All about the hair method of permanent eyebrow makeup


Each woman dreams of beautiful, symmetrical eyebrows, which will be beneficial to emphasize her appearance. Unfortunately, not all of this detail is beautiful by nature. Many have problems with hair loss. Such a disease can be caused by poor nutrition and poor environmental conditions in the place of residence. The standard solution to the problem of rare eyebrows is to tint a suitable shade with a cosmetic pencil. But in this case, the result does not always look natural. Today, beauty salons offer an alternative option - hair tattooing. It is worth considering this procedure in detail and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Determination of the hair method of eyebrow tattoo

Hair tattooing eyebrows - a procedure whose ultimate goal is the formation and drawing of eyebrows. Other names that can be found: couch and ciliated. If a specialist permanently paints a certain area in a permanent permanent make-up, then with this method the master injects a pigment under the skin with a drawing of each hair. Due to this, the result is obtained as natural as possible. Even with good lighting, it is difficult to determine the presence of ciliated tattoo. Eyebrows after the procedure heal for about a week. In the first days of the eyebrows and the skin around them may swell up a bit, start to itch. Fear not worth it, because it is a natural phenomenon.

Inflammations that occur after the hair tattoo of eyebrows can be removed with the help of special ointments.

Important! If you decide on such a procedure, choose only a professional master with a large number of reviews. Remember that correcting a result that did not like is very difficult and painful.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hair method of eyebrow tattoo

Like any other procedure, which is carried out in a beauty salon, the hair method of eyebrow tattooing has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to get acquainted with them before you write to the master. So, the advantages of the procedure are as follows:

  1. Even the ugliest eyebrows can be put in order using this procedure. The master will select the form that suits you. Eyebrows will look natural and natural.
  2. If you have small scars in the area of ​​the superciliary arches, hair tattooing is a way to mask this flaw.
  3. All those factors that affect the cosmetic pencil, no longer need to take into account. You can safely visit the bath, sauna and swim in the ponds without fear that the makeup will be erased or spread.
  4. The result after the procedure is kept for a long time. You will save yourself from having to adjust the shape every morning for many years.
  5. Facial features will become more expressive, and the image - new. Hair tattoo - a great option for those who want to change some detail in their appearance.

And now it is worthwhile to dwell on the shortcomings, many of which repel girls from such a procedure. So this:

  1. The fears associated with the unsuccessful result. Attempts to save on the procedure can adversely affect your appearance. It is better to choose a good salon and a professional master than to look for means and patience for removing pigment in case of a bad result.
  2. Pain that is present during the procedure. This is one of the main reasons why many refuse to be tattooed. The master treats the skin with a special anesthetic before starting the procedure, but it hides only a part of the discomfort.
  3. Real hairs grow more slowly, or even begin to fall out. This is because when the tattoo is affected and damaged bulbs.
  4. If you perform the procedure every 2-3 years, on the eyebrows may remain traces of the needle. The layer of the epidermis in these places loses elasticity, becomes more rough.

The result of an unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo will be quite expensive

There were more pluses than minuses, but only you make the final decision on the procedure.

Important! Experts do not recommend making a mattress tattoo for girls and women who have oily skin. Traced hairs after 3-4 months may look sloppy.

Technique of hair tattooing eyebrows

When performing hair tattoo eyebrows master follows certain instructions. It is worth examining it step by step in order to have a complete understanding of the procedure:

  1. First, the desired shape of the eyebrows is outlined on a sheet of paper. At this stage, all external data of the client is taken into account: the shape of the face, the section of the eyes, the height of the forehead, the type of nose. All details must be coordinated between the master and the girl who wants to do a hair tattoo.
  2. Then shade is selected. It should be as close as possible to the natural color of your eyebrows, otherwise the result will be bright and ridiculous. Many experts recommend tattooing with different pigments that differ by one or two tones. In this case, the eyebrows will look more voluminous and more natural.
  3. After that, the selected form is transferred to the eyebrows. The master uses a special pencil for this.
  4. The next stage is the disinfection of the skin, and anesthesia is done. Make sure that the master uses only sterile instruments and needles. Do not hesitate to ask the master to disinfect everything you need with you.
  5. After 4-5 minutes, anesthesia reaches its maximum effect. At this time, the master starts to work. The procedure for performing hair tattoo eyebrows on average takes 2 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the day when you have the most free time.

