55 fashionable haircuts for fine hair: ideas-2018


Girls with hair lacking volume have a hard time. Their weak strands do not keep their shape, they are not friendly with styling products, quickly acquiring an untidy appearance under the effect of varnish and foam, they obey badly ... But you should not be upset! The lion's share of these problems can be solved just by choosing a good haircut for fine hair.

Where thin, there breaks

Girls of the Slavic or Scandinavian type with light skin and clear eyes often get thin hair, significantly losing the head of hair of southern beauties in density and strength. They are more exposed to the sun and cold air, because of which they begin to split and thin, further aggravating the problem. On weak locks, the styling and basal volume do not hold well, no matter how much varnish they fill. Thin curls are more confused, faster to become fat, look bad in the tail, braids and a dozen other daily hairstyles, which so help the modern girls.

But if you, like Michurin, are not going to wait for favors from nature and fall into despair without receiving them, the situation can be significantly improved by your own efforts. Three whales will come to your rescue: regular care, well-chosen cosmetics and a good haircut. Here we will talk about the last point today.

Haircuts for girls with short hair: ideas in the photo

The eternal problem of all the "fine-haired" ladies, the lack of volume, is effectively solved by multi-level stepped haircuts that can give a seeming pomp to even strands, having never had it. One of the most successful examples is the cascade, which, unlike the smoother transitions from layer to layer, can be done on short hair. Read more on haircut cascade.

The difference between the layers will visually add hair volume

In general, more often make a bet on the graduation, which will give the hairstyle a beautiful texture ...

Garson, cap, shag with graduation - excellent options for multi-layered haircuts for short thin hair

... And also on the asymmetry and slight artistic disorder. The disheveled back of the head, ragged edges, oblique bangs - all these are absolute favorites of women with thin hair. A grunge style that stubbornly does not want to leave fashionable Olympus - a clear example of what you need.

Moderate haze helps mask the lack of volume

Another option for girls whose hair does not differ in thickness and strength - this year's popular bob car, which will not only allow you to solve the problem with volume, but also be known as a fashionable woman. This haircut is also worth paying attention to older women, because it allows you to look younger.

Mixing styles allows you to create very curious haircuts.

To the best of an insane, bold and fresh find, there will be a mix of soft lines of a bean, a clear cut of a square, a multi-layered ladder trimmed at the back of the head and a disproportionately long bang.

Do not be afraid to be a little extravagant!

However, a multi-layered textured bean will be appropriate on weak thin curls and in its classic version. More bob haircut options.

Raised the back of the head and the difference in the length of the strand is what the master ordered!

A traditional square will also look good, equipped with a long thick bang or a cascade. More ideas: square with oblique bangs and graduated.

If it is decided to make a bang, let it be long

Often masters recommend all kinds of torn haircuts to girls with thin hair. But try to go from the reverse and make a perfectly straight cut, from which the shaggy tips will not stick in all directions! Strands immediately begin to look denser and thicker. However, in order to maintain them in this state, you will have to regularly visit your hairdresser.

The geometric outlines of a haircut in addition to all the pluses look extremely stylish

The haircut of the page, which has dozens of styling options, will be able to inform the strands of the desired thickness.

Short haircut can also be many-sided

For lovers of cool curls there is a biochemical waving. She at one stroke will remove the problem with the volume, simultaneously relieving hair from the tendency to electrify every now and then.

Despite the prefix "bio", only owners of healthy curls can decide on a resistant perm

Someone will face a short naughty pixie. In your case, it would be better to provide it with a pronounced bang, which will distract attention and create the appearance of thick hair. More ideas for short and medium hair.

Thanks to the ragged edges and ruffled strands, styling seems more luxurious

The most decisive girls can venture on the option with ultra-short hair, in which the question of the thickness of the hair simply loses its relevance. And if your hand does not rise to such experiments yet, consider an idea with a shaved temple or nape and elongated locks on the face.

Look bold and pretty at the same time? Easy!

And what if you turn the disadvantage into dignity and make a deliberately smooth, devoid of a hint of volume styling with a straight or oblique parting? Let others think that you are deliberately playing an exemplary modest girl!

Real glamor and no volume!

Medium length hair

Already mentioned cascade, multi-layered ladder, multilevel Italian (Aurora) and caprice will come to the rescue of girls who do not want to wear "boyish" haircuts. Hair, short at the top and gradually gaining length as you move to the shoulders, will allow you to look hair if not luxurious, then nice and stylish, even if nature has not taken care to create it as such. But remember, multi-layered haircuts require daily styling, without which they quickly turn into an unintelligible "something."

Get ready for daily styling.

The omnipresent square there is a place on the hair of medium length. Well, if the master at the same time slightly raise the back of the haircut and provide it with long sharp tips - the game in contrast will go to your locks. More ideas on the elongated and long car.

