Fresh ideas for square face haircuts


It is believed that the owners of this type of person got the toughest, even coarse features: heavy chins, sharply outlined cheekbones, wide foreheads ... But this does not mean that a young lady with this type of appearance can not look charming and feminine. An example of this - many recognized Hollywood beauties, every now and then shining their square faces from the screens of cinemas and televisions. The whole snag is to feed yourself. And first of all take care of a well-chosen haircut for a square face.

Distinctive features of a square face

Calculate women with square faces in the crowd is not difficult. They have symmetrical, though angular features, wide cheekbones, massive, well-defined lower jaws, low foreheads, roughly the same width as cheeks and chin, and, as a rule, large expressive eyes. Physiognomists claim that women with this type of appearance have impressive willpower and purposefulness. And heightened sexuality, which only needs to be able to emphasize, deftly masking the few flaws of his face and emphasizing the merits.

Women with square faces are determined, bold and sexy.

Stars with this type of face: photo

Ways to make this type of appearance more attractive

Women, who are naturally endowed with square faces, face two dangers when choosing hairstyles: they inadvertently emphasize heavy cheekbones and chin instead of competently softening them, and “flatten” the face, which in reality should be tried to pull out with long strands at the temples and volume on top. In order not to be in trouble, remember a few win-win "chips" for your type of appearance:

  • long hair or curls of medium length, since haircuts "under the boy" will ruthlessly put up on public display everything that should be carefully disguised;
  • the volume at the top of the head (at the bottom you already have enough of it) - graduations, cascades, ladders, Italians and rhapsodies help you;
  • waves and curls - a square face never hurts to add a bit of femininity;
  • soft locks framing the cheeks - shaved temples and combed back hair expose the face just like ultrashort haircuts;
  • airy, thinned bangs - they will help to create the effect of lightness, which often is not enough for angular people;
  • filing, ragged edges and deliberate negligence - straight cuts, straight bangs and other "geometry" are contraindicated for the square.

Ideas for short hair

Finding a good short haircut for a square face is one of the most difficult tasks that can be set for a hairdresser. To satisfy the result, you need to have either an abyss of taste, or a lot of experience, since short strands do not hide anything and do not smooth out. There are, of course, happy exceptions, but, alas, rarely.

Some faces do not spoil even the most extravagant haircut

You are among the ladies, all the curls and curls in the world who prefer cropped strands, but are not sure that the ultrahigh haircut will look at you as fresh and effective as on the stars who are not afraid to put on wide public wide cheekbones and firm chins ? Try to distract views from the lower part of the face with the help of whipped twigs and disheveled eddies at the crown. Here you will come to the aid of a playful pixie hairstyle ...

Carefully thoughtful mess on the head is still in fashion

Bob, equipped with elongated strands of the face or thick oblique bang ...

Put the right accents

Four of a kind with offset bang. Make sure that it ends either slightly above or slightly below the line of the lower jaw, in order not to make it even more massive.

Hair dryer, round brush and styling tools will help to create the necessary volume

Garcon, popular in recent years, has dozens of styling options, most of which will make an excellent company with wide cheekbones - mainly due to the same bangs: oblique, torn, partially covering the cheeks, whipped up ...

Even a sleek garcon leaves room for fantasy.

Does the hooligan mess of pixie and garcon not impress you, but does not allow the square shape of a face that doesn’t combine strict geometric lines to wear smooth styling? Look for a track in the middle: try on asymmetrical and ragged-haired haircuts!

Asymmetry balances the straight lines of a square face.

Important rule! Parting - make it oblique. Straight in combination with a square jaw and a broad forehead with a creak is considered permissible on long curls, but the face, decorated with a short haircut, it will flatten and make it even wider.

A square-faced parted look is extremely rare

A little more about straight lines: try to do without ironing during laying. It doesn’t matter if you give preference to tight curls, light wavy strands or playfully “feathers” sticking around in different directions, the main thing is that any of these options will look better than strands that are elongated to full smoothness.

What is closer to you - the image of a hooligan or a romantic young lady?

The most courageous girls can play around with colors and creative silhouettes of haircuts. How do you, for example, look at the garcon painted in rich colors or a bold variation on the theme of sesson? Believe me, the chin is the last thing that potential viewers will cling to.

Such haircuts fit young and daring

Trendy options for women with medium length hair

Hair that reaches the shoulders is an ideal basis for haircuts designed to emphasize the beauty of wide-skinned girls in every possible way. First, strands of such length look particularly advantageous multi-layered, multi-level, structured cascades, ladders, Italians and other haircuts, which give the volume of the weakest hair. And secondly, they make square faces more tender and feminine.

