Miostimulyator ESMA Mikrotok - we remove the hanging eyelids, wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes


Sometimes, trying to estimate how old a pretty girl is, for some reason we cannot confidently say "yes, she is still quite young." The look seems to cling to some kind of roughness, some kind of discrepancy. It seems to be slim, toned, with smooth skin and good complexion ... Only a clear look is missing - a sign of that all-winning one hundred percent youth that poets admire when they believe that "the best, of course, is ahead." Over time, fatigue appears in the eye, wrinkles are visible, hanging eyelids, drooping corners of the eyes. Someone goes to painful and not always self-justifying injections. Someone is trying to solve the problem radically, with surgical intervention, for example, blepharoplasty or even a circular facelift, which has contraindications in the medical aspect, not to mention financial. Some try to just look less at themselves in the mirror. This is also a way out, but modern science can offer a much more rational, truly effective and at the same time painless way to preserve youth and beauty of sight - professional ESMA miostimulants, developed by the only Russian manufacturer to date.

How it all began

Many developments in our country originate in the now distant USSR, and their original goal was not to preserve feminine beauty. Established in 1987, the ESMA (electronic stimulator of muscular activity) research and production laboratory was engaged in designing devices to combat hypodynamia under the conditions of service in submarines. The efficiency of the devices created, proven in practice, allowed the laboratory in the 90s of the last century not only not to repeat the fate of numerous collapsed research institutes, but also to successfully undergo reorganization, becoming one of the leading centers of hardware cosmetology in the country.

Over 25 years of its activity, the company has expanded its field of research by offering today:

  • cosmetology equipment;
  • EMS fitness equipment, both stationary and portable;
  • medical equipment;
  • related hardware cosmetics;
  • accessories.

The factors of high reliability and affordability of the center's cosmetology equipment played a decisive role in the company's entry into the international market, especially given the precarious exchange rate of the ruble and the ability to make a profitable purchase in foreign currency.

Salon procedure vs home care

Usually, when it comes to myostimulation, the salon procedure immediately comes to mind. Indeed, until recently such professional equipment as ESMA products could only be seen in medical centers and specialized beauty salons. The associative chain that was built up with those with other people was also familiar - definitely expensive, you need to go somewhere and where to take time. ESMA devices that can be used independently at home by those who do not have a special education, and even for such a delicate procedure, as face myostimulation is a significant step forward.

The advantages of such equipment at home are obvious:

  • economic feasibility subject to systematic operation;
  • individual use at a convenient time and place;
  • application for all family members;
  • opportunity to use when organizing your own business.

Microcurrent vs micromorching

Laughter and tears, surprise and disappointment, fatigue and the flirtatious habit of squinting - how quickly all this puts a fine mesh of wrinkles on the face. The tendency to edema and the inability to give up salty for the night, another lack of sleep, no matter for a pleasant or unpleasant reason - and in the morning only a very very cheerful woman can giggle, looking at herself in the mirror. The majority would prefer not to look there at all, hoping that tomorrow would be better. Or the day after tomorrow.

ESMA specialists suggest not to wait for better times, but to start using the ESMA Microcurrent Therapy Device with Microcurrent as soon as possible with the emerging problems. Currently, two models have been developed that allow such procedures as:

  • interference dermolifting (superposition of two currents with different frequency);
  • miolifting;
  • myostimulation;
  • peeling;
  • phonophoresis;
  • massage.

An additional advantage of the device is the effect of the familiar physiotherapy electrophoresis procedure, which allows it to be used on certain parts of the body.

Taking into account the individual preferences of users, ESMA experts suggest using samples (moving electrodes), microcurrent gloves, conductive mask, 8 electrodes in the process of work.

An important design feature of the model ESMA 12 02P Microcurrent Peeling is that the device can be used by two users at once - provided that different modes are chosen.

The advantages of the device include its compactness, which is especially convenient for private cosmetic cosmetologists. The total weight within 2-3 kg makes it easy to visit a remote client.

25 minutes of rest 3 times a week

Women who have decided to experience at home how the ESMA Micro-Current Miostimulator works are noted first with surprise and then with joy:

  • the absence of painful sensations and, consequently, the opportunity to relax:
  • pleasant warmth and easy tickling;
  • freshened up after the first procedure;
  • tight oval face;
  • reduction of fine wrinkles, especially in the eye area;
  • reducing the severity of large wrinkles on the forehead;
  • obvious reduction of edema and the effect of eyelids.

A stable result appears after about 5-6 sessions, but it is worth noting that the course includes 10-15 procedures, and even if you think that you already look great, you should do them all. After completing the course, you can use the device 1 time per month as maintenance therapy or complete a full course in 2-3 months.

Of interest is also the opportunity to carry out the massage in conducting gloves, both to oneself and, let us say, with the help of a friend or daughter.

The usual recommendation before purchasing the ESMA Microcurrent Miostimulator is to consult a specialist for individual contraindications.

Clear, affordable, reliable

Often the difficulty in the use of imported devices is exactly what they are foreign. If the instruction is also not translated correctly, then the operation of the device becomes not only difficult, but also dangerous. ESMA specialists develop their equipment, first of all, for the Russian audience, which is not at all a secret, it does not always read the instructions right away, that is why:

  • device interface is intuitive;
  • the instruction is written in an intelligible language;
  • the training video course is included in the package;
  • on the website of the center video reviews are available;
  • The company's specialists provide technical support via telephone, skype and feedback.

The price of ESMA devices is comparable to the cost of carrying out one full course of myostimulation in the cabin, which emphasizes the expediency of purchasing it for the house, considering that this can be done in installments, especially since interest payments to the bank are made by the manufacturer itself.

Video: options for using ESMA Microcurrent

Tightened facial contours, fresh look, clear look - ESMA Mikrotok bothering here. Are you ready to receive compliments?