Why do men cheat on their wives? - Psychology of relationships


Many women who have learned about their spouse’s infidelity are concerned with the question “Why do men cheat on their wives?”

At the core of any act lies the root cause, therefore, having learned about the love affairs of the chosen one, a representative of the beautiful half of humanity asks the question "Why do men change their wives?" The motives pushing on the side of relations are peculiar, and, at times, unpredictable.

The emergence of a love triangle destroys plans, pushes a quarrel and condemns to unpredictable actions.

The origin of the conflict

Family path is thorny, multifaceted, and for some suddenly intermittent. To go hand in hand with the path of mutual understanding, respect, cohesion and patience is not obtained by every married couple. The cultivation of the seeds of contention and jealousy takes place on the basis of mutual reproaches, the pressure of everyday life, the carrying out of old offenses and other great and small motives.

One of the most significant reasons for the emergence of a family conflict, and perhaps even a divorce, is treason. The emergence of a love triangle destroys plans, pushes a quarrel and condemns to unpredictable actions. And if the culprit of adultery is a spouse, then the motives of his betrayal can be systematized.

If the reason is lack of attention on the part of the second half or, on the contrary, inciting conflict to a universal scale, then such actions of the wife can push the man to divorce

Causes of male adultery

Every action has its beginning, motive, reason. In an attempt to answer the question "Why do many men change sexually attractive, economic, caring wives?" psychology does not give a definite answer. No wonder. Motive reasons for male infidelity abound:

  • Escape to sex.
  • A remedy for boredom.
  • Sexual vengeance.
  • Casanova syndrome.
  • Emotional isolation.
  • Love.
  • The impact of alcohol.
  • Faded feelings for his wife.
  • Sexual failure.
  • Underestimation of the spouse.
  • Pregnancy of the second half.

If the reason is lack of attention on the part of the second half or, conversely, inciting conflict to a universal scale, then such actions of the wife can push the man to divorce.

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex - lovers of adultery - do not feel the desire to link their lives with the subject of a new passion, but become obsessed with emotional experiences because of the revealed betrayal.

Tip!By showing restraint and patience with her husband (unless, of course, there is an end to living together with him), avoid abusing accusatory speeches.

Most often, a man is not going to leave his wife for his mistress. She is for him only an emotional discharge.

Show dissatisfaction, but do not act as a prosecutor, so that the spouse does not have to retrain from the accused to a lawyer.

Escape to sex or a remedy for boredom?

Many representatives of the stronger sex consider the choice of the second half quite successful, but nevertheless they change. What is the cause? Why do men often cheat on their wives, but not divorced? In place of stormy passion and crazy love comes mundane and monotony of married life. Trying to somehow dilute this monotony, the man makes a connection, providing him with risk, fresh sensations, a new sexual victory - in a word, that will brighten up the routine of family peace, which he appreciates and does not wish to destroy.

Search for support on the side, using the mistress as a "waistcoat." This is the case when a man prefers to solve problems that have no connection with marital debt and family life, resorting to the help of a girlfriend. The subject of sadness may be:

  • difficulties in work;
  • relationship with friends;
  • age problems.

The man does not dare to admit his imperfection to the second half, fearing to be misunderstood and to hear in response: "I warned you!" Therefore, he prefers to talk on these topics, pushing them into the sexual sphere. The mistress will not be blamed and scolded, but it will be tingling, pitying and reassuring, better than a native mother. Women tend to show sympathy for the weak and the wretched, and to expose themselves to the mean male tears.

Often men go to the left of boredom

Tip! Show attention to your husband, pay attention even to minor changes in his mood and behavior. Inspire him. Be for your half that muse, which he will not exchange for anyone.

Sexy avengers

Fortunately, there are few such men. Being bypassed by a woman in one direction or another, this representative of the stronger sex plays out on all women encountered on the way, the only method subject to him: trying to inflict psychological torment on as many people as possible on the beautiful half of humanity. The motive of such a fateful decision in his life can be any arguments:

  • adultery longtime beloved;
  • the mockery of a classmate who served as the object of sighs;
  • career rise of his wife;
  • position in the family as henpecked;
  • female leader at work.

These factors make you feel a sense of inferiority and serve as a call for conscious connections on the side. Adding betrayal to his wife and bravado with his adventures gives great pleasure from the suffering of his wife.

Some renegades thus specifically want to hurt their wife.

The fear of the wives of the avengers, henpecked is transformed into the pleasure of suffering mistresses. Self-assertion at the expense of the fair sex, looking for support, understanding and love - the only trump card of the sexual avenger.

Tip! Having met on the path of life of the type of this genre, run away from it without looking back and without regret if you do not want to become its next victim.

Casanova syndrome

From the infidelity of her husband not a single spouse is insured. And it should not be so important for a woman, why men shamelessly cheat on their wives as the main reasons for such reckless and immoral acts.

