Husband Alsou suspected of treason

Some insiders claim that the businessman often uses the services of so-called escort women.

Alsou family and Yana Abramova can be called exemplary. However, in an interview, the singer always made it clear that her husband was a person with character and would not tolerate disagreements. That is why the girl left the stage to give birth to her husband two daughters and a son. Now that the children have become more mature, Abramov allegedly allowed his wife to return to the speeches. But at the same time, the career of an actress - Alsou has the appropriate education and little experience in filming - she had to forget, since Jan was not ready to put up with his wife's frequent departures.

But the businessman himself, according to rumors, behaves very relaxedly. Insiders on the Web claim that Abramov very often uses the services of girls from escort agencies.