Haircut debut: the best ideas on the photo


Haircut debut is a stylish and interesting option. It will harmoniously look on straight strands, and on soft curls, on hair of medium length or even on long hair. There are a lot of options, so everyone can find interesting ideas for themselves.

What is a haircut debut

Debut - a multi-level haircut, in which the strands in front are trimmed in an arc and frame the face. This is a convenient option that allows hair to look good with both styling and without. This is due to the fact that each strand stands out during shearing, which allows you to create additional volume and beautiful shape. Qualitatively arrange the hair in this way can only a good master. Despite the fact that few people know the name of this haircut, it is quite popular. In this case, it is chosen by women of any age and with any type of hair.

This haircut became especially popular in the 90s. She was worn on straight hair, highlighting the individual strands of lacquer, making hair and flute. However, with modern styling options, this haircut does not look old-fashioned and is found very often in many different variations. Now there is a natural beauty in the trend, and women of fashion will certainly appreciate the advantages of the debut - it looks great, does not require care and complicated styling.

Swift debut looks simple and modern, allowing you to highlight the face and cheekbones

What is different from the cascade, aurora, ladder and other analogues

All multi-layered haircuts have common features, so many confuse them. The basic haircuts of this kind are debut, cascade, whim, aurora, rhapsody and ladder. The difference of the debut is that the area around the face is framed in the form of an arc, which allows you to create the perfect oval, and the thinning of individual strands creates volume at the back, making the hair look alive, strong and beautiful. More about similar haircuts:

  • cascade,
  • caprice,
  • Aurora,
  • rhapsody,
  • short, medium and long hair.
In the cascade, the volume is distributed more harmoniously.

The cascade, for example, does not imply framing the face in this way, and the volume in it is distributed more evenly: both at the back and sides. Rhapsody is like a debut, but the strands in front are not cut in a circle; they frame the face differently. In the ladder there is no study of each particular strand - the hair falls down in a single array. Haircut whim usually implies a straight or slanting bang, which smoothly fits into the hairstyle. Haircut Aurora, which is also called Italian, is done with less deep thinning, because of which the hair does not lie separate feathers, but layers on two levels.

Who will debut

This haircut is considered to be quite universal: strands of an arc cut in an arc help to correct its shape. Nevertheless, it is believed that most of this haircut is the owners of the triangular face. However, a good master will be able to adjust the length of the strands so as to beautify both a round and an elongated face. Such a haircut perfectly emphasizes the cheekbones and outlines a clear facial contour: thanks to this, the debut allows teenage girls to look older, and in adult women hides age-related changes.

Lush volume and neat face framing allow you to create a strong and original image.

As for the type of hair, the debut is best done on straight, wavy hair or hair with soft curls. If you have small curls, going in a spiral, maybe the haircut will be too voluminous for you, and short strands can bristle up - if you want to try the debut, you should make it on long hair. Haircut options for straight and wavy hair are different. On straight lines, it is created by thinning scissors to make the outlines of each strand stand out. On the wavy, the thinning of the thinning is done with ordinary scissors, which allows you to correctly form the gradually tapering tips.

Scheme and technology of execution in the cabin

This haircut is complicated, so it's best to have it done by professionals. On clean hair, dried with a towel, they make two partings: vertical in the middle and horizontal, going from one ear to the other. Next, make a haircut on the following technology:

  1. They take a strand up to 2 cm wide from the forehead, stretch it, twist it into a bundle and cut it in one motion.
  2. By analogy with this strand, others also cut off, moving upwards along the crown to the parietal region.
  3. To level all strands on the level of the first, they are scratched forward.
  4. Then they cut the hair on both sides with small strands, pulling it off at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. On the back of the head take a wide strand parallel to the horizontal parting, and cut it in the same way. The entire occipital part is cut in the same length by analogy with this strand.
  6. Then do the filing and make out the front strands in the form of an arc.

Each master does the work in his own way: he can slightly change the sequence of actions or even vary the shape depending on the individual characteristics of the face and hair. In general, the standard scheme is as follows.

Sequential processing of each strand allows to achieve the effect of maximum volume.

Doing your haircut yourself is only worth it if you have already had experience in hairdressing. For clarity, you can see the video in which the work is performed by the master.

Video tutorial for beginners

Short hair ideas

Women's haircut looks great on short strands. For a triangular face, it is especially good, because it allows you to clearly outline the contours, but at the same time it looks completely natural.