The shortest strands of the ladder should end below the cheek line

The elongated asymmetrical bob, which will soften a square face and visually "round" the corners of the mandible, is magnificent on such hair.

Round lines of a bean - that is necessary!

Remove angularity will allow elongated and / or graduated car and car with angle. If it is more active to create volume when styling, such a haircut can be worn even with a straight parting - its silhouette in itself perfectly pulls the face.

With twisted tips, the image will be a gentle, with an elongated - glamorous

Do not discount the power of color. For example, a caret with highlighting has several advantages at once: it allows its owner to look younger, makes haircuts more voluminous, and features facial features more elegant. No less brilliant could be the idea of ​​making an ombre, shatush, or any other kind of coloring, which implies a smooth flow of shades one into another and the play of variegated strands.

Keep in mind that on a regrown haircut such staining looks sloppy and needs regular adjustment.

As in the case of short haircuts, asymmetry and torn locks will always be on the hair of medium length.

Let your haircut not be boring

Cesson, page, hat and other haircuts of a rounded silhouette are good with smoothness of lines, which are so lacking in square faces, but bad with straight cuts and straight fringe. Try to improve them with the help of structuring, a ladder with a pronounced transition between the layers, and if you decide on the bang, let it be either oblique or arched, or it starts almost from the top of the crown, visually pulling the face.

Ripped edges and oblique bangs adapt the cesson and cap for the square face

As for the mischievous gavrosh, in the classical version it is sufficiently structured to require improvements. It remains only to decide which bang you like best - slanting, torn, thinned?

The lack of smooth lines does not interfere with Gavrosh perfectly coexist with square chins

It is usually considered that young ladies with wide chins should not pick their hair up. But this prohibition can be circumvented by leaving a couple of strands on the sides, gently framing the face.

Casual styling or hairstyle on the exit look equally advantageous with this little detail

Another tip: doing styling, twist the ends of the hair in or out.

Curls camouflage imperfections, at the same time adding points to your femininity

Successful finds for girls with long hair

This is where the layered cascade that makes curls and more magnificent and more airy will ideally take root! In addition, long hair has another advantage: even collecting them in a ponytail or braid, you can always leave free a few “camouflage” strands that distract attention from the chin.

Long hair produces particularly expressive cascades.

Long hair can be without any fear of wearing straight, not bothering to work with brushing and curling, and even make an even cut. The main thing that they are well-groomed - split ends do not paint anyone. And do not take the whole mass of hair back, laying it behind the ears; at least not on both sides at once.

Long hair smooths out the angularity of facial features.

On the other hand, large curls and the Hollywood wave will only add to your face attractiveness, so why not?

Large curls - one of the most affordable ways to correct the situation with a square chin

If you have long thought about highlighting, feel free to realize your dream. The mix of dark and light curls around the face remarkably removes the eyes of a potential observer from those features that you would not want to advertise, and makes the haircut more interesting.

Oh, no wonder staining "on the strands" has become so popular!

Choosing styling for long hair, focus on the top of the head. But do not overdo it. You are equally contraindicated as low tails and bundles, and "towers of Babel" rushing into the heavens. It is enough to lift the hair up, leaving a few strands of beautiful face to frame.

In combination with a hard chin, this styling will give you a truly royal article.

Long hair can be combined with almost any bang, except for a dense straight line. Or to abandon it altogether, if only in addition to the heavy lower jaw nature does not endow you with a high forehead, which nevertheless does not interfere with covering.

Skew, French, torn ... Choose!

If high stacking doesn’t make you enthusiastic, refer again to asymmetry. Tied to one side tails, diagonal braids and hair laid on one side will give you a look at the same time mysterious, feminine and, thanks to the chin, a little daring.

Asymmetry is your everything!

Curly hair and square face - how to beat?

If you have curly hair, avoid short haircuts, or your head will turn into a dandelion, and your cheekbones will get extra volume. But on the hair of medium length and curls below the shoulder blades curls will look great, softening and covering everything you need.

The optimal length for curly hair is medium or slightly lower than average.

All multi-layered haircuts fit well on curly strands - the cascade and ladder, rapsody, caprice, aurora, and many others that have been mentioned many times today, fit well.

In addition to the additional volume, the curls make the face younger.

Curls get along well with bob, square, seson, especially if you prefer longer haircuts. Of course, provided that you do not forget the important requirement not to cut the strands flush with the chin. Only lower or higher than him!

Tight rings and neat waves will hide angular features.

