Life without complexes: Tabria Major and its 90-60-90 (slightly more)

Models of large sizes are no longer considered something beyond the usual framework. Despite the fact that most girls in the modeling business still weigh less than 60 kilograms, the category plus-size is updated with new names every year.

Tabria Majores today is one of the most well-known and recognizable black plus-size models, which without hesitation shows not only its beauty, but also sexuality, openly declaring ambitions to compete with girls from Victoria's Secret.

Tabria was born in Brooklyn and never worried about her weight. Dark-skinned women are known for their love for magnificent forms, so the girl decided to conquer the modeling business since she was a teenager and did not doubt her abilities for a second. Majores currently has more than one million subscribers in instagram, which speaks of the enormous popularity of the girl and the demand for models with magnificent forms.

Tabria gained wide popularity after she recreated the poses of Victoria's Secret models in her photographs, stating that girls in their underwear look much sexier and more attractive than models with thin builds. It turned out that very many people agree with the position of the Majors, and they talked about the girl as about the future in the field of representatives of the brands of lingerie.

Later, photos of the plus-size model were published in the magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and they found out about the black donuts outside the world wide web. Tabria perfectly demonstrates the attractiveness of obese women due to her charisma and ability to work in front of the lens. Photographs of the model are bright, colorful and, indeed, exude vitality and positive.

Perhaps, Tabria was able to win her popularity precisely because of the lack of complexes and love for her body. In each of the photographs, it is clear that the model is enjoying the process, is completely liberated and feels natural. Few people possessing even an ideal figure manage to completely surrender to the process of photographing and forget about any shortcomings of their body.

Will the Majors be one of Victoria's Secret girls in the future? Will she be able to unleash the trend for completeness even stronger, or will thin beauties with perfect bodies continue to adorn the covers of magazines? We learn in the near future.