Korolev without makeup did not like the fans

Spouse star posted a bold photo of the singer.

Natalia Koroleva is usually very sensitive about her own appearance. In her "Instagram" you can often find pictures in which makeup artists worked on her image. Paparazzi sometimes catch a singer on the street without make-up, and such photographs are very different from those published by the celebrity herself.

This time, Korolev's husband, Sergey Glushko, acted as a reporter. He posted in his account a common picture with his wife and friend, taken on vacation. Natalia is captured in a summer dress, with earrings in the form of exotic birds and without a gram of makeup.

Subscribers in the comments did not appreciate the act of Tarzan, noting that by doing so he framed his wife - the haters came down with harsh criticism of the singer's appearance. After a while, Sergei was forced to close the comments on the post.