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Practically everyone knows how strong the toothache is, but few can figure out right away what helps with toothache.

Almost everyone knows how strong the toothache is, but few can figure out right away what helps with toothache. Teeth hurt sharply, jerking, sometimes this aching pain takes all thoughts, so you need to be able to cope with it quickly. However, if you are at home, and you cannot get to the nearest clinic or at least a pharmacy, how can you help yourself? Today we will just talk about the means by which it is possible to extinguish a sharp toothache in order to calmly visit the dentist.

You should always remember about the means that can quickly quench toothache

The first actions in case of pain

However, before grabbing at some means and products, let's imagine a situation that your tooth has sharply ached, for example, during a meal. What do you need to do?

  1. Your first action should be an immediate rinsing of the mouth and brushing your teeth. Clean the entire mouth of the stuck pieces of meat or fruit, which often get stuck stronger. This is important so that the remaining food particles can not continue to irritate the oral mucosa and the actual painful place.
  2. The common stereotype about putting on ice is forgotten like a bad dream! Of course, at first you will actually become a little lighter, and the pain will go away, but the subsequent thawing of the place will bring you even more painful sensations. With all this, you can chill the dental nerve, which will lead to even greater problems and aggravation of the disease.
  3. About the icy water in your mouth also forget, because either the same situation as with ice occurs, or you get a swollen flux or inflammation. And here the real intervention of the surgeon will be required.
  4. By the way, warming the diseased place is also fraught with troubles, or rather, unpleasant sensations, since the heat will cause new blood inflows to the sore spot, and this will lead to increased pain.
  5. In no case do not seize the pain with anything else in order to avoid food getting on the aching tooth.

Do not do cooling and warming compresses, this can only aggravate the situation.

Tip! If you do not have anything that is good for toothache, try to get distracted. Watch an interesting movie, play a board or video game, think up a hobby for yourself, or just go for a walk (but take care not to chill the painful area). The main rule - do not lie. Unfortunately, it activates your blood circulation even more, which, as we already know, will lead to an increase in pain.

Means and medicines

If you do not have a quick opportunity to visit a dentist, then let's try to use their main weapon - drugs. Many different ointments, sprays and pills have been developed, which supposedly will help in this situation, we really will tell you about which pills and other medicines best help for toothache. Let's start with the ones that are most often used by the majority of people:


From the name it becomes clear that the main effect of this drug is antispasmodic, however, it is also anesthetic. If your pain is not so strong and you have time to reach the doctor on the same day, then Spasmalgon will help you to get away from your toothache.

  • Indications: Slight headache or toothache, cramp.
  • Act: The main active ingredient is analgin, which, together with the rest of the drug, penetrates the smooth muscle tissue, helping them to relax and block impulses of toothache. For the desired effect, one or two pills are used, but not more than six per day.

Tip! Contraindicated for children less than six years old, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


If in the previous version analgin was used as an ingredient, here metamizole sodium is presented in pure form. We all know Analgin well, however, does it help with toothache? In fact, at present it is rather weak and, one might say, already outdated. But you can try to use it when there is nothing more at hand.

  • Indications: Slight headache or toothache, cramp.
  • Act: Take half a tablet to stop the painful spasm, but not more than four per day.

Tip!Contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, alcohol intake, vascular disease, liver and kidneys.

You should always have antispasmodics in your home first aid kit.


As part of this drug is familiar to us aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol, which smoothly acting together, help get rid of many of the symptoms. The drug is well-known and has proven itself from the best side, therefore, taking Citramon, you can be sure that it will help with toothache.

  • Indications: Pain, inflammation, fever and heat.
  • Act: Citramon was created as an antipyretic and analgesic, so it also copes well with pain and normalizes blood circulation. It also improves blood flow to the brain and helps to restore normal functioning of the respiratory center, heart and kidneys. You need to take it no more than three tablets per day.

Tip! Contraindicated for children under fifteen, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, gastrointestinal diseases, ulcers and gastritis, liver and kidney failure, as well as coronary heart disease.

What helps for toothache during pregnancy?

Of course, pregnant women also have problems of this kind, and the most common drugs for them are prohibited and contraindicated. But there are those that are suitable for women during pregnancy or already breastfeeding.

Some medicines can be used during pregnancy.

Let's consider several options:


A very well-known remedy that has an antispasmodic effect. Often used even for prevention, which largely speaks of its safety. Many reviews of ordