Ladies with character: the 3 most difficult zodiac signs among women


Beautiful bright girls always attract attention. However, just such women often get a bad temper, which makes it difficult to live not only for them, but also for those around them. Astrologers ranked the most difficult zodiac signs in women, communication with which is fraught with problems, conflicts and wounded pride.


Capricorn women prefer to "rule the world" alone

Women of this sign are able to win over when they first met. They always look good, restrained, able to keep up the conversation, keep modestly, but with dignity. However, those who decide to continue communication or even start caring are at great risk.

Saturn has the greatest influence on Capricorns. This is a lonely planet. It makes its wards strong, independent, independent and deprives the need for a team. They treat all strangers with a high degree of suspicion and do not like being crawled into their lives. In order to enter into the immediate environment of the representative of this sign, you will have to make a lot of effort.

Capricorn women are passionate careerists. They are selflessly given to work, always doing it for the highest score. They demand the same from the rest. Such a boss will not let the subordinates descend and will sincerely wonder why they are indignant because of the need to stay in the office after the official end of the working day.

High requirements make Capricorns and his companion. Their requirements relate, first of all, to the position in society. Capricorn will be able to interest only men who are at least on the same step with them and have an income of at least. All the rest can only count on indifferent views, masking a slight contempt.

Especially difficult to communicate women born in the first decade of the zodiac sign (December 22 - January 2), when the influence of Saturn is at its maximum. These are real life strategists who analyze, plan and make forecasts not only in business, but also in society. They count on what the acquaintance, friendship or romance with this or that person will turn out for them.


Scorpio women love to dominate society and are ready to destroy their rivals

From early childhood, women of this sign begin to fight for attention, first parents, then friends and teachers. Ladies succeed in this quite quickly: natural magnetism, a developed mind and special magnetism of Scorpios helps to achieve the desired. A crowd of fans appears around them, dreaming of entering into a close circle with an extraordinary beauty. However, it is not so simple.

Neptune, the main planet of Scorpions, gives people confidence, a sense of superiority over others and lust for power. Women experiencing his influence tend to dominate in any team and arrest attention to themselves. Sometimes very non-standard ways.

It will not be easy for someone who dares to draw views on himself. Scorpio women will not forgive this and will survive the opponent, acting by any means, often on the sly. Do not think that sooner or later they will forget and forgive. They are characterized by rancor, revenge and the need for conflict.

Love for a Scorpio woman is more like an endless war. Representatives of the sign feel the need for emotion, and it does not matter whether they are good or bad. Therefore, life with them is like a swing: from a stormy quarrel, they move without pause to an equally enchanting reconciliation, and then everything starts all over again. Often the reason for the scandal are suspicions of treason. These ladies are very jealous.

If the relationship ceased to rage passion, then love is gone. Therefore, you can wait for a break and be sure that the former will quickly find a new source of emotions. Or already found - such women easily destroy all the frameworks and act as they see fit, regardless of the law and moral principles.

More than others it is worth fearing Scorpions born in the second decade (November 3-12). During this period, not only Pluto, but also Neptune influences the character, bringing the propensity to dramatize to perfection.


Aries want and will be the first in everything. Do not get under your feet, otherwise you will be trampled!

Women of this sign are just fire: energetic, passionate, purposeful, persistent. And it attracts people to them, they are drawn to Aries, not realizing that communication with them can seriously hurt, because they are ruled by the most militant planet - Mars.

The main passion of Aries women is competition. They strive to prove their superiority to all: colleagues, girlfriends and loved one. They may not even suspect that they are participating in an unspoken battle in which Aries, of course, will win. She will cope with the work better, prepare the most delicious dishes and create the perfect family. Even if she has problems, it will be the greatest problems, in comparison with which all the others are just puff.

Of course, Aries woman will tell about her superiority to others. And arguing with her would be useless. Representatives of this sign are completely unable to accept someone else's opinion. They believe that they are always right in everything and are ready to defend their point of view to the last. Conflicts become a part of their life: the fire element and rushes out, forcing them to commit rash acts, boil and go out of themselves.

In any team, they try to take leadership positions and often become real dictators. The fire sign feels great in its position as a boss, loves to make sole decisions and often treats subordinates who dare to go in defiance of the rules established by them.

The heaviest character is Aries of the first decade (March 21-31), when the influence of Mars is the strongest. These are real warriors who are always ready for battle. And if there is no reason for it, then these women will definitely invent it.

Stars bestow their wards with a mass of merit and skills, but they also reward them with "prickles". To see in such hairy ladies that very beautiful and unique task is not easy, but the reward is worth it.