How to paint eyebrows with shadows? - Step by step photos, instructions


From the knowledge of how to paint eyebrows with shadows depends on the quality of makeup. Not every girl can afford a tattoo, but every woman of fashion can make her eyes more expressive.

Previously, to create an emphasis on the eyebrows, used a pencil. Now makeup artists recommend using shadows because they have a lot of advantages.

Why do we color eyebrows?

The fashion for eyebrow painting was first introduced by French actress Catherine Deneuve, after which women around the world began to pay attention to the beauty of eyebrows. If you find the perfect shape for yourself, you can not even paint your eyes.

Previously, to create an emphasis on the eyebrows, used a pencil. Now makeup artists recommend using shadows, because they have a lot of advantages. First, they softer lie down. Secondly, carefully mask the space between the hairs. Thirdly, they look as natural as possible. Also, shadows are simply necessary if the girl has short hair or a natural eyebrow is too wide.

It is not necessary to paint eyebrows only if they have a good shape and shade. To save time on painting, some girls choose a tattoo. Shadows are a great way to increase saturation. The main thing is not to overdo it. After all, too bright arcs create a comic effect.

Shadows - a great way to enhance hue saturation.

Recommendations for the selection of shadows

The success of beautiful eyebrows depends not only on the ability to create a neat shape, but also on the correct choice of shadows. They should be darker than natural by 2-3 tones. Black colors and blondes will not suit black colors, you should pay attention to brown shades. In order not to overflow your eyebrows in the light, choose the shadows of a matte texture.

For a shadow kit, you will need to purchase a tough brush with beveled edges and short fibers.

Famous brands offer special lines of eyebrows for painting eyebrows.

For example, "Letual" There is a set that helps to correct the arc. It includes three different powders, a brush and a brush. Individual tone is obtained by mixing shades. The main thing is to make makeup look harmonious. To fix the shape and color, there is wax in the set.

Set for eyebrows Letual

In set Essence Users find two shades, a brush and three silicone eyebrow shapes. They are rarely found in other manufacturers. However, it is very convenient. Eyebrows are perfect and the same.

In the Essence set, users find two shades, a brush and three silicone forms for eyebrows

Eyebrow correction kits are also available. Pupa and "Rive Gauche". In the first case, the company offers two contrasting colors of shadows and two brushes (with a round and beveled end). Durability of cosmetics is guaranteed. In the second case, users get a set of light brown eye shadows and tweezers. Means suit blondes. For brunettes is better to look for another manufacturer.

Eyebrow Shadow Pupa

Set "Rive Gauche" is only suitable for blondes

Three rules for choosing a brush for applying shadows:

  • Thick eyebrows with long hairs are best done using a beveled brush with stiff bristles. The brush can be washed with water. It maintains performance and turns into an indispensable tool.
  • Rounded-tip brushes are ideal for thin eyebrows and for reproducing the ombre technique. Like girls who have sensitive skin.
  • The short lint on the beveled brush is ideal for self-applying and distributing shadows to the eyebrow line.

Tip! To distribute evenly the shadows on the eyebrows, use a special brush.

Brow tinting techniques

Before you apply the shadows on the eyebrows, they need to be adjusted. The beginning of the arc should be in line with the edge of the wing of the nose. To make a correct bend, apply the brush to the tip of the nose at an angle so that it crosses the middle of the pupil, if connected to the tip of the nose. To determine the end of the eyebrow, you need to attach the brush to the nostril so that it crosses the outer edge of the eye. At the intersection with the line of the eyebrows, it should be interrupted.

How to paint eyebrows with shadows using a stencil. Step 1-4

How to paint eyebrows with shadows using a stencil. Step 5-8

How to paint eyebrows with shadows using a stencil

Professional makeup artists identify four coloring techniques:

  • Monochrome hatching, which perfectly suits fair-haired girls.
  • Two-color hatching to delineate clear forms and hide the hanging age. To achieve the goal you need to shade with a light tone the entire width of the eyebrow, and add the bottom edge with a dark color.
  • To create an ombre effect, you need to put a light tone on the base of the eyebrow, and dark to complete the design of the tail.
  • Partial filling involves drawing hairs in places of empty gaps.

According to other characteristics, one can name three brow design techniques: graphic, natural and mixed. Graphic involves drawing clear lines so that they become a bright accent. Natural application of shadows means darkening of the space between the hairs in the shape of your own eyebrow. Mixed technique is performed with the help of shadows, a pencil and a special gel.

Tip! It is better not to use eye shadow for eyebrows. Brown shades have a reddish pigment, as opposed to specially designed ashy shades.

Correction Rules

During the correction of eyebrows, do not try to completely change the outline. You can pull out too much excess hair, which will lead to disastrous consequences.

  • Moderation and naturalness - the main allies of the perfect makeup.
  • To eyebrows turned out perfect, you need to take into account the features of the face.
    Small eyes and narrow lips should not be emphasized too broad line. It will attract attention to itself and erase the correct proportions.
    Large facial features should be smoothed with thick traced lines of elongated shape.
  • To rejuvenate the face, you can shorten the tips and slightly lift them to the edge of the ears up.