And the most remarkable thing is that curly hair does not have special requirements for styling. Scratch them to the side, pin up on the crown, combine with oblique and double bangs, as you please.

Curly hair is laid according to the same rules as straight

We mask the short neck, full cheeks and other shortcomings of the "square"

Full cheeks. If for curly hair “persona non grata” there were short haircuts, then long curls fall for you into disgrace. With them, your face runs the risk of visually “blurring” even more, so it’s better to give up the idea of ​​growing a braid to the waist.

Full face looks bad in the mass of long hair

Multi-layeredness and structure here become one of the main trends "for all times". The extra volume given to the hair by such haircuts will make the cheeks seem not so plump.

Say "yes" to stepped haircuts and voluminous styling.

Short neck Here you have three ways. The first is to pay special attention to the "facade" by opting for a square with a cut above the chin line and elongated strands below it.

Haircut should not cover the neck

The second offers to make a short pixie, fully opening the neck and ruffling the hair on the crown.

Take care of this haircut is easy

The third advises to focus on the back of the head, making one of the haircuts rounded silhouette "on the leg."

The "cap" with a voluminous nape and a neat leg makes the neck visually longer and thinner.

High forehead. If the forehead is not only wide, but also high, one cannot do without a person. Here the same law applies as with other haircuts for a square face: avoid straight, dense strands with an even cut, and for the rest rely only on your sense of taste.

Multi-layered bangs are especially good for this type of person.

What to choose for women after 40

Running years not only add us candles to the holiday cake, but also make their demands on the choice of hair. Some haircuts become irrelevant on the heads of elegant ladies who have stepped into balzakovskiy age, others require adjustment. However, do not rush to chop down, and in the truest sense of the word! The general desire to cut the hair shortly after crossing the next age line does not make this tendency a general rule. Moreover, in combination with a square face, long curls look advantageous even on "ladies for ..."

With proper care, long hair can be worn at 50 and at 60

Although, let's not be cunning, with age pass and curls, often losing in brilliance and volume. In order not to make these losses public, but at the same time do not root the female hairstyle at the root, refer to the average length and graduation. For example, asymmetric ladder. Of course, you have to spend time laying, but is not the result worth it?

After a certain age, hair care requires a lot of effort.

In fact, the option of having no contraindications will be bob and bob haircuts. They are generally advised to wear women aged, because both are unobtrusive, but effectively conceal the number of past years. Well, for ladies with square chins, they are recommended twice!

Two in one: the hairstyle is young and hides the features of an angular face

Another constant advice stylists for women, exchanged fourth or fifth dozen: grow bangs! With her, any face looks younger and fresher.

Arched or oblique bangs will be very helpful

Avoid smooth styling. Light “shaggy”, sticking to the hedgehog tips and curls of all shades and sizes make the hair alive, haircut - easy, and face - young.

A little negligence does not hurt

But if you value your time above all and don’t want to spend a single extra minute in the morning on styling, short haircuts like page, pixie, hats and garcon for short hair will do. True, they have a significant minus in the form of the chin open to "all the winds", so it is still possible to attend to a sufficient volume in the upper part of the head and make an imposing bang.

Every age and every haircut has its own charm

However, there are things that can not be justified either by age or in a hurry. And above all, these are boring bunches under the back of the head, dull shells and other inventions for women who are actively rushing towards old age. Do the styling without too much pretentiousness, but avoid completely faceless options. For example, why not raise the hair in a high beam on the head or not to lay them with intricate strands around the knot?

Equally avoid overly complex and overly primitive styling.

But short haircuts laid to the side are appropriate at any age.

Where without asymmetry ?!

No matter how offensive it is, but from a certain age a woman has to struggle with gray hair. To make your task easier, clarify your hair for a couple of tones or make highlights. By the way, it is proved that we perceive blond beauties younger than brunettes and brown-haired women!

The degree of clarification choose

And most importantly. Focusing on someone else's experience, tips, stylists and photo stars in glossy magazines, do not forget that everyone has an individual appearance. It may well be, for example, that you will go straight parting, forbidden to wide-haired ladies. Или минималистичная стрижка. Или гладко зачёсанные волосы с мокрым эффектом. Пробуйте и экспериментируйте, это единственный верный способ найти свой стиль.

No stylist will tell you in advance which haircut is best for you.

Video: how to choose a haircut under a square face

The rules for choosing haircuts are vague and variable, but one thing is certain: girls with square faces have crowned lists of the most beautiful and charming women in the world. So, the particular angularity of the face, the heavy lower jaw, the wide forehead and other features of the exterior are not at all disadvantages. These are the raisins that can help you become one and only, just be able to beat them correctly.