Whether you like a guy or not: how to understand if he does not admit


Not always people are frank and openly express the feelings that they have. And oddly enough, good emotions are much more difficult to show than bad ones. If a person is dissatisfied with something or someone, then, most likely, no matter how he restrains, anyway, he will soon announce it in one way or another. And he is able to skillfully hide his sympathy for a long time, and in such a way that no one would even guess about his true feelings. This is especially true of guys in love. Sometimes, experiencing sympathy for the girl, they demonstrate the exact opposite attitude, trying to mislead her. To understand that you like a guy, you need to know the main signs that indicate falling in love. "Trying" them on a man, you can easily bring him to clean water.

How to understand that a guy likes you: basic tips

If the guy stubbornly does not want to show their feelings and intentions, then you will have to stock up on observation, analyzing skills and evaluate his behavior. Even the most cautious conspirators, as a rule, give themselves away very quickly, because, having built a certain strategy of behavior, they simultaneously send unconscious signals, which are worth paying attention to.

Even if the guy carefully hides his feelings, it can still be calculated by some signs.

Visual signs

Even without talking to the person, according to his behavior, gestures and facial expressions, one can try to understand what feelings and emotions he is experiencing. All these are visual signs of sympathy, that is, those that can be seen with the eyes.

  1. Sight. A person who does not have particularly keen feelings for someone who is nearby looks at his interlocutor directly, but calmly, sometimes as far as communication takes him away. And those who have strong emotions, as a rule, can not maintain adequate visual contact. A guy who likes a girl either literally stares into her eyes, or, on the contrary, hides them. Which one of these options depends on his temperament, self-confidence and the reason why feelings are carefully hidden from their object. For example, if a man is silent about sympathy due to the fact that, despite his emotions, he does not want to burden himself with relationships, then he will look at the girl without any constraint. And if the reason for silence is a lack of self-confidence and a feeling that he is not good enough, then it will often be possible to see eyes set aside.
  2. Pupils. One of the most uncontrollable reactions is the reaction of the pupils. They will definitely give the slightest excitement experienced by man. Extended pupils clearly indicate that the guy is experiencing something.
  3. The guy tries to invade the girl’s private space. The desire to be closer pushes him forward, and as a result, without even realizing it, he fits almost closely.
  4. Thumbs put on the belt. A gesture similar in meaning is hands in pockets and thumbs are outside. So guys emphasize their manliness. Although in fairness it should be noted that even if there are no girls around, such gestures can still be used, because you want to feel more courageous in the company of men, and even alone.
  5. Pose. It is believed that people turn toes and body in the direction of the person who likes them. Therefore, if in a big company the body of a man seems to be “looking” towards the same girl, then undoubtedly, he likes her.

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An overly frank look that a man without hesitation casts on his chest and thighs of a woman, of course, speaks of his sympathy, but does not mean at all that there is something more than ordinary sexual interest in this. Therefore, psychologists advise to closely monitor the attitude of men in general, and not to make hasty conclusions.

Verbal signs

The most convenient reason to study the behavior of a guy for sympathy is a conversation, during which you need to pay attention to some signs.

  1. Nervousness in speech. It manifests itself in shy guys. At the sight of the object of adoration, they get lost, forget what to say, slow down or, conversely, speed up speech.
  2. The timbre of the voice becomes lower than usual. This is an attempt to look more courageous in the eyes of the girl.
  3. Bragging and bragging. In attempts to arouse admiration, guys are able to spend hours talking about their existing and non-existing exploits. As a rule, in addition to this, one can observe a modestly lowered look. Also practiced philosophical sayings, accompanied by heavy sighs wise man's life experience. And, of course, this "prince on a white horse" will argue that if he has not achieved something in life, it is only because he does not need it, because such a person as he is definitely above all this vanity of the material world .
  4. Awkward attempts to find out information about the girl. To ask directly about her personal life - it would be too easy. It happens, of course, and that, but basically this question is asked, as it were, by the way, without obvious interest.
  5. Rudeness. Yes, it happens. It is good that it does not occur too often. Complicated men (often very young) in an attempt to disguise feelings may go to the other extreme. And then it’s just hard for them to stop, they are in a confused state and don’t know how to behave.