If you sacrifice a little at the back of your head, leaving it on the front strands intact, the result can be impressive.

Feminine elongated bob with its round shapes does not make thin hair and does not cause problems in styling, so he, too, must be on the list of candidates for the title of your new favorite haircut.

This haircut looks good on the hair juicy shades

If we talk about the levels and length differences, then Gavrosh, with his neat cap at the crown and occipital strands, descending on his back, is among the undisputed leaders. Firstly, it looks interesting, secondly, it makes hair look thicker, and thirdly, it is easy to care for.

Hair at the top of the head willy-nilly look more magnificent

With curls, it is easiest to create additional volume on the head, even if the hair from this will lose a little in length.

Tip: give preference to vertical curls and styling with the effect of wet hair.

Do not forget that too frequent perm does not benefit the hair

Cool "sheep" curls are not for you? Choose romantic waves. All the more so, laid down in soft curves, they will seem not so weak and thin at all, like cosms hanging limply. Photos of other styling options curly medium length.

Thanks to the play of light on wavy hair, the haircut looks more lively and brighter.

Beautiful hairstyles and styling for long hair

Thin and at the same time long hair represent a real dilemma for the master. It is extremely difficult to choose a haircut in which they could shine in all their glory, therefore it is traditionally recommended to grow such hair not below the shoulders. But if you are not ready to part with the length, you can find a couple of good ideas for your spin. First of all, think about dyeing using the technique of balajazh, shatush, ombre or highlighting - a mix of motley curls will allow you to create a feeling of density, which is so lacking in your hair.

Color transitions should be barely noticeable.

Curl your curls to make your hair look lush, and get an elongated oblique bangs, smoothly flowing into the total mass of hair.

Curls can be wound on a curler or braid overnight braids

No other technique is able to fill thin hair with volume as well as graded haircuts with pronounced transitions from layer to layer. And if at the same time on your head will flaunt coloring, allowing you to achieve the effect of partially strands sunburned, shimmering from dark to light shades and back, the result will be truly stunning.

Cascade - one of the most sought-after haircuts for fine hair

Often, collect the hair in a voluminous knot or a bun at the top of the head - unlike the tail and the bundle at the back of the head, this method of styling hides the shortcomings of fine hair, rather than putting them on display.

The bundle can be perfectly smooth or deliberately careless.

With or without bangs

Today, even bangs are not honored, but you should try a little to keep up with fashion and decorate your hair with a long and wide strand that is cut off at the very eyebrows or slightly covering them. Massive detail will create the impression of a truly luxurious hair, especially if you do not forget to carefully lay it.

With a smooth cut, the bang looks heavier and more impressive.

On laying asymmetric or torn bangs will take less power, but if the strands are not too short, their task is to create a feeling of abundance of hair on the top of the head.

Ripped bangs - fashion favorites

Generally, bangs - a real salvation for girls with thin hair. They can be carelessly worn on one side, whipped, laid on both sides of the face, curled or combed back. In any case, the bright detail that gives a lively hairstyle, you will be provided.

The only bang who clearly looks miserable on thin hair is short and rare.

It has long been thinking about ultrashort fashionable haircut, but are you afraid that it will deprive you of femininity? Decorate your head with bangs, and go to break hearts.

Sometimes a bang decides everything!

True, there are times when it is better to do without this element of hair. For example, styling bangs on curly hair with a short haircut such as a square will take you an unreasonably long time.

In some cases, an open face is much preferable.

If you want to create an image of a strong and self-confident vamp, the bangs can confuse you with all the cards - it makes very feminine faces very soft and pretty.

These hairstyles are best not to wear on long and thin hair, stop at the average length

A short pixie can look spectacular without a bang. The main thing is to learn how to style your hair.

Lucky and mousse perfectly keep short hair in check

Trendy haircuts for straight or curly strands

Curly hair - a kind of jackpot for those who always lack the density of hair. It is enough to beat them slightly with their hands, and some volume begins to emerge.

Elastic curls are good on short hair, soft waves - on the curls to the shoulders

If your curls fold into funny rings, be sure to think about trying a bob, square or page. However, first take care to find a good master who will be able to tame your thin but masterful curls.

Who would ever think to call such hair too thin?

A bob on too short curly strands looks blankly, if you do not add to it the elongated strands of the face and fluffy bangs.

Curls and a mess on your head together will create an unforgettable image

Multi-layered haircuts on strands that do not have sufficient thickness and density are always relevant, and curls are no exception. Curls will only enhance the effect that the master is seeking.

Multi-level curly strands are amazing, but only with healthy tips, so trim them in time.

Graduation and coloring in the technique of "burnt strands" together with light waves create real masterpieces on women's heads.

