types of slats must be kept in tension the muscles of the legs, abs, arms. In this case, the lumbar region is not overloaded.

The program "30 days around the bar"

Planck is not an exercise, but a whole complex designed to strengthen the majority of muscles and allowing the body to be transformed in just 30 days.

Planck is not an exercise, but a whole complex designed to strengthen most of the muscles and allowing the body to be transformed in just 30 days.

If meticulously and methodically working through at least one of the selected elements of the strap, while not missing a single day, observing the specified time and performing three repetitions, the relief muscles will be provided.

  • Day 1 - 10 seconds
  • Day 11 - 50 seconds
  • Day 21 - 2.5 minutes
  • Day 2 - 10 seconds
  • Day 12 - 1 minute
  • Day 22 - 3 minutes
  • Day 3 - 20 seconds
  • Day 13 - 1 minute
  • Day 23 - 3 minutes
  • Day 4 - 20 seconds
  • Day 14 - 1.5 minutes
  • Day 24 - 3.5 minutes
  • Day 5 - 30 seconds
  • Day 15 - 1.5 minutes
  • Day 25 - 3.5 minutes
  • Day 6 - 30 seconds
  • Day 16 - 2 minutes
  • Day 26 - 4 minutes
  • Day 7 - 40 seconds
  • Day 17 - 2 minutes
  • Day 27 - 4 minutes
  • Day 8 - 40 seconds
  • Day 18 - 2 minutes
  • Day 28 - 4.5 minutes
  • Day 9 - 50 seconds
  • Day 19 - 2.5 minutes
  • Day 29 - 4.5 minutes
  • Day 10 - 50 seconds
  • Day 20 - 2.5 minutes
  • Day 30 - 5 minutes

Standing in the bar, you can simultaneously read the news or watch a movie.

Tip! Rational nutrition, including vitamin complexes and minerals, will accelerate the transformation into an ideal.

Obstacles on the road to perfection

It may seem strange to an unenlightened beginner athlete that, at first glance, this innocuous physical exercise, like a plank, may have contraindications to performance. But professionals will not be in vain to warn.

  • Interesting position. When a woman is preparing to become a mother, then there should be no strain on the belly on the way to the appearance of the baby into the world. Except, of course contractions. So, it's too early to provoke them.
  • Herniated intervertebral discs, as well as any abdominal hernia (inguinal, umbilical, postoperative) are a serious obstacle to the implementation of the strap.
  • Pinching of the nerve endings in the spine. In short, if there is pain in the back, then you need to consult a doctor.
  • Diseases in which the strap provokes pain and discomfort (cysts of various etiologies, tumors, etc.)

Before starting the exercise, make sure that you are not at risk.

Tip! People suffering from the above illnesses can be advised to do yoga.

Reviews, photo before and after

Whatever type of physical activity you are carried away at the initial stage, the plank is an exercise that will replace the gym, and the feedback from beginners and advanced users of the plank is not an empty sound.

Regina, 50 years old: You know how hard it was for me to fulfill the bar! I even threw several times. But then she returned to her again. And not sorry! Now I'm trying to master the 30 day program. I hope it works out.

Catherine, 36 years old: It all started with the fact that my 6 year old daughter began to perform the reverse bar. Where she got this - I do not know. But I, looking at her, got a good impetus to practice. Now we do it together.

Rita, 23 years old: Fattened after childbirth strongly. I was looking for something that took a little time and was suitable at home. Planck seemed to me the best option. At first it was unbearable to stand in a pose for 5 seconds. But nothing, I did not despair. A month passed: I lost weight (although I reduced the amount of food), and my hands became more defined, and my hips and hips got tighter, now I have no cellulite!

Exercise Plank: photo before and after doing

Lana, 35 years old: I have been doing exercises with the plank for more than a month. I will say this: nothing better to keep myself in shape can not imagine.

Christie, 18 years old: We are engaged together with the girlfriend. If there is no time for jogging and gym, then the bar is the most it! We do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening. Now this load is not enough for us. It is necessary to increase the time and combinations of exercises. By the way, I measured the waist before and after. For six weeks left 12 cm!