A man in love always tries to look cooler than he is.

How to hide the feelings of different signs of the zodiac

  • Aries man will always be somewhere nearby, will always try to touch the object of the senses, to violate personal space. This sign loves development, including when it comes to relationships. Therefore, he won't be around for long. Or decide to speak honestly, or even switch to another girl.
  • Taurus becomes very attentive and courteous. He tries to help in everything, to show care and in general to appear more kind than he is.
  • Gemini wants to immediately demonstrate all their strengths, and sometimes it can be intrusive. The liked woman prefers to entice with humor.
  • Cancer man is perhaps the most secretive of all signs. According to him it is difficult to understand what he is experiencing. Communicates with the object of sympathy calmly and discreetly, and maybe avoid communication altogether until he precisely decides that he needs a relationship with this girl.
  • A lion. This is someone who likes to demonstrate the strength and success of even more Gemini. The lion will tell you at once how good he is. Loves to give the impression of gifts.
  • The guy-maiden is perfectly mastered, therefore it is hardly possible to understand what he feels, until he decides to show it. But on the whole, his attitude will be underlined benevolent.

The boy in love always takes care of the girl

  • Libra always tries to devote as much time as possible to the object of the senses. He talks a lot, jokes. In this unobtrusive. As a rule, natural indecision for a long time does not allow him to take any more specific actions.
  • The young Scorpio loves the girls to fall at his own feet, so he often plays with them, moving closer and closer. At first, he aggressively seeks to meet, but during it demonstrates coldness or even neglect. Jealous and touchy, including when the girl still does not belong to him. Therefore, often annoyed and can not always hide it.
  • Sagittarius has no complexes, no desire to think about the prospects of relations and build far-reaching plans. Therefore, he immediately begins to conquer the object of sympathy, while not hiding his intentions at all. Well, even if he doesn’t talk about feelings for a while, everything is clear from his significant views.
  • Capricorn can hint her feelings for feelings for a long time in the hope that she herself will take the first step. This sign is very shy and afraid to show excessive emotionality.
  • Male Aquarius, despite the fact that they make an impression of fairly soft people, firmly go to their goal. They do not rush things, but systematically increase the number of meetings and the duration of communication, starting to devote a lot of time to the girl she likes.
  • The Pisces guy is very caring, to the point that he begins to control the girl he likes. He wonders what she does, what she eats, how many hours she sleeps, etc. At the same time very shy, so in the presence of an object of sympathy can sometimes look confused.

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How else can he impersonate himself

The behavior of the guy in love can, among other things, depend on what kind of relationship he associates with the object of sympathy.

If you just chat or know only by correspondence

If communication between a boy and a girl has just begun and has not yet turned into a friendship, then a young man in love will, of course, try to get as close as possible to the object of adoration, to somehow catch on, to find common interests and points of contact. For example, if people communicate by correspondence, then he responds to the message immediately, as if he was specially sitting and waiting for it to come. He asks questions, trying to ensure that the conversation does not end prematurely, and when the correspondence is still interrupted, the next conversation begins first. Although if the guy is determined not to show his feelings, he can specifically pull back with the messages sent to him, pretending that he does not expect them and generally thinks about something else. This is a favorite method of girls, but it turns out that the stronger sex uses the same methods.

If he is too shy

Shyness is not a very good quality, especially for a man. If he is, then it is unknown when he takes the first step and shows sympathy. Most likely, this will not happen soon, because he is very afraid of being rejected. Shy guys are usually very lost in the presence of the girl they like. He will not be able to be witty and charismatic, will not talk a lot about himself, extolling his qualities and achievements, and it may be difficult for him to even take the initiative in communicating. Often looks away and is afraid to touch the girl. Therefore, if she has an interest in this guy, it is better to be the first to take the initiative. Only very carefully, after all, particularly shy young people can be easily frightened off.

