Hair cut fox tail


Fox Tail is a simple and stylish solution that fits into any style. The haircut is chosen by women at any age, and the huge amount of hairstyles that can be made of such hair will allow you to diversify your image every day. Consider all possible modifications of the foxtail for different types and lengths of strands.

What is a foxtail haircut

It is a strand cut from behind by a triangle: on long hair, such a design really resembles a fox's tail. This model appeared in the late 1990s, but it remains relevant now: the haircut looks so simple and immaculately that it managed to become a kind of classic. It is important that the foxtail is a practically universal haircut that fits many types of face and hair.. Since its inception, the model has not changed much, although there have been some variations.

It looks like a haircut: behind the strands of hair the longest, and in the direction of the sides become shorter

The foxtail shows hair back in all its glory: it is important that they are always well-groomed, strong and shiny. Damaged strands are easier to hide with graduated haircuts, and long, even strands require perfect hair condition. The rest of the fox tail looks luxurious on almost any woman. Enjoy the beauty of this front haircut.

Hair can be left behind or laid on one side

Haircut fox tail perfectly vygdyadit from all angles. It also looks good on the side.

Shorn short strands on the sides perfectly make out the face and shoulders.

To whom it is suitable

Haircut looks quite neutral, and it is chosen by very different women. However, for some types of appearance haircut is particularly suitable. For example, most often it is customary to do this haircut just for long hair - strands with a length below the shoulders look best in this version. In turn, on very short hair, the foxtail is more problematic to make, and it will look less impressive.

Haircut emphasizes all the benefits of beautiful long strands.

The foxtail is suitable for women with slightly wavy hair. Soft Hollywood curls in such a haircut can be easily laid, but the non-lamellar spiral curls can bristle on the sides, so other haircuts are chosen for them, usually on the basis of a cascade with a rich graduation along the entire length. If your curls curl only slightly and easily give way to all sorts of styling, fox tail can be a great solution for you. For example, you can leave your hair straight along the main length, but make curls at the ends.

This is a great option for everyday styling: curled to the ends of the strands in this haircut look feminine and seductive

If you need a more catchy option, curl your hair along the entire length with soft waves. With the help of styling tools you can give them a volume at the roots and make an elegant hairstyle that fits any special occasion.

For special occasions, you can create a luxuriant styling with soft waves with a volume at the roots.

On straight hair fox tail, of course, looks great. The main thing that such hair was well-groomed. Not too much will be easy styling, giving the strands shine and shine.

Healthy straight hair in such a haircut looks perfect and perfectly fit into any of your image

Fox tail is suitable for soft and docile, as well as healthy hair. If you have tight small curls or split strands spoiled by hot styling or lightening, it is better to choose another option. If your strands are smooth, they look beautiful and natural, a fox's tail will suit you. In addition, this haircut looks great on any hair color, and, in particular, goes well with such fashionable types of coloring as ombre, sombre, balustrade shatush.

Soft colors that are characteristic of modern coloring look especially good with a similar haircut on long hair: smooth strands with a slight variation of length demonstrate all the advantages of natural colors.

Often, under the foxtail haircut, choose bright and extreme types of coloring. If, in combination with creative haircuts, a bright color often looks too youthful, with such a classic model as a fox tail, even your image with unnatural bright colors will be feminine and elegant.

If you are looking for bold solutions, you can combine a simple haircut with extraordinary coloring

When choosing a haircut should also consider the type of your face. For example, if you have an elongated face, this option can make it even longer visually, and this will not always emphasize your beauty. Often, the hairstyle, on the contrary, is chosen by the owners of a round face type in order to make the appearance more harmonious.

The long strands of the fox's tail, framing the face, allow you to highlight the cheekbones and hide the cheeks

Girls with a triangular face and often choose this haircut, which perfectly emphasizes the features of their type of appearance.