The sun-lit hair strands look particularly impressive on curly hair.

But you did not get into the "curls" camp and are not going to lose heart because of this? Fine! You probably will like a spectacular ragged square on smooth hair.

Do not cut the bang too high, it should reach the eyebrows

Long and straight strands, elongated ironing - not the best solution for girls with thin hair. In the most extreme case, such a whim can afford the owners of the hair, barely reaching the shoulders. But this is a risky experiment that can end in complete failure, so be careful when you decide on it.

A pair of extra inches can completely ruin the image, causing thin hair to hang lifelessly

But on straight hair always flawless bangs, and the longer it will be, the better.

Straight or oblique?

Depending on the shape of the face

To soften the sharp features of a square face you will be helped by two "chips": asymmetry and a wide bang, gradually merging with the bulk of the hair at the temple.

Wide cheekbones and square chin reliably camouflage asymmetrical haircut

However, you can afford a straight or semicircular bang, just try so that it does not cover your eyebrows. And if you want to leave your forehead open, let the side slant wide strand, which will distract attention. The main thing, do without direct parting, it is absolutely useless to you!

Square face beauty is not a hindrance

Owners of oval faces incredibly lucky, they go all the main types of haircuts. But considering that we are dealing with thin hair, do not forget about two win-win options: layering and graduation.

Bob, quads, elongated bob, cascade, french haircut ... Choose boldly

The only thing that should be kept away from the owners of oval faces and thin strands is a short semicircular bang that does not reach the eyebrows. But the oblique, equal or laid on both sides of the face - what you need. More information about the selection of haircuts for the face oval.

Bang on thin hair can not be rare or short, it is obviously a losing option

Do not tolerate short straight bangs and a round face. You want to emphasize its advantages and to veil the shortcomings - get rid of it. And from the direct parting at the same time.

Straight bangs "chop off" a round face, oblique - "pull"

Thus, the multilayered chubbyness demanded among young ladies with thin hair will be doubly useful because it will create a volume along the entire length of the hair, correctly placing accents, and mask wide cheekbones and protruding cheeks. More ideas haircuts for chubby girls.

Lines on the sides of the face will cover the round cheeks.

The long face balances well with a straight fringe. In our case, she should add graduations or opt for massive strands that were set on both sides of her forehead.

Bang on thin hair must be massive and long

A face with a heart or a triangle requires an arcuate bang, but also long and textured.

Soft volumetric bangs smooth some angularity of the face

Both the triangle and the heart are equally cut or cropped, classic or elongated. But the bob here may be out of place, visually expanding the already wide upper part of the face.

Asymmetrical and wave-decorated squares will increase the degree of femininity

If you still decide to opt for a bob haircut, decorate it with extended front strands, asymmetrical bangs or tips with waxed tips. In short, focus on the bottom of the hair.

Classic bob rarely goes triangular face

One of the most interesting types of faces is diamond-shaped. It would be great if you pick up a short haircut with a wide thick bangs, which you can whip any or lay sideways.

Diamond face is contraindicated in long straight hair.

Want to experiment? Play with the tips of an elongated four of a kind, putting them in this way and that, or curl your hair in large waves.

Waves and bends smooth hard diamond angles

Depending on age

How to ensure that your hairstyle not only did not give the age indicated in the passport, but also dropped a dozen years? Get a bang! It gives the face a youthful look, makes the look more expressive and, what is already there, masks the first wrinkles on the forehead.

Bangs add mischief and attraction to a woman's face

Do not rush to shorten hair, as do many women who have stepped over the next age line. First try to decorate your head with a youthful bean with elongated strands or his faithful buddy square. No other haircut is as delicate as a woman’s age.

If you have a haircut, it's stylish

And do not forget about the perm! Hairstyle will look fresh and alive.

Curly hair hides the age of its mistress

Hair of medium length, try to style, playing with different variations on the theme of ancient Greece: knots, headbands, combs. Всё это выглядит элегантно, не добавляя вам лишних лет.

Отличная идея для выхода в свет

Если всё-таки надумаете стричься, рассмотрите вариант с максимально короткой пикси. Правда, стоит учесть, что эта стрижка полностью "оголяет" лицо, выставляя все его недостатки на суд окружающих.

Сверхкороткие стрижки - выбор смелых дам

Video: 9 simple and stylish hairstyles for fine hair

It is possible that thin hair represents a problem for its hostesses, but it is a verdict to carry slanted miserable locks throughout life, glancing enviously at lush-haired friends, they are definitely not. For each fine-haired beauty there is a version of a successful haircut, most importantly, do not stop looking for him. Play with the length and shape, consult with the masters in the salons and your own taste, sorting through the photos presented in the article. Sooner or later, the "very" haircut you are sure to find.