Colin Farrell's Gorgeous Women: From Britney Spears to Angelina Jolie


"Irish stallion" - such a nickname was scandalous Hollywood actor Colin Farrell from his many girlfriends. And not in vain, because in his track record there are hundreds of elegant women, including many celebrities and colleagues.

Colin Farrell had already turned 40 for a couple of years, and the famous Hollywood womanizer was never able to settle down and become a solid gentleman. The actor is a fair lover to drink, play games of chance and have a good time with representatives of the beautiful half of the planet. As it turned out, few women can resist the natural charm of this charismatic reveler and are not averse to spin a fleeting affair with the famous lovelace of Hollywood.

Unlike most men, Colin never leaves behind the bitterness of parting and negative emotions - his numerous friends remember with joy those wonderful days that they had to spend with the actor. In the list of women who were in a relationship with an incendiary Irish, there are many names of Hollywood beauties.

Nicole Narain

The sultry beauty Nicole - the former star of Playboy magazine - not only could not resist the charm of Farrell, but also decided to record their intimate pleasures on video. The model tried to sell the record for a substantial amount, and also decided to blackmail Colin. To the surprise of many, the actor who always loved to be part of big scandals was shocked by the act of Narain and hurried to sue the quick and mercenary friend. The law took his side, after which he hurried to part with the resourceful girlfriend, but he did not hold back on her, and only sneered at how fate had dealt with him.

Britney Spears

The sex symbol of the youth of the early 2000s also could not resist the Irish seducer and was on his list, becoming another girlfriend for one night. The actor once told reporters: "I know for sure how many times in my life I loved someone. Everything else is just sex." Britney apparently did not share such an opinion and claimed something more, so, as expected, the couple instantly fell out and their relationship ended as rapidly as it began. And after Farrell, who has an excellent sense of humor, sparkingly joked at the singer, sending her a courier with a parcel in which was a T-shirt with the inscription: "I slept with Colin Farrell, but all I received was a stupid T-shirt."

Amelia Warner

Unlike many other girls Colin, the actress on the second day of dating received a shocking offer of hands and hearts. Perhaps this was due to the fact that Amelia reminded the Irish secret love of his childhood - Marilyn Monroe. Warner was so shocked by such force of events that she agreed almost immediately, forcing the seducer to just worry a little.

The family union of this couple was fleeting, like all relations of the actor, and lasted a little more than a couple of months. The frivolous reveler, who does not recognize the family ties that hold down his freedom, decided that it was too early to limit himself to one woman, and already during the marriage he was looking for a new victim. The couple divorced without scandals and remained friends.

On the memory of Amelia on the ring finger of the star there is a tattoo with the inscription "Milli".

Angelina Jolie

With this beauty, which is the dream of many men, Farrell met on the set of the film "Alexander". At first glance, Colin became interested in the site partner and did not move a single step away from it. The ever-drunk, unshaven and mischievous Irishman terrorized Jolie so much that she once asked to be moved to another hotel room, as their apartments with the annoying suitor were too close. But the actor did not calm down, and Angelina condescended to some signs of attention in response. Despite this, the relationship between them did not work out - the actress, for some reason, shielded herself from the lady of the river, and the scarcely rooted intrigue ended.

Kim Bordenev

Model Kim Bordeneyv also plunged into the pool of impetuous relations with a Hollywood actor. Incredibly beautiful girl with a sad look instantly hooked Colin, and, as it turned out, mutually. It was Kim who became the mother of Farrell's first child - James Patrag. The relationship of the couple, as usual, did not last long, but the relationship with his son Colin maintains to this day.

The Irishman was incredibly happy and took his fatherhood as a gift of fate, devoting himself to raising a child with a rare disease called Angelman syndrome. Farrell's close friends argued that the actor was shocked to the depths of his soul by the ailment of his son and became an active participant in various charitable foundations aimed at combating this disease.

Alicia Bahleda-Tsurus

This native of Poland captured Farrell's heart after the filming of the film Ondine. Do not pay attention to such a beautiful Irishman, of course, could not and carried away by the girl in full. Unlike Angelina Jolie, Alicia did not resist the actor's seductive charm, and their turbulent romance swirled rapidly and turned into family life. As was the case with Amelia, Colin quickly realized that he was not ready to settle down. He hurried to leave his beloved, who at that time had already borne his second son, Henry Tadeusz.

Other actor's victories on the love front

The actor spent his whole life having fun and conquering one woman's heart after another, but he did not always succeed in it. Once Farrell too actively molested 70-year-old actress Dame Aileen Atkins, as she immediately told reporters, not appreciating this joke.

There are still rumors in Hollywood that the Irishman was trying to sleep with almost every attractive girl he saw. They say that he managed to drag such stars as Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Kate Beckinsale into his bed.

To seduce one woman after another, according to the actor, is the same difficult profession as shooting in a good movie. He managed to achieve considerable success in both fields. Perhaps Colin will be able to settle down sometime, but for now the star thinks that it is too early for that.