If you are not familiar with him or this unfamiliar guy

If a girl likes a guy, but they have never talked to her, he will think about what reason to find for dating. In the meantime, he does it, he will probably try to be somewhere nearby all the time. For example, to visit places where she often happens, to pass by work or a fitness room in which there is a girl. He will go to the same store, sign up to the same club, start walking the dog under her windows. And of course, everything will be clear from his look. Although he may be looking at the girl so that she did not notice. In the end, an unfamiliar young man still has to decide and come up, it remains only to hope that he will not come up with some sophisticated way for "casual" acquaintance.

If a guy carefully hides his feelings, most often his eyes still give him away.

If this is a friend

As you know, to transfer relations from friendship to something more is very difficult. Psychologists say that if people communicate for some time in a certain way, then it is difficult for them to get out of the role that they have chosen for themselves in a relationship. Other roles in communication with a particular person begin to seem out of place to them. Therefore, a friend who wants to become more than just a friend is particularly hard. He, as a rule, does not know what approach to find to the girl, and if he makes any hints, she stubbornly refuses to understand them. So, sooner or later, he will still have to say everything directly. But until that happens, he will be very caring. Such a person is always ready to help, sometimes even to the detriment of his own interests. And still girls sometimes consult with friends about young people who they like. Of course, a loving friend will do his best to ward off his beloved from other men.

In the network there are a number of divinations and other rituals that promise to lift the veil of secrecy. Believe it or not - your choice.

If this is a former guy

With former guys, unlike friends, everything is very simple. They, as a rule, do not show any constraint, communicate calmly and allow themselves a lot of things. The whole problem is to be honest and offer to make peace. But this they can not go first, giving the opportunity to the girl. In any case, if the guy firmly decided to leave, he will not provoke the ex-girlfriend to communicate, but, on the contrary, will avoid her in order to quickly normalize the situation and start a new life. If he continues to be around, then the gap has occurred due to misunderstanding, and feelings still remain.

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How men of different ages hide their feelings: a bit of psychology

It seems that with age people become rational, get rid of complexes and learn to talk about their feelings. But it only seems. Regardless of age, a man may demonstrate indifference with all his might, while in reality a woman is not at all indifferent to him. And he has even more reasons for this than that of a young guy, who, as a rule, is driven by either self-doubt or unwillingness to be "driven under a heel" and, as a result, disfavored by friends.

A man who has reached the age of at least 30 - 40 years old can hide feelings for the following reasons:

  • he considers the girl too frivolous and inappropriate for relationships;
  • for some reason, he decided that she wanted to "sit on his neck" or use her in some other way;
  • he has a wife and a lover, so the poor fellow does not have enough time for women;
  • he is generally bored with women and wants to rest;
  • he understands that it would be necessary to find a party more profitable, because it is time to think not only about feelings, but also about your daily needs.

In all these (and not only these) cases, he expects that all emotions calm down by themselves. But behave while continuing very strange. In the same way as a young guy, he will try to seem better and more courageous than he really is. I must say that the older the man, the more fun it looks from the side. All other verbal and non-verbal signs of sympathy may also be present. Some men, as in youth, may even become shy when communicating.

But still, we should not forget that an experienced man is much smarter and more cunning than a young man, and therefore he is able to deliberately play the signs of ineptly hidden sympathy in order to lead a girl to emotions and make her become interested in them. Although now this can be expected from the young guys. Some even intentionally learn to manipulate women, for example, in pick-up courses.

The reluctance of guys to talk about their feelings is not a big problem, because after studying the external verbal and non-verbal signs of these feelings, you can easily understand everything yourself. In principle, a woman perceives most of the signals sent by men at the subconscious level, without focusing on them, but intuitively feeling that people are sympathetic towards her. Problems arise only when she herself is in love. At such a moment, all the girls begin to seek confirmation of reciprocity and sometimes wishful thinking. Here it is just necessary to recall the signs by which one can determine whether the guy has any feelings or not, and try to soberly assess the situation. This will help protect yourself from unnecessary experiences and uncertainty.