Large size dresses - the finer points of choice, stylish tips


In the modern world of imposed standards and standards, it is difficult to see yourself, be yourself and love your reflection in a mirror. We strive for ideals peeped on social networks, and we already perceive the word “beauty” in a completely different and superficial way. Luxurious beauties with perfect skin gaze languidly from the covers of glossy magazines, evoking complexes and awareness of their “nonideality” in us. But the truly happy is the woman who does not accept these templates, but remains herself. She smiles, she glows, she proudly walks along the road and knows about her attractiveness.

The representatives of the weaker sex have a faithful assistant - this is fashion. There are millions of women in the world, and each is unique and unique. And fashion helps to become more feminine and charming, and age or centimeters at the waist is not important - beauty is in everyone.

One of the most important parts of a girl’s wardrobe is a dress. This is a universal outfit, which, if properly selected, will make the fairer sex of any body irresistible. The main thing is to choose it correctly, taking into account the peculiarities of its shape and color type. It is also very important not to forget about suitable underwear, it should not be noticeable, and at the same time correct problem areas and emphasize winning ones. To create a luxurious, presentable and at the same time exciting image, you should pay attention to traditional fabrics for sewing dresses - velvet, taffeta, crepe, fabrics with lurex and spangles. If the dress is a fantasy silhouette with a complex cut, then the fabric should be simpler so as not to distract attention from the intricacies of the style.

If slender and thin ladies, as a rule, have less difficulty in choosing a dress, then beauties of "plus size" have more questions. However, thanks to our advice, the owners of magnificent forms will also look luxurious and stylish. It is only necessary to remember some moments in the selection of clothes and know a couple of tricks.

The choice of colors and patterns

Everyone knows that a certain color can hide flaws and highlight the merits, and some color has the opposite effect. For example, black color is slim, it is able to mask flaws and visually reduce the silhouette. But this does not mean at all that a woman of magnificent forms should dress in continuous total black. Of course, sometimes a completely black image can look spectacular and luxurious, but if you wear only black clothes, it can affect your mood and make you depressed. It is better to give preference to cold shades: blue, dark green, gray. Noble colors, such as Marsala, emerald green, are able to add gloss and chic to the image.

Now let's talk about the outfits for women with curvaceous. And we give examples of online stores where you can buy the most suitable outfits. The most feminine of all possible dresses is, of course, a dress. Fat women often try to avoid it in their wardrobe. But correctly chosen dress can make a figure more slender and taut. For example, some printed dresses can work wonders and visually transform the silhouette.

Geometric print has the effect of "optical illusion". This effect is pronounced in a color-block print, when large elements of contrasting colors overlap each other and draw attention to one area of ​​the figure, distracting it from another. This dress is self-sufficient and does not require a special addition in the form of catchy jewelry, on the contrary, it is better to limit yourself to a small number of neutral accessories.

Geometric pattern will adjust the shape

To the question of such dresses and not only. Many interesting dresses for ladies "plus size" can be found on the bonprix website. These dresses are color-block here in several colors. You can easily find the right one, and the site will automatically offer you stylish accessories to it, which will not only complement your image, but make it more effective and memorable. Regardless of the size of all the clothes on the site at one price. In the detailed reviews of happy customers, you will find answers to questions if you have any doubts. Simple and intuitive navigation of the online store will help you quickly make a purchase, and mobile delivery will gladden in a short time the desired outfit.

Optical illusions are created and at the expense of a simple longitudinal strip, which is often used in dresses for full. Vertical stripes literally stretch the figure, those who want to visually increase their height should take note. The winning option for ladies with curvaceous shapes is thin vertical stripes that visually remove at least one size. With large need to be careful, sometimes they can give quite the opposite effect.

Vertical stripes slim

Striped dresses are presented in the online store. This is a domestic brand. clothes for ladies with curvaceous. The company offers fashionable clothes adapted to the physique of curvy women. The page also has an interesting feature, thanks to which the site will offer a selection of clothes for the type of figure you specify (hourglass, rectangle, etc.). Online shopping has become even easier and more enjoyable.

Focus on detail

Sometimes a small detail can radically transform a thing, and with it its owner. We do not always take into account the obvious advantages of a particular finish, although, as we know, the main thing lies in the details.

For example, it is necessary only to add such a detail as the Basque to a simple dress-case, and we get a completely different look. After all, the Basque gently hides the lower abdomen and emphasizes the waist. The silhouette is more slender and resembles an hourglass shape. This option would be appropriate and at the celebration, and as an office attire, if he has sufficient length and shoulders covered.

In the Lamoda store you can find your favorite dress

Large selection of dressesincluding dresses with basky, there is also on the site lamoda. There is always a wide range of products for men and women, including for people with magnificent forms. The store presents current models of different brands: from mass market to luxury. Everyone can find a product to their liking and to their wallet. A very detailed filter will help to sort the goods in such a way as to find the thing of a certain color, style and length.

Continuing to talk about the details, touch and drape. This element should be used with caution as it adds volume to the product and can visually enlarge the shape. But with the right approach, drapery adorns the outfit, making it more bohemian and interesting.

Choosing a dress with drapery correctly, so as not to visually enlarge the figure.

More such women as capes are winning the hearts of fashionistas. On the street you can meet stylish ladies in a coat-cap that adds elegance and royal chic to the image. Therefore, such an element as a cape-cap is used not only in outerwear, but also looks good with the dress. Such a detail gently covers the upper part of the body, leaving only the hands free, it looks elegant and interesting. If you are looking for an unusual evening dress that will make you a real lady, then such a dress is a great option. All eyes will undoubtedly be riveted to your person and full of admiration.

Quelle offers original and fashionable dresses for every occasion.

Several options for dresses with a cape-cap are also available in the assortment of the famous German brand quelle. He offers his buyer casual and evening wear at affordable prices. Stylists quelle develop actual models of clothing that can beautify and transform a woman. For many years of existence, this brand managed to catch the fancy of many for the high quality of the product and the wide range of clothing as well as household goods.

A very important detail in the selection of attire is fabric. It should not be thin and cheap, which only emphasizes the shortcomings. Thin knitwear - not the best choice for tight-fitting outfit. The priority is flowing fabrics, which naturally and beautifully depict the silhouette, for example, silk or satin. High-quality guipure in tandem with dense fabric will help emphasize the femininity and romance of the person.

Dress for a full woman should not be a shapeless bag, because fashion every year shows a lot of opportunities for women "plus size", and each can look great, stylish and attractive.