Choose only proven beauty salons

These are the main points that a client goes through during a hair tattoo. It is worth noting that the price of such a service is 7-8 thousand rubles.

Types of hair tattoo

Hair tattooing eyebrows is divided into two types: European and Oriental. Consider each of them separately.


European ciliated eyebrow tattoo is to draw very thin lines in the area of ​​the superciliary arches. The direction of the strokes coincides with the angle of growth of natural hairs. The peculiarity of this method of application: the same distance between all the drawn stripes.
With this method, the master works in 2 stages, each of which is very important. First, a dark shade is applied, which is introduced into the deepest layers of the epidermis. Then there is a lighter color, it is injected closer to the outer layer of the skin.

European hair tattoo looks very beautiful

This type of hair tattoo is perfect for girls with delicate and elegant facial features.


Oriental hair tattoo is perfect for girls with rounded facial features. With it, you can achieve the effect of thick and wide eyebrows. The master performs the procedure also in 2 stages: dark pigment in the lower layers of the epidermis, in the upper layers - light. The difference between these two types is in the way the lines are drawn. If in the European tattoo, the strokes are superimposed parallel to the natural hairs, then in the eastern stripes they are arranged chaotically. The effect is the most natural: there are both short and long lines. The direction and thickness of them are different.

Oriental hair tattoo of eyebrows will make facial features expressive

To perform such a tattoo eyebrows need a master with great experience.

Eyebrow hair tattoo: video

Eyebrow care after hair tattoo

After the hair tattoo, skin in the area of ​​the eyebrows needs special care. The result will please you for a long time, if you follow simple rules:

  1. In the first 3 weeks after the procedure, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided, since this affects the behavior of the pigment that has not yet fixed under the skin. The same goes for strong gusts of wind: it is better to stay at home during bad weather. So the result is definitely not spoiled.
  2. Before you go out, you need to use special healing ointments every time, which the master will recommend. This should be done until the healing process is completed. It usually takes from two to three weeks.
  3. You can not use eyebrow creams and vaseline-based products for skin care. They negatively affect the pigment even after healing the tattoo.
  4. In the summer, you should also use protective creams with an SPF filter, the indicator of which should not be less than 30. Also, it is not recommended to sunbathe and swim in the sea at this time of year until a month has passed since the procedure.
  5. After healing the tattoo, experts advise to use the means of light texture, which includes vitamins of groups A and D. Such care is suitable for each day.

Do not plan a vacation and a trip to the sea in the first 2 weeks after the hair tattoo

If you violate the recommendations for the care you can get vague and uneven contour. But sometimes it happens that even if all the rules are followed, the result will still not be the one that was expected. In this case, the correction will help. Consult with the master, and also clearly explain to him what exactly you want. He will correct the hair tattoo according to your requirements.

Important! If you make a correction to the wrong master who made the hair tattoo, be sure to tell him what paint the procedure was done. It is better to always recognize the brand and hue of the pigment immediately, since this information may be needed later.

Reviews of hair tattoo eyebrows

I did tattoo with a hair method in a beauty salon with a master friend. The healing period was painful, as I have very sensitive skin. But then the result pleased me. Now I wake up and fall asleep with perfect eyebrows.



Hair tattoo in the European technology did 2 years ago. Until now, I go with him, nothing blurs, as many say, it's just myths. The salon said that 4 years quietly hold out.



Girls, I made myself a hair tattoo finally! Dare! I used to be scared, I was afraid of pain, but then I realized that daily browning of my eyebrows was not a matter for me. And all kinds of paint and henna is also temporary, one or two weeks. The result of the tattoo struck: eyebrows, as real. No one notices that they are actually drawn! Very happy!



Eyebrow hair tattooing is a safe procedure, but it requires patience. If you really set out to get beautiful, smooth and natural eyebrows, then you can endure the pain for this. Be healthy and beautiful!