Star Anorexic: 7 Hollywood Beauties Whose Weight Goes To Zero


A slim, toned body is every woman’s dream, but in the struggle for it, many of the fair sex lose not only their kilos, but also their common sense, becoming anorexic. Anorexia is a disease, accompanied by a complete loss of appetite and unhealthy weight loss, and most often suffer from it models, actresses and singers. What does anorexia look like in stars, and what famous women turned themselves into real skeletons?

Angelina Jolie

At one time it was rumored that Angelina Jolie had exhausted herself to a weight of 35 kg!

If we are talking about well-known anorexic women, then we should start with one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses, Angelina Jolie. She never suffered from fullness, and after 2007 began to literally melt in her eyes, causing many questions from fans and journalists. The main reason for the star’s extreme thinness was the death of the mother — she almost stopped eating because of severe stress, and even fell several times into starving faints. Angelina's condition was disturbing even to her then-wife Brad Pitt — he claimed that in a depressed mood she completely refused to eat. Until 2007, the weight of the actress ranged from 52-55 kg, and then fell to less than 40 kg with an increase of 172 cm. Now the situation has improved a little, but Jolie still looks pretty thin.

Victoria Beckham

Gaining weight Victoria pushed the diagnosis of polycystic ovary

Unlike Angelina Jolie, the former soloist of the cult group Spice Girls, and now the famous designer and wife of footballer David Beckham, Victoria Beckham was a rather appetizing girl in her youth. Her forms were so lush that one of the producers bluntly advised the rising star to get rid of fat folds. This caused Vicky so much psychological trauma that she became a fan of low-calorie diets and tight diets. For many years, the figure of Mrs. Beckham regularly caused heated debate - despite the birth of four children, her waist was getting thinner and thinner, just looking sick. The star itself categorically refuted anorexia, but before the birth of her daughter in 2011, doctors still recognized her thinness as abnormal and literally forced her to take a few kilograms. Now Victoria's weight hovers around 42-45 kg with a height of 163 cm.

Keira Knightley

Clavicle protruding - the key appearance Kira

Photos of the star "Pirates of the Caribbean" and other blockbusters Keira Knightley for a long time also been subject to discussion due to excessive thinness. Since 2006, the actress had to regularly make excuses to the public about this, especially after one of her fans literally died of starvation, trying to look like her favorite actress in everything. Kira claimed that she did not suffer from anorexia or her love for diets, and she inherited the fragile constitution from her father. True, almost no one believed the excuses - the journalists discovered that both mother and grandmother were ill with anorexia. In 2011, the evil talk subsided a bit - after the birth of the first child, the girl gained weight, but quickly got into shape, and now looks quite proportional. Weight Knightley, according to different resources, is 50-55 kg with growth of 170 cm.

Tara reed

According to insiders, Tara’s thinness is drug addicted

At the height of her fame, after "American Pie" and "King of the Parties," Tara Reed was considered one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in Hollywood. At the beginning of the two thousandth, her figure really could have been called perfect, but in 2008, for the first time, raw images of a star in a bikini appeared, and a stream of insults and accusations connected with the appearance that had changed for the worse appeared on her. For several years, Tara tried to ignore ridicule and offensive remarks, but then gave several interviews in which she completely denied allegations of anorexia or health problems. The actress considers herself a slim woman, and claims that she is not a fan of rigid diets, but simply constantly working on herself. Whatever it was, but with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 47 kg Tara does not look very attractive and quite thin.

Mary-Kate Olsen

At the peak moment, Mary-Kate had to go to the rehabilitation center for a month

Mary-Kate is one of the legendary Olsen twins who once made a splash in the world film industry. Despite the fact that in 2007 the sisters were recognized as one of the most successful and wealthy women in the entertainment industry, their life can hardly be called happy. The hard work, the attention of the paparazzi, several unsuccessful novels, and maybe some other factors led to the fact that in 2004, Mary-Kate had to be seriously treated for anorexia nervosa. By 2015, she had almost completely recovered and married her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy (brother of the ex-president of France), but at the same time it became known that Ashley, the second twin Olsen, suffers from a serious illness - Lyme disease. Disorders affected the health and appearance of Mary-Kate, and now she looks exhausted - weight 40 kg with height 155 cm.

Tori spelling

Tori is the mother of 4 children and anorexia experienced more than once

Tori Spelling, the heroine of the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" and the daughter of the famous producer Aaron Spelling, is a vivid example of the fact that anorexia can be fought for years. She was never overly full, but in 2009, there were pictures of an actress while relaxing in Hawaii, where fans noted her painful look. Immediately, many theories about Tori’s dramatic weight loss appeared - one of them said that after Aaron Spelling's death, the star had a major quarrel with her mother on the basis of inheritance, which affected her psychological state. The famous beauty denied all the accusations, but popular rumor claims that in 2014 she was undergoing special treatment. A year later, Tori became pregnant, gave birth to a son, and now her weight is 54 kg with height of 168 cm.

Nicole Richie

Nicole's weight loss was too fast: from 74 to 43 kg!

At one time, Nicole Richie's photographs spread all over the world and became an example of the fact that excessive love of losing weight does not lead to good. The actress, model and TV star has always been a slim girl who wore the size of clothes M and S, but during the period of friendship with the most famous blonde planet, Paris Hilton turned into a real skeleton. The excessive attention of the paparazzi, the constant presence of thin Paris, the problems with drugs and the law led to Nicole weighing 38 kg with a height of 155 cm in 2006. Fortunately, the girl quickly realized that anorexia can lead to serious problems in two years back to normal and gave birth to two children. Now its weight varies within 42 kg, and the figure looks bony, but it is rather a cost of a miniature constitution than painful thinness.

The photo of the stars before and after anorexia, even if it is supposed to be, is another proof that everything in this world is good in moderation. Fighting overweight should not turn into an obsession, otherwise it will be difficult to avoid serious health problems.