Kandelaki entered into a marriage contract

After 10 years of marriage, the couple decided to consolidate their relationship with a notary.

Recently, fans of Tina Kandelaki were perplexed about her intention to buy an apartment with a mortgage. After all, the star has its own housing, and her husband is a very wealthy person and can afford a more expensive purchase without attracting a loan. As it turned out, Tina decided to get some independence from the young spouse and she buys the apartment for herself and at her own expense. And since the future housing is located in an elite place, the journalist does not have enough of her own savings and she has to go to the bank.

Practical star and decided to additionally insure and made a marriage contract with her spouse. She reported about it in a social network.

According to her, this is true feminism. However, there are no visible problems in the union of a couple who is already 10 years old.