Yoga classes for beginners at home - Exercises and rules


Yoga at home for beginners is a sure way to become healthier and more perfect.

HLS (healthy lifestyle) today is gaining momentum in popularity, and one of its undeniable elements is yoga, so yoga at home for beginners is a sure way to become healthier and more perfect. There is practical evidence that in any case, regardless of the level of its complexity, the most difficult thing is to begin. And yoga is no exception.

Yoga is a way of life through which you can achieve enlightenment

What is yoga?

For many ordinary people, this word suggests something incredibly complex, incomprehensible. In fact, if you make a little effort, you can deal with this craft on your own and turn from a beginner into a guru for performing simple exercises designed to calm, harmonize the soul with the body, and perfect health.

In addition, it is often difficult in terms of self-motivation, because until a person has learned to perform all the exercises perfectly, it is quite difficult for him to motivate himself for new actions. And instead of starting to learn the basics of this activity, a person leaves the business without starting it.

Tip! The main rule that will allow you to begin the exercises is to collect the will power into a fist and focus on a good result.

So, where to start classes, how to do basic exercises, what techniques and knowledge are best used - we will look at the article.

If we consider the meaning of terminology in a full description, then yoga is a way of life through which you can achieve enlightenment.

Yoga is the philosophical teaching of antiquity, which describes the essence of human life. Every person who decides to practice yoga should fully comprehend the fact that living according to such canons will require enormous time costs, and this is not just training, but also changing some habits.

Initially, yoga asanas were created to ensure that a person would be comfortable for a long time in the same position during meditation. Stretching prepares the body for this.

Tip! If you decide to go into the depth of the issue and fully explore its features, then you should be prepared for the fact that you need an immediate rejection of harmful, bad products and unnecessary principles.

The first thing to be faced with is the formation of control over one's own feelings, calming the physical and mental balance. You may want to meditate, concentrate on the really important things, and just know yourself.

That is why it is worth taking yoga classes not as performing gymnastic exercises, but as spiritual enlightenment, the possibility of purification from bad and unnecessary behavior, creating harmony in everything. With this approach, yoga will be a great way to improve not only physical but also spiritual health.

However, the benefits of asanas themselves are quite large, so in the modern world, yoga is one of the areas of fitness.

A bit of history

The history of this teaching is very long and rich. More on the seals of India, relating to the 2-3 century BC. e., there are images of figures of meditating people. This concept existed in the ancient Upanishad dating back to the 10th century BC. er

It was during these times that the people presented the basic concept of these classes, which was also called the "yoga of mind control". In the world, yoga classes have become widespread, which are aimed at cleansing the human body and mind, as well as at improving the spiritual state.

The benefits of yoga for a person

It is not difficult to feel everything useful that gives a man a yoga. After a few sessions, you will feel a tremendous effect if you give the exercises a couple of hours a week.

After a few sessions, you will feel a tremendous effect if you give the exercises a couple of hours a week.

A set of exercises will allow:

  • Forget about the chronic diseases of the vertebral system;
  • Maintain the proper functioning of all organs;
  • Cure chronic and acute diseases of all systems;
  • Make a high-quality massage of internal organs;
  • Create a flexible and plastic body of your dreams;
  • Correct features of incorrect posture;
  • Eliminate discomfort in the joints;
  • Make the walk easier and more beautiful;
  • Increase resistance to many diseases.

Thus, the special asanas envisioned in yoga will allow a person to gain the maximum of vital energy, to become self-confident and calm. You will be able to eliminate diseases of the heart, blood vessels, improve the functioning of the digestive organs, endocrinology.

In the course of performing many exercises, massaging of internal organs is observed, which are responsible for the work of the organism as a whole. If you do exercises at home on a regular basis, you can simplify the work of metabolism, so yoga contributes to immediate weight loss.

Asanas, provided in yoga, will allow a person to gain the maximum of vital energy, to become self-confident and calm

Systematic and regular performance of asanas will make the body flexible and plastic. And meditation and its basic techniques will make the immune system stronger. Starting to exercise yoga right now, you will be filled with vital energy and strength from the inside, you will become more confident in yourself. For people who have problems with excess weight, this set of exercises will be just the way.

Main contraindications

Everyone knows that every sport has certain contraindications. And yoga also implies restrictions in classes or a complete rejection of them in certain cases.

Tip! If you have acute or chronic illnesses, you should consult with a specialist before you start practicing yoga.

Such an approach will avoid the development and spread of certain diseases, as well as reduce pressure, prevent myocardial infarction, other complex heart diseases and postoperative periods. Yoga helps in the prevention of diseases such as SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza.

In general, yoga is aimed at improving your health, but there are a number of contraindications to whom these classes are not recommended.

Tip! It is not recommended to practice yoga in the event of a disease, it can provoke a deterioration of health. In addition, experts do not recommend yoga during menstruation.

What time is best for yoga

Practicing yoga exercises is recommended in the early morning, after the body wakes up. Only with this approach you will receive an inexhaustible surge of strength and energy, which is designed to accompany you all day. In the morning, the body is as relaxed as possible, and the mind becomes calm. It is also much easier to engage in planning morning practice than evening, because during the day and in the evening unforeseen matters may arise.

