How to braid spikelet itself, girlfriends and children


Spikelet - hairstyle is very practical and infinitely diverse, and most importantly, invented for the convenience of women. 20 years ago, the French braids were considered a hallmark of high school students. Now, no, the braid has returned to fashion in a slightly modified form - a bit careless, loose, with loose straps and very feminine. If you wish, and there is enough time for training, you can learn to weave a spike yourself.

What is a hairstyle

A spikelet, also known as a French spikelet or a French braid, is a common name for such a method of braiding hair, when strands are captured from the crown itself, from the parting, and the hairs are woven from the sides - and so along the entire length. Loose strands are collected in the so-called Russian (ordinary) braid and secured with a rubber band or barrette. There are about a dozen varieties of a spikelet - that is not counting those hairstyles, when loose hair, bangs or any other hairstyle, like a ponytail, for example, make up separate strands of hair braided in a French braid.

French braid or spikelet can diversify other hairstyles

How the finished hairstyle will look depends on:

  • on which part is chosen;
  • on the number of strands, there may be two, three or four;
  • from the thickness of the strands - only a few thin strands or all can be woven into the braid;
  • from the direction of weaving.

You can get stuck like this:

  • in a classic spikelet;

    Classic spike woven from three strands

  • make a French braid on one side;

    The loose ends of the strands can be braided into a braid or gathered into a tail

  • braid two;

    Braided braids can also be worn in different ways - wrap around your head or bundle

  • braid "reverse" braid;

    From the classical spikelet, the spikelet inside out differs in the direction of weaving - strands weave down and inward

  • make a spike around the head;

    Daily hairstyle can be varied, if you put a braid around your head

  • use a weave of four or five strands;

    Sophisticated braids from 4-5 strands look very impressive

  • put your hair in a fishtail braid.

    Spit fish tail woven from two strands

For short hair, too, there is an option - Boho braid. You can make one or two, along the entire length of the hair or in part of the length - from the parting to the ear. Weaving is free, besides strands can be pulled out a little, so you get a slightly sloppy and therefore fashionable look.

On short hair, the spikelet can be woven to a part of the length, from crown to ear

How to weave a classic spikelet

The main difficulty for beginners is speech from those who try to braid the braid on themselves - that the quality of weaving is not visible from behind. It is necessary to do everything by touch, long and carefully - because strands braided into braids, especially from the first time, do not always look neat and your hands quickly get tired of the weight. To help newcomers - video from the network, where they teach the correct formulation of the fingers. It is convenient to track what happens on the back of your head with the help of two mirrors set opposite, or a webcam.

Hair will not stand out from the strands, if they are slightly sprinkled with water and carefully combed, it is better with a foam so that the hairstyle will last longer. For convenience, the strands at the roots can be fixed with silicone rubber bands so as not to be confused - this greatly facilitates the task of those who first weave a spike. Then, when the hairstyle is ready, they are cut off with nail scissors. While weaving the braid, it is better to hold it with your thumbs, and to hold the side strands with your little fingers.

How to hold hands when weaving - video

What is needed

When you prepare a place with a good overview and lighting, collect in one place:

  • frequent comb with a long handle;
  • gum or hairpin to fasten the braid;
  • 2-5 silicone rubber bands (see the number of strands, in the classic spike there are three) for fixing the strands at the roots;
  • 2-3 studs to secure the result;
  • foam / hairspray.

How to do hair: step by step instructions with photos

Before you begin to weave, carefully comb your hair, then proceed:

  1. Take a strand of hair on the back of your head.

    Hair for braids are separated from above, from the forehead

  2. Divide it into three thin strands of the same size.

    Spikes in the spikelet can be from two to five, three - in the classic spikelet

  3. Throw the leftmost strand on the one that is in the center.

    To each extreme strand, braid the locks from the loose mass of hair.

  4. Then put the rightmost strand on the middle, as in the usual spit. Keep all strands in your hands between your fingers.

    Read in advance in the video tutorial how to properly hold hands and fingers when weaving the spikelet

  5. Separate the strand on the right side, connect it with the left strand, the one that is in your hand. Put the strand on the middle one and take the middle one to the left.

    So that the hair during the weaving is not fluffed and knocked out of the braid, lightly sprinkle it with water or spray

  6. Now take a strand on the left side, connect to the left strand of the braid. Put the strand on the middle one and move it to the right. Alternately take away all the side strands.

    French braid trudges with the seizure of the side strands

  7. After all the side strands are braided, lay the free length in a Russian braid or leave the tail. Secure with a rubber band or barrette.

    Loose hair braided in the usual Russian braid

  8. Hairpins or invisible ones fix short strands out of hair.

Options for hair of different lengths

When weaving the spike on long hair, give preference to the four or five strand version, only do all of them to the end, so that they are not confused. Weaving dense, neat hair, without loose strands.

In a braid of 4-5 strands, each must be woven to the end, so that the hair does not get out and not be confused

On the middle hair, on the contrary, the light and voluminous hairstyle looks good, the links can be slightly let out or learn the openwork weaving - the entire length needs to be pulled out loops of the same size and height.

Medium-length hair can be given volume if released from a braid loop

Hair from short hair can be decorated with pigtails at partial length - to the middle of the ear. It looks good option when it grows into a growing bang or a small strand on the side. Weaving free, allowed loosely released strands.

On the short hair spikelet can be braided diagonally, fixing the hair behind

Weave two spikelets for beginners

If for a child you can braid tight braids so that you can forget about the haircut for the whole day, then adults can lightly release strands to give volume or put spikelets into a bun — a good option for work. It is recommended to start learning from one spikelet, and when the fingers become accustomed, to master a slightly more complicated technique of weaving two French braids.

How to weave:

  1. Comb your hair in a straight parting, the left and right should be the same hair.
  2. Lock the hair on the right with a barrette, and on the left side, start braiding the braid.
  3. Separate the hair strand from above, divide it into three equal parts.
  4. Place the leftmost strand in the middle. Place the rightmost strand between the left and middle. Then change the left and middle strands in places with each new capture.
  5. Repeat weaving, evenly grabbing the hair on the sides, to get a spikelet.
  6. Braid the remaining hair into a regular braid.
  7. Repeat the same on the right side.

In the "non-classical" version of the strands weave inside. It is recommended to take thin strands of loose hair mass so that the hairstyle looks more elegant. Otherwise, the principle of weaving is the same - they first make one braid, then another, strands for the volume can be slightly released.

French braids to itself: master class - video

You can try to braid two parallel spikelets, then connect them. But this option looks good only on thick hair. The difference from the usual weaving technique is that while weaving one braid, the strands are released from it down, and then the second braid is woven from them. Braided spikelets fix stealth and adorn the barrette.

Parallel spikelets require used equipment and maximum accuracy in the performance

How to learn to style your hair

The spikelet on its side is made as a classic version, with the difference that each strand added from the side is twisted in the form of a rope.

  1. Decide which way you will braid.
  2. Comb the hair on the side parting, select the strand on top and divide it into three parts.
  3. Braid 2-3 links simple braids, then start to weave the side strands with loose hair.
  4. Continue weaving until you reach the base of the neck.
  5. Braid the rest of your hair in a regular braid, fasten the tip with an elastic band or barrette.
  6. To add volume, you can slightly stretch the strands from the links of the braid.

Extreme strands for side braid twisted with rope

"Back" French braid

The purse spike weaves like a classic one, but inside - the braid seems to be more voluminous, so for thin hair it will be a winning option.

Variants of nzvaniy: turned out spike, spike over it, French braid out.

How to weave:

  1. Comb your hair, separate the strand from above.
  2. Divide it into three thin strands.
  3. Pass the left strand under the center and right.
  4. Then skip the right strand under the left and middle.
  5. After 2-3 links on both sides, begin to braid the side strands. Make sure that they are the same thickness as the main.
  6. Braid the remaining hair in a simple braid, wrapping the strands inside.

Weaving a spikelet inside out to itself - video

Spike basket

The spikelet around the head is a variant of weaving two braids, but not along the growth of hair, but across.

Weaving technique is as follows:

  1. Comb your hair in a straight parting.
  2. Start the first braid weave from the roots of the hair on the right side.
  3. When braiding a classic spikelet, move along the back of the head, gradually braiding the side strands on both sides. You can simply weave a semicircle or zigzags, if you have already mastered the weaving of French braids.
  4. Finish weaving near the left ear, tail tie a silicone rubber band and hide.
  5. In the same way, braid the braid from left to right, hide the tip under the hair too.
  6. Fix hair with lacquer.

Around the head

Weaving around the head is done on the hair from 15 cm in length.

How to do it:

  1. Comb your hair on a circular parting from the middle of the forehead to the nape. Think about where the center will be hair.
  2. From this place, begin to weave a braid, taking the side strands only from the outside of the helix, on which you weave a spikelet.
  3. The distance from the forehead and from the neck to the place of weaving should be the same, periodically check how smooth the line is.
  4. Conveniently, if the place where the French braid ends, will be behind the ear. When you reach this place, the hair on the sides do not pick up any more, but braid it in the usual one, fix the tip with an elastic band.
  5. Pass the tail into the lower circle of the weave and hide it.
  6. Spray the hairstyle varnish.

Circular French braid - a very open hairstyle, you can even take short hair off her forehead and temples.

4 strand weave

  1. Comb your hair with mousse.
  2. Separate the strand at the crown and divide it into 4 equal parts.
  3. Mentally number the strands.

    During the weaving all the strands need to be held in their hands so that the pigtail does not spread.

  4. Throw the first strand on the second, and the third on the fourth. Hold all the strands so that the base of the scythe does not crumble.
  5. The first strand should be in the middle of the head. Spend a fourth strand under it.
  6. Throw the second strand under the third, and the fourth to the second.
  7. Now pass the second strand over the first.
  8. Thread the fourth strand over the second.
  9. Put the first strand on the third, and the second under the third.
  10. Secure the hair with a rubber band or barrette.

How to braid a 4-strand French braid - video

How to make a fish tail

The braid, called the fishtail, begins, like all French, from the roots of the hair and is woven from thin strands. This hairstyle is usually done on medium or long hair, so that it looks more interesting, a girl can weave colored synthetic tape into her hair or dye individual strands with small hair.

Fishtail is always woven from two strands.

More detailed instructions on weaving with photos in the article: //

To learn how to weave a spikelet, we need the right hands, innate accuracy, a little patience and improvised means - mirrors, a comb and gum. It takes a little, but the skill of weaving the French braid will then be useful to your whole environment: children, sisters, girlfriends and neighbors. You will be in great demand, so learn!