Flowing long hair allows you to visually make the contours of the face softer

Performance technology in the cabin

First of all, it should be noted that there are two main variations of foxtail haircuts. The first, the most traditional version, involves a cascade at the very ends: you just make a cut in the shape of a triangle.

The classic version of a foxtail is usually chosen by women with perfectly smooth, straight hair.

More popular now is the fox tail with a light graduation. This means that strands of different lengths are trimmed closer to the tip: this is a layered haircut that is most suitable for women with wavy hair, although it will also look good on straight ones.

Cutting in several layers adds volume and highlights the tips of curled locks.

At first glance, the foxtail looks like a very simple haircut. This is true, however, precisely because of this simplicity of form, any flaws of the master will be obvious. Despite the apparent ease, perform this haircut alone at home is not recommended. It is important that the strands lay perfectly symmetrical: on both sides of the cut should go at the same angle, and without experience with scissors to achieve this effect can be difficult. It is on such a concise haircut that particular strands will stand out that will not fit into the overall shape, so the execution should be perfect.

Haircut done on wet hair. Begin with strands on the face, the shortest, and then consistently cut backwards, making the strands longer. Thus, a triangle is obtained. If a graded version is made, the hair is divided into three layers, fixed with hairpins on the head and sheared consistently. Usually this haircut takes little time. At will, you can combine a fox's tail with long or short bangs, as well as make a filigree.

Haircut Fox Tail on video

Long hair ideas

Mostly the fox's tail is made on long strands - it looks the best. In addition, this haircut opens up many opportunities for styling, hairstyles and unusual coloring. Consider all the possible options and appreciate the advantages of the foxtail on long hair.

The tips of the hair in the foxtail can be laid on curlers or curling irons. Such a styling will look very playful and seductive. Luxurious long hair with curled tips will be able to diversify even the most strict image. With simple and elegant styling, you will amaze those around you with natural beauty.

Laying the fox tail with light curls can look attractive and natural.

If you do not want to spend time and effort on styling, the hair in this haircut will still look great.

The foxtail looks great on straight hair without any styling: the main thing is to choose high-quality care products that will always keep your hair in excellent condition

For a change, you can easily lay the curls on a round brush - soft large curls will only fix with foam or mousse.

Making soft and volumetric waves on the fox tail can be very easy, and the image will change dramatically

Fox tail of long hair will not only make all kinds of styling, but also stylish hair. You should not be limited to ordinary tails or bunches: from the strands you can make hairstyles based on malvinki or options in the Greek style. Braids, tails and bundles will look great during the day, and more interesting and time-consuming options will decorate your image in the evening.

You can make the most complex and unusual hairstyles for any solemn event out of long hair.

As for the different dyeing techniques, on a foxtail haircut, long modern hair looks perfect with popular modern dyeing options that imply a transition of colors. In particular, it is especially good if, with the help of a lighter color, you highlight the tips of your hair, because the haircut emphasizes them. Thus, ombre and sombre, implying the application of paint from the bottom, are ideal options for fox tail. However, take care of proper care after lightening - it is very important that the hair looks strong and shiny in this haircut.

A sombre in light shades will perfectly complement the fox's tail: such coloring will come to an additional volume to the strands and emphasize the shape of the haircut

Ideas for medium length hair

Many women who have not had time to grow long strands, also want to try foxtail haircut. Triangle-cut hair looks good on medium length. Wearing a haircut can also be very different. For example, laying your tips on a round brush can look very good - this is a stylish everyday option that does not take much of your time.

It looks very good styling with curled ends inside: this option refers to the retro style, but in combination with modern clothing will look important

If you have well-groomed hair, on average length this haircut will be as universal as on long strands. It can be worn almost completely without styling.

Hair without any styling in a foxtail on medium length also looks stylish

The choice of hairstyles for medium hair is less great, but still you can make some interesting choices out of hair with a haircut of a fox-tail: be reserved with invisible hair to fix and experiment in front of a mirror.

A wreath of hair is an elegant and feminine solution for every day and for a solemn occasion.