Tip!If you do not wake up very easily in the morning, the lessons should be transferred to the evening time. However, a complex awakening can easily indicate that something is wrong with your body, so you should consult a doctor.

Practicing yoga exercises is recommended in the early morning, after the body wakes up. With this approach, you will receive an inexhaustible surge of strength and energy, which is designed to accompany you all day.

The main task of yoga is to release you from stress and add a reason for experience. It is necessary to listen to your own body in as much detail as possible and practice at the time of day that is right for you. It doesn't matter if you decide to study in the morning or in the evening, the main thing is to strictly follow your chosen schedule.

Asana in home practice

Yoga asana is designed to strengthen the body as a whole and create the prerequisites for its normal full functioning. Regular exercise exercises based on the practice of asanas will avoid stress.

Building a sequence of poses that are used in home practice is a difficult task that only experienced masters can handle. However, you can develop a set of exercises yourself, taking into account the basic system of asanas. Traditionally, it consists of several blocks.

Surya Namaskar: performed alternately on the right and left foot

  • A warm-up for the full warm-up of the body;
  • Surya Namaskar - if you are a beginner, then the best solution is a simplified practice;
  • Standing asanas;
  • The implementation of backbends to increase the flexibility of the body and body;
  • Practice performing twisting;
  • Poses inverted plan;
  • General relaxation of the body;
  • Savasana

The successive increase in the intensity with which the training takes place is the key to the success of the exercise complex. To get the maximum benefit, it is necessary to carry them out so that each asana would complicate the previous exercise model. After the climax of the practice, the intensity of the asanas should decline so that you reach the peak of relaxation.

Asanas for beginners

The first asanas for yoga can be done independently, without resorting to the help of instructors. Even if you do the exercises are not 100% accurate, they will bring nothing but good. However, these simple elements are designed to prepare you for a good understanding of the body, as well as provide direction for overall development.

Tree pose will help improve the condition of your posture and significantly strengthen the spine column

Tip! When performing exercises you do not need to hurry anywhere. It is important to focus only on the sensations of your own body. All stages should be carried out very gradually.

  • Tree. To create this posture you must stand straight. Having made a deep gradual, not sharp breath, you need to slowly raise your arms and pull them up to the maximum. Having aligned hands, to take them for area of ​​a head, having released, thus, a breast. In order for the effect of the exercises to be most developed, and you could feel the balance, it is necessary to bend the leg and lift it so that the foot rests on the thigh. By doing this exercise, you can improve your posture and significantly strengthen the spinal column.
  • Hill (dog face down). Proper and gradual acceptance of this posture helps to relieve tension from the belt and shoulders, as well as from the back. To perform the asana, you need to bend in front of you and put your hands on the floor (with your palm). Then the pelvis rises, the heels move back. Weight should be distributed between the feet and palms, do it evenly. The head, meanwhile, goes down under the elbows. The look goes to the navel.
  • Stork. To perform this exercise, the arms go up, the body needs to be tilted down, after making an exhalation. Fold to start from the lower back. This asana will make the body more flexible and keep it in shape.

Pose of onions will help to cope with a rough back and build up abdominal muscles

  • Bow. By adopting this posture, you can make your back level and your abdominal muscles stronger. It is necessary to lie down on the stomach, grasp the ankles with your hands, at the entrance it is necessary to simultaneously raise both halves of the torso - upper, lower.
  • Sun worship. This position will allow you to recharge your batteries for the whole day. If you do it in the morning, you can get a good vigor, if you are used to practicing in the evening, then taking a pose will improve sleep. For adoption, you need to stand straight, lower your arms, and keep your head and back straight. During a slow inhale, the arms go up, the hull is sent back, and maximum deflection is done. Then we return to the starting position, exhaling.
  • Staff. Thanks to the adoption of this posture, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, good posture is formed, and the legs are strengthened. Starting position - lying face down. The palms are on the floor, in the chest, bend. Fingers should look forward. The legs should be spread about 30 cm. The body, like a staff, should be firm and straight. You need to breathe evenly, trying to stay in this position as long as possible.
  • Pose of the boat. This exercise strengthens the press, improves body tone and helps to optimize the work of the digestive tract. To perform the technique you need to sit on the buttocks, and leave the foot on the floor. The back should be "pulled" back, with a floor it should have an angle of 60 degrees. Gradually, you need to straighten your legs until your fingers reach the level of your eyes. Hands are also parallel to the floor. Posture holds as long as possible, even steady breathing is observed.

The pose of the child will help to relax the muscles in between the difficult asanas.

  • Child. Thanks to the adoption of this body position, you can maximally relax the muscles that are clamped, as well as relieve tension from the neck. To take this pose, you need to sit on the heels, touching their buttocks. The body gradually falls to the hips, arms stretched in front of him.

Tip! Practicing various yoga exercises, you must do everything quite thoughtfully. It is important to enjoy each movement and feel it fully. Do not forget about the concentration of your own thoughts, they should only be positive.

Regular classes of such a plan will help improve your well-being and create excellent good health.