30 fashionable lingerie style images: take note!


Dresses in lingerie style always look elegant, feminine and seductive, and a variety of models and styles ensures that such things will appeal to women of any age and with any figure. In addition, with such clothes you can create unique images, combining unusual colors, shapes and textures. In creating spectacular onion style bow it is important to take into account fashion trends and features of your own appearance.

What is the linen style

Underwear style (lingerie look) is considered to be one of the varieties of retro style. This concept first appeared in the 1990s thanks to the work of Jean-Paul Gautier. Clothes that look like underwear due to the appropriate cut and choice of fabrics belong to the linen style. This is an ambiguous fashion trend: on the one hand, such things look elegant and feminine, but, on the other hand, this kind of underwear often looks bold and sexy.

Clothing of this type was popular as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, but there was no corresponding concept - loose silk dresses were called "reign of lingerie".

The style became again relevant in the new millennium in 2016. He does not lose his popularity in 2018. Clothes of this direction can be worn for a holiday at the weekend, at an evening event or even in combination with a business suit. Its colors and design are quite diverse.

The styles, colors and prints of clothes in the linen style are diverse: despite the fact that there are more straight-cut things in light colors, you can also find unusual models in dark or bright colors.

The main features of the style are as follows:

  • Mostly used are flowing light or elastic fabrics: silk, chiffon, satin and lace, from which women's underwear is usually sewn.
  • Clothing most often opaque. If transparent fabric is used, then it is applied in several layers.
  • The direction is characterized by specific decoration of the elements of clothing: usually it is lace, ruffles, and satin stitch.
  • Tops, combination dresses, blouses, sundresses and skirts are made in the linen style. Pants are less common - such clothes are referred to as pajama style, and its design almost coincides with the design of dresses and tops: these are loose comfortable pants made of light fabrics.
  • In the traditional version, there are no lightning and various metal elements on things in the linen style, instead of them buttons and ties are used. Nevertheless, over time, this trend has been so significantly modified that you can meet and dress with a zipper, resembling underwear design.

30 stylish images in the photo for summer and autumn

Underwear style is very diverse. Moreover, the free light things are perfectly combined with other clothes. A silk T-shirt or lace dress will be useful in any wardrobe - such a thing is perfect as a base for a romantic, brutal or elegant look, and can also become a highlight in a monotonous bow. There are so many possible combinations that everyone can choose a stylish image to their liking.

Casual urban fashion is very distinctive: it often combines sports and feminine things, which allows you to create bright and unusual images. A simple printed jersey t-shirt is a versatile item that will be useful even for those who like elegant solutions. For example, with an ordinary T-shirt you can successfully combine skirts and dresses.

If you want interesting solutions, you can wear a free dress with ruffles over a sports t-shirt.

Pajama style is characterized by simplicity and convenience, but such things often also have an interesting cut and decor: lace, embroidery, bows and intersecting straps - all this will make your bow very elegant. For the summer, the top and silk trousers can be perfectly combined with a light translucent cardigan.

Such clothes would be the best for a summer beach holiday: loose blonde pants, a cropped top and a light cardigan will create a stylish and informal resort bow.

If you like to wear comfortable jeans, but want to look as feminine as possible, an ordinary silk T-shirt decorated with lace will help you with this. With her, even the most simple jeans will not look like a boy.

A simple silk T-shirt with lace will perfectly complement even jeans - with her the image will become feminine and romantic

With this type of clothing you can create interesting bows not only for summer, but also for autumn. For example, almost any style of dress will be perfectly combined with a coat or a cloak of thick fabric. Due to the difference of materials, the image will look really unexpected.

Light silk dress is perfect even for autumn: you can combine it with raincoats and coats, because such images will always be interesting due to the difference in textures

Leather things also look great with dresses. For evening bows, plain leather jackets, coats and cardigans should be considered.

An elegant leather cardigan will create an elegant and strong look with a dress in a linen style.

Not always the bow with a dress in a linen style will look defiant. For example, it is possible to combine shortened models of dresses with a long free jumper. This will create a sexy and at the same time conservative image. Especially aristocratic such a pair looks in black colors.

In cool weather, you can wear a plain sweater to match a light dress - such a simple bow will always look elegant and will allow even a defiant dress with lace to look quite casual.

Colorful clothes with a simple design in a linen style will perfectly fit into any everyday set.

Colored models in lingerie style without lace look almost like casual clothes: they are only cut and material. In combination with a leather jacket and ankle boots, you will get an exquisite city bow

Treads and a lace dress with a massive sweater will suit those who want to look ektravagantno. If you want to make a special accent on the style, choose a bright silk dress with lace, and pick up the rest of the clothes in black.

For a seductive bow, wear a short lace dress, a massive sweater and boots

Long dresses can be worn unusually: for example, combining with simple skinny pants and heels. You can complement the bright bow with a wide leather belt at the waist. This combination will look both unexpected and elegant, it is suitable for those who want to create a feminine and elegant, but a little rebellious bow.

Connoisseurs of unusual decisions can wear a free dress over the pants

Often clothes in linen style goes well with knitwear.

T-shirt with a simple design can fit knit sports pants.

Knitted things make you feel comfortable in any situation, and also look very stylish and relevant. If you like oversized knitted cardigans with a wide-open neck, the top with lace trim will perfectly complement your casual look.

A massive, large-knit cardigan unbuttoned perfectly emphasizes the shirt with a candid design.

Despite the fact that often clothes in lingerie style are chosen in black color or prefer bright bold shades, it looks great in pastel colors - such sets are suitable for creating delicate bow in a romantic style.

If you want to emphasize the linen style, choose pastel colors for your image.

Short skirts made of wool, denim or leather are perfect for a light top.

Clothes in lingerie style looks interesting with a bright leather skirt

If you like to dress stylishly and attractively, choose tops with a plunging neckline and combine them with skinny pants. So you will create an elegant silhouette, you can emphasize your figure and focus on the top. To complete the fashionable look, take a clutch bag and put on sandals with heels - this is an excellent kit for going to a club or a restaurant.

For a bold and daring look, a shirt with lace can be worn under leather skinny pants and heels.

Colored clothes in a linen style look more informal. Often, different elements of such clothing combine with each other.

Colorful clothes in linen style can be great for summer

Comfortable shoes are important in a big city if you choose a casual look. Now even elegant dresses and business suits successfully combine with sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons and loafers. Fine things are no exception.

If you value convenience, you can combine loose dresses with tonal slip-ons - this is how you get a concise and modern look.

Lovers of business style, too, will be able to find an application to the top of silk and lace. Such a thing will perfectly complement a strict suit.

Silk T-shirt, decorated with contrasting lace, can perfectly fit even in a business style, if the rest of your clothes are discreet.

A hat is a stylish accessory that fits with many images. Including she will look very elegant with dresses in lingerie style.

Silk cropped dress with lace looks great with a lightweight knitted cardigan and hat

Often, short lingerie-style tops can look very extravagant. However, if you choose a simple black model and combine it with casual clothes, you will get a completely harmonious bow.

Pajama top cropped top looks great with loose pants and a bolero.

If you appreciate everything unusual, choose clothing with embroidery or floral prints. Such things will become a bright accent in any everyday look.

Dresses in a linen style with a print can look very unusual: combine them with simple dark or light clothing.

You can wear a free top over a shirt instead of a vest - it will look bold and elegant.

A loose top can be worn on top in a business-like shirt for onions

Models of dresses in lingerie style are perfectly combined with elegant feminine clothes and shoes with heels.

For an elegant bow, choose a light golden dress, bright shoes and a floral coat.

Denim clothes fit almost everything. Light silk shirts are no exception. For a simple but sexy look, you can choose short denim shorts for the summer. So you will look stylish and unusual.

In summer, a colored top with lace will look great with any denim shorts.

Lingerie pants with a print - this is almost a universal thing. Chiffon blouses and all kinds of knitwear are best suited for them.

Under light trousers with a print in a linen style, you can wear any casual dress: shirt, vest or jumper

Military style was loved by many thanks to its convenience and versatility. If you like to play on contrasts, a khaki-colored cock will suit a pink silk dress.

With a gentle elegant dress it will be interesting to look windbreaker in military style

Lightweight cardigans with lace and embroidery look very stylish and unusual. With such models, even the simplest set of clothes will sparkle with new colors.

Lingerie-style cardigans are rare, but can be an excellent option for a cool summer: you can wear such a thing with ordinary jeans.

Often, modern dresses imitating linen are worn even for evening events. If you are not afraid to look extravagant, you can combine such models with fur.

In the evening under the silk dress can come a bright fur coat made of faux fur.

A simple shirt over a silk tank will create a fresh, youthful look.

You can wear a simple light-colored unbuttoned shirt over the top.

White silk tops with a simple design are often combined with bright clothes - it will look especially good in summer.

Light-colored lingerie top, a short cardigan and matching shorts make up a nice casual bow in combination with heels.

Sometimes you do not need to overload the image with unnecessary details. If you appreciate minimalism, a free dress with straight cut is perfect for you. The main thing is to take care of the accessories. Fancy shoes and a miniature scarf complete your look.

A simple black dress in linen style can be quite self-sufficient: only complement it with interesting accessories.

Clothes in a linen style can be worn both in summer and in autumn - it looks equally organic with shorts and coats. Thanks to successful combinations, you can create a strict, bold or even a sporty image - it all depends on your desire. Such things can become irreplaceable basic elements of your wardrobe.