The younger son of Gazmanov bought an expensive foreign car

The acquisition boasted the brother of a young man - Rodion Gazmanov.

21-year-old son of Oleg Gazmanov Philip works from an early age. The young man chose a model for himself - he collaborates with a well-known agency and has already decorated several magazine covers. In addition, Philip is now studying in the UK, but still spends a lot of time in Russia. In one of these visits, he met with his elder brother - Rodion. The latter published a picture in which the men are captured near their cars. As Gazmanov told, he already congratulated Philip on his first purchased car. According to some reports, the "Mercedes" of a young man costs from 10 to 15 million steering wheels, depending on the configuration.

All men from this family are different to expensive foreign cars. Rodion himself drives an Audi, and Oleg Gazmanov sometimes showed on a blog his BMW, the price of which starts from 10 million rubles.