On straight hair, the debut with oblique bangs looks good: so you will look stylish and elegant

Haircut is quite versatile: you can leave your hair almost without styling, comb them in shape and dry or try interesting styling options. Debut will allow you to constantly experiment with hair, even short length.

Hair can be interestingly laid in the direction from the face to create a playful original image.

If your hair is naturally slightly curled by nature, it will perfectly lie in this voluminous multilevel stitch. With the help of styling tools, you can select individual strands and make an arc around the face.

Slightly curly hair is easy to style.

Haircut looks great with fashionable coloring - in particular, it is highlighting, shatush, balayazh and brondirovanie - all these options somehow allow you to select individual strands and further emphasize the shape of the haircut on short hair.

On straight hair, the debut looks great with highlighting or shatusha - these dyeing options allow you to even visually separate the strands.

Short haircuts with bangs always help you look younger than your age. Debut is no exception.

The variant with straight milled bangs looks bright and youth

At the shortest possible length, the debut also looks good and makes the face visually slimmer.

Variations of a hairstyle will suit even full women - a special framing of the face and additional volume on top will make you visually slimmer

Photo ideas for hair of medium length

Most women prefer the average length: they are easy to care for, and they always look feminine. For a haircut debut at medium length can also consider a lot of interesting ideas. Since this is a voluminous haircut, it is worth highlighting especially the raised strands at the roots - with the help of styling or with the help of coloring.

The debut will look great on blond hair with dark roots, as well as in combination with fashionable ombra and sombre

Haircut is perfect for owners of dark and red hair. Individual trimmed strands, if they are emphasized with styling, can fit into a rebellious youth bow.

Smoothing styling, on the contrary, will help make the hair more restrained and classic. The main thing is not to overdo it with styling products - it is important that the strands are light and voluminous, this is what will make the hair beautiful and attractive.

Wavy hair makes haircut especially lush

Light curls can also be laid on the hair with this haircut. It is important that they are not too small and tough. Also it is necessary to pay special attention to the strands of the face - they must lie flat.

Curly curls will look good if you pull strands near the face

Long hair ideas

Owners of long hair, too, will suit a similar haircut. Its advantage is that it is multi-layered: you can wear loose hair or pick up the lower strands in a bun or tail: the upper tier of the hair will look good in and of itself thanks to a neat face line.

For a structured graphic image, it is worthwhile to isolate the strands with styling tools - it is better to avoid varnish so that the hair does not stick together.

On straight hair is to allocate with the help of styling all the top strands

Even without styling the debut will look great on straight or wavy healthy hair.

Haircut looks great even almost without styling

With or without bangs

Bangs, of course, radically changes the image. She goes to girls with a large face and high forehead. In addition, the fringe allows you to look visually younger. A haircut can vary considerably: it is made without bangs, and with oblique or straight bangs, but filiration is sure to be present in all these options. Multiple strands make the appearance more natural.

Bangs may look very interesting, but mostly suitable for smooth straight hair.

Debut with long bangs can look very elegant on straight hair

If you are looking for original solutions, you should try to make oblique fringe.

Oblique bangs with deep thinning look bold and bold

The option without bangs is better suited for curly girls, as well as for owners of a miniature round face who want to visually stretch and emphasize it.

The option without bangs is suitable if you want to visually make the face more elongated

Curly or straight

The debut is equally well suited for all hair, except for tight small curls. You can experiment every day with different styling or not hair styling at all. If you want curls, soft waves or large Hollywood curls will do.

Large curls will make hair even more voluminous

Straight hair allows you to maximize your face, if you put them in the form of a haircut.

With straight smooth hair, haircut looks stylish and neat.

Will adult women fit

Debut is great for women of all ages. In particular, quite often this haircut is chosen by the fair sex after 40 and 50 years. The fact is that it allows you to emphasize the contours of the face and make them clearer, accentuating the cheekbones - it will make you visually younger. In addition, by themselves, the volume strands of different levels always look fresh and attractive. In order to look as young as possible, many women choose exactly styling with curls.

Volumetric haircut and styling with soft curls will allow you to look young and elegant

Haircut debut is a versatile option that will suit almost everyone. In addition, like most multi-level options, this haircut almost does not require styling. Depending on the features of your face, the master can correct the nuances and create a hairstyle that will maximally emphasize your individuality.