Numerous sexual adventures are for individual members of the male population a way of self-affirmation. This kind of mental state is manifested in the desire to achieve more confessions and passionate feelings from the opposite sex. Sexual relations serve as grounds for sensations of power and irreplaceability.

Having linked life to marriage, these individuals are not able to cope with their prejudices and continue to perform indiscriminate feats in the field of sexual relationships, managing to maintain excellent family relationships.

Numerous sexual adventures are for individual members of the male population a way of self-affirmation

Tip! Don Juan, Lovelace, Casanova, one woman is not enough. He is inspired by multiple victories, conquests, trophies. He is guided by passion and hunting instinct. Recognizing this type is not difficult. It is difficult to live with a similar person. But if a man is loved, then you should understand and forgive.

Emotional isolation

Men are immersed in a state of emotional isolation for two reasons:

  • The spouse and children, wishing not to distract the head of the family from serious and important matters, solve psychological and emotional family tasks on their own, without involving the father. In this case, the man is listed as a leader, a reliable, strong advocate and breadwinner. “Don't bother your dad, he is very tired” or “Now is not the time to turn to my father, he has a lot of things to do,” the caring wife constantly repeats, not realizing that she’s keeping her husband away from her family with her own hands.
  • Sometimes the spouse, positioning himself with the star of the first magnitude in the family, is alienated from his wife and children. Deprived of emotional contacts in the family, he later realizes that no one is in a hurry to share with him feelings, successes or simple joy. He accuses households of consumer attitudes towards him, and feels himself a "wallet."

Sometimes the spouse, positioning himself with the star of the first magnitude in the family, is alienated from his wife and children.

It is difficult to remain a leader and return the lost emotional contact in the family. A man of this warehouse is following the path of least resistance, accusing the whole family, not himself. Finds an outlet - a financially independent woman, luring her into a relationship solely spiritual qualities.

Tip! One way out of this confined space is the recognition of one’s own mistakes. It is difficult and unpleasant. Therefore, not everyone is subject to. But if you want to save the marriage is to step over themselves.

Faded feelings for his wife or underestimation of his wife?

"What a beautiful couple! They are made for each other!" - hear after lovers. But why sooner or later men change their beloved wives? Cool feelings? Do you look so good? The flame of passion faded away?

After some amount of time, the husband and wife begin to realize the inevitability of the extinction of feelings. Over the succession of years lived, the upheavals of life and family concerns, both of them did not notice how the relationship was reduced to zero. Love dissolved without a trace.

In this situation, male walking to the left is a difficult betrayal, since a family without love is a book without text: there is a cover, and inside is emptiness. But then the natural question arises: "Why do men, as if nothing had happened, change wives who are unloved and have lost interest in them, but do not leave their chosen ones?"

After some amount of time, the husband and wife begin to realize the inevitability of the extinction of feelings. In this case, one of the partners may have a new dedication.

The wife, although her feelings for her have cooled, continues to be a reliable rear, an example of stability, warmth and comfort. And the mistress is entertainment, which should remain for them, otherwise it will also lead to a cooling of the senses.

In the matter of evaluation of the husband by the wife, inconsistency may also arise. "What is good about this woman? His spouse is much more attractive than her," some are surprised. A man found what he had lost with his wife - recognition of his qualities, a high appreciation of individuality.

Tip! It is important to study your partner in order to understand and anticipate his actions, desires, interests, inclinations.

Sexual failure and pregnancy of the spouse

An urgent question on a delicate subject: “Are all men cheating on their wives, girlfriends and why? How are sexual adventures justified?”

Before making quick decisions, weigh the pros and cons. You may still be able to keep the family

Male concern about sexual dissatisfaction with his wife puts the consciousness of the stronger sex upside down. The desire to get a rich sexual experience on the side to satisfy the spouse finds justification in the male perception of the world. To a lesser extent, change their chosen ones:

  • representatives of the professions related to the exact sciences (mathematics, accountants, etc.);
  • obese men with a high voice (lack of testosterone);
  • Monogamous;
  • men with high responsibility, educated and decent;
  • guys who won't risk their health for a fleeting relationship.

Pregnancy is an important and joyful event in a loving family. But some males are looking for entertainment on the side. The question "Why do men in cold blood and without regret change their pregnant wives?" sounds tough and requires an answer.

The cause of male adultery can lie in a woman

  1. The chosen one is sexually unattractive, but bedding is desirable.
  2. In connection with the "interesting position" a woman asks for more attention, affection, somewhere assistance. If a man is not ready to endure his wife’s temporary whims, then he breaks down either emotionally or in a sex field.

Tip! Restart the brain of her husband, so that he was less thinking about adultery, you can increase the household chores with his hands.

Life is full of myths and fictional stories. Some of them are told to men by women. By deceiving his wife, the spouse thus tries to preserve the family and his own reputation. And only a woman can decide how to deal with this storyteller: execute or pardon.