Holidays April 21: from the chief accountant to the Queen of England!


As the heroine Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy "Kate and Leo" used to say: "Sunday is the day before Monday, and therefore he is poisoned." We will try to make this holiday truly memorable. For example, we will throw a party about ... And for what, by the way, about? Refuses, April 21, there are a lot of holidays!

What holidays are celebrated on April 21 in Russia

Today there is an official reason for joy in:

  • rulers of financial flows, masters of balance and aces of accounting - chief accountants who celebrate their professional holiday on April 21;
  • employees of municipal services, regardless of their position - they now have a day of local government;
  • sailors accepting congratulations on the Day of the Far East naval forces;
  • old-timers, remembering the times of the USSR, since it is April 21 that the Day of Soviet Science falls;
  • Catholics and Lutherans celebrating their Easter;
  • Orthodox Christians who, in honor of Palm Sunday, will be pulled into temples with thin branches in their hands today. Decorating a house with blessed willow branches in the church is an old Orthodox tradition

Birthdays of the day:

  • Ivan;
  • Herodion;
  • Luke;
  • Nifont;
  • Maria;
  • Sergei;
  • Jacob;
  • Ian

On April 21, the Orthodox Church commemorates the martyr Herodion, the Bishop of Patras, Agave, Asyncritus, Ruf, Phlegon, and Hermas. A folk calendar offers to meet Rodion Ledolom.

What celebrations are celebrated in the world

Let's take a ride around other states and see what amateurs have a good time there today? Our near and far neighbors celebrate:

  • in Kazakhstan - State Security Service Day;
  • in Rome, the founding of the city;
  • in Indonesia, the Day of the Emancipation of Women;
  • in Britain, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday;
  • in Brazil - the Day of the national hero of Tiradentes;
  • in Kenya, Planting Day;
  • in the USA - the Day of chocolate cashew truffles and the Day of pork with pineapples;
  • World Day of creativity and innovation;
  • The Day of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden;
  • Gingerbread Day;
  • Day suitcases.

For the followers of the Bahai religion, on April 21 begins the holy feast of Ridwan, which will last exactly 12 days.

The temples of one of the youngest Baha'i religions in the world grow in different parts of the world.

How are we going to celebrate?

Is it possible to use the numerous holidays that fell on April 21 to make this Sunday brighter? There are a few ideas.

  1. Pay tribute to science and go to the museum, which has long been going to visit. First, get out of the four walls, and second, expand your horizons.
  2. Remember your old hobby or try to start a new one. Task: to create, fantasize, have fun.
  3. Call friends to tea with Tula gingerbread or chocolate truffles ...
  4. Join the works of Iron Maiden, even if your musical preferences are limited solely to the classics or unpretentious songs of modern pop music. Suddenly like it?
  5. Write a greeting to the Queen of England and send it to Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA. They say there is a chance to receive in response gratitude on the official form and even a photo of Elizabeth II herself. And do not be afraid that your wishes of health and well-being are late: according to tradition, the English Queen's birthday is celebrated twice a year, so your message will reach exactly the second date falling on one of the Saturdays of June. And do not like paper letters, send congratulations through the official site. The Queen reads a part of congratulatory letters personally

Council finally. No matter how you spend this day, take 10 minutes to get a travel case out of the closet, dust off it and figure out what things you will take with you when you go on vacation. Summer is just around the corner, it's time to start a pleasant planning.