If you are looking for an original method of coloring, it is worth considering a balaguette or shatush. All these are variations of highlighting, but they imply softer transitions from one color to another. Thanks to this coloring you will look natural, and the strands will look as if they were burnt out in the sun. In addition, due to the fact that only small strands are exposed to clarification, this variant of dyeing minimally injures the hair.

For the foxtail on the average length, a subdued highlighting is suitable.

On short hair, fox tail trimming is almost impossible to do. Technically, it is possible to cut short hair in the form of a triangle at the back, but this is not done according to the foxtail scheme, since such strands will not give a harmonious shape. On the contrary, it is customary to do short haircuts with strands shortened from behind, so that they beautifully emphasize the length of the neck and the shape of the head. As for the foxtail, this haircut is only successful on long and short hair.

With or without bangs

Many successfully combine fox tail with all kinds of bangs. Usually this option is chosen by girls with a high forehead, elongated face and straight hair. Any bangs can organically fit into the fox tail, and these haircuts will look very original. For example, now deliberately sloppy milled bangs that will look good with long hair are in fashion.

Straight elongated torn bangs emphasize the naturalness of the image, make it even more fresh and playful.

Long bangs can also be combined with a fox tail. She is more versatile: try this option is recommended and slightly curly, and straight-haired girls. Also, depending on the styling, it is suitable for both the elongated and round face type: the strands can either be fixed at the back or on the side.

Long oblique bangs very organically fit into the haircut and gives extra volume

Straight bangs are also relevant now, but they are not suitable for everyone in combination with a foxtail: it is better to choose women with an oval type of face, and the hair should not be twisted at all so that the strands do not make up. Under these conditions, the combination of cutting a fox tail with a bang can look very impressive.

Smooth straight bangs will suit you if you have perfectly smooth straight hair

Haircut looks great without a bang: its absence greatly simplifies styling, and also opens the face and allows you to demonstrate the natural beauty.

If you want to emphasize the features of your face, choose the option without bangs

Curly or straight

Owners of small curls in the African style haircut is hardly suitable: to such demanding hair lay well, we need strands of different lengths over the entire surface. Owners of the same straight hair, waves and soft curls fox tail haircut is equally well suited. If your hair tends to curl slightly, you can leave the foxtail trimmed at all, or you can do styling with a brush or curling iron.

Soft laid waves look great, give haircut splendor and demonstrate the strength and beauty of the strands

It will be interesting to look at larger curls with the effect of deliberate negligence: you can achieve this effect with a diffuser.

Soft Hollywood curls look gorgeous with this haircut.

If you naturally have straight hair, they can look great in a foxtail. The main thing - the right care to make your hair look healthy. Smoothing styling can be superfluous, adding shine and shine.

Straight hair always looks great and does not require much effort when styling.

Will adult women fit

At an older age for 40 and 50 years, women are increasingly choosing short haircuts: they allow you to look younger, and also require less care and are easier to dye. However, those who want to look glamorous can not refuse long hair, even with age. Fox tail is a versatile haircut that suits everyone. The main thing is to take care of such hair, so that they are always in excellent condition. In addition, on the average length of care does not require much effort.

A foxtail on medium-length blonde hair, laid in light waves, will give you a feeling of youth and a fresh appearance.

Glamor lovers may prefer this haircut and hair longer than shoulders. Image makers recommend to consider various options with bangs: bang itself looks bold and playful, which will allow you to look younger. In addition, with age, the condition of the skin is no longer as perfect as at a young age, so short strands that make up the face are especially needed ...

You can choose a fox tail with oblique bangs: it will help to beautifully emphasize the contours of the face and hide age changes

Fox tail is a simple and beautiful haircut that suits almost everyone: the main thing is to choose the right length, modification and styling. Due to the simplicity of hair styling in this way, you can change your appearance every day, inventing new and new styling. However, we must not forget that such simple haircuts are very demanding on the condition of the hair: if you have damaged strands, it will be obvious, so you need careful care.