Aleksey Buldakov's testament announced

The main heir of the actor was his widow, an illegitimate son - was left with nothing.

The death of actor Alexei Buldakov turned out to be sudden - the star made many plans for the future. 40 days after the death of one of the TV channels, the star’s widow voiced his will. There were no surprises for her in the document - Buldakov long ago officially formalized her with his only heir. Lyudmila Andreevna got an apartment, a dacha and a car.

It is curious that the illegitimate son of a celebrity - Ivan, who lives in Malta, did not inherit anything, although he communicated quite warmly with his father.

According to the artist's widow, she is thinking about rewriting a Moscow apartment to a young man, but she is afraid that in this case she will remain without a registration in the capital.