How to paint eyebrows: photo step by step

  • Holders of a round face is better to choose the shape of the arc with a break. The tips need to straighten and lengthen.
  • You can smooth the sharp corners of the chin and shorten the oval with the help of straight cropped hairs. The form does not suit girls with a square face type.
  • The tips of the eyebrows, which descend from the bottom of the century, give the image sadness and longing. Therefore, it is better to avoid this form. If it is given by nature, remove excess hair and lift the shadows yourself.

To get the perfect makeup, the main thing is to choose the right shadow. This season is a fashionable contrast. It is not necessary that the color of the eyebrows is in harmony with the hair. However, there are recommendations for combining shadows with hair on the head.

Burning brunettes fit resin shade. But stylists recommend them to lighten them with hydrogen peroxide. You can also use a special cream or herbal decoction. And after the procedure, adjust the color with shadows or a pencil.

Blondes need to darken the arc. Bright eyebrows merge with the face and lose their charm. Therefore, it is recommended to tint the hairs.

Red-haired beasts need a reddish tint. Great mahogany, terracotta or copper. Eggplant pigment is in harmony with blue-black curls.

Eyebrows before and after correction

For women whose eyebrows are gray, the shadows are perfect. They fill the space between the hairs and dye them in natural shades.

Tip! After eyebrow treatment with shadows, it is recommended to treat them with gel or wax, so that they are not sprinkled.

How to shape dark brows with shadows

Brunettes are lucky more than blondes because of the bright color of their eyebrows. They do not need to tint, because the natural tone is clearly visible, and it emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. However, no one has canceled the arc correction.

2019 is characterized by respect for naturalness. Therefore, to meet the arc-arch is almost impossible. Today, makeup artists depict the most natural shape and color. In the trend always remains neat eyebrows.

To change the color and shape of your own eyebrows, you must first remove excess hair. Black arc can only be corrected, causing the desired shade in the free intervals.

How to dye dark eyebrows

Brovki before and after painting

Owners of dark eyebrows should choose black shadows. They are as close as possible to the natural color and do not stand out from the overall picture. If your eyebrows are black as tar, you can lighten them with a few tones.

Tip! To visually give volume to rare eyebrows, before processing with shadows, draw hairs with a sharpened pencil.

Step-by-step eyebrow shading instructions

You can achieve the desired color with a variety of shades by mixing several shades of a gray-brown palette of shadows. To perfectly draw the form you need to follow the instructions:

  • Comb the hairs against the growth line to expose the skin.
  • On the beveled brush, scoop up matte eyeshadow of a preselected color.
  • As close as possible to the skin, you need to walk along the arc line with a brush with blotting movements.
  • Comb the hair back along the growth line.
  • Draw neat strokes with short strokes from the beginning of the eyebrow to the tip. Brighter of all you need to paint the main part. The tip should be paler by 1-2 tones.
  • Apply fixing wax on the brush and process the already painted eyebrow on top to fix the makeup.

Step-by-step photo instructions for painting eyebrows with shadows

Makeup artists recommend to apply eyebrows with moisturizing and foundation creams before applying shadows. Then the cosmetics will last longer and will not have a detrimental effect on sensitive thin skin.

To perform eyebrow makeup using the ombra technique, you must first apply light shadows, and then shade them dark.

Tip! In order not to wipe makeup prematurely, it is better to choose solid shadows. They do not crumble and hold on for a long time.

Reviews of girls

Listening to the professional advice of make-up artists is necessary to create the perfect image. However, the opinion of real girls who tint eyebrows in everyday life is priceless. Thanks to the experience of other fashionistas, you can avoid many mistakes in choosing the shadows or creating the perfect shape.

Irina, 45 years old: "I tint my bright eyebrows in the ombre technique. It turns out well. To create an effect, I use the shadows of Letual. I am pleasantly pleased with the quality, price and suggested shades that you can experiment with."

Olga, 20 years old: "I do not like to paint eyes. It seems to me that it is very difficult and takes too much time. However, I agree that clearly defined eyebrows make it possible to refuse eye makeup. I choose Essence shadows. They are persistent and do not crumble."

Lyudmila, 31 years old: "Earlier I did tattoo eyebrow, until one day I realized that it looks too artificial. Therefore, I decided to switch to shading with shadows. I am very pleased with the decision, as I like the effect. I am skeptical now about the tattoo."

To get the perfect makeup, the main thing is to choose the correct shadow.

Alexandra Nikolaevna, 47 years old: "When contrast eyebrows came into fashion, I immediately began going to the salon for painting. However, this is an expensive procedure and after the onset of the crisis I cannot afford it regularly. Therefore, I decided to try painting the hairs myself. I chose this shade. To get the perfect shade, I mix several tones. By the way, I advise you to get a gel. It will help fix the result and the edge will be in perfect sutra state until the evening. "

Maria, 25 years old: "I always use eye shadows for painting eyebrows. I tried several offers from cosmetic companies, but I stopped on Pupa products. I am glad with the durability, the uniformity of application and the shades suit me perfectly."

Alina, 24 years: "I bought myself a special set for eyebrows. A pencil and three forms come in there. I painted the form several times. Then I went back to the old, proven method of applying shadows. The pencil is just very noticeable, so the face looks comical. And I don’t have many years to giving up naturalness. Shadows are the best solution for creating a natural, feminine image. "

Tip! From sticking hairs on the eyebrows will help get rid of a special gel. It captures the shape and adds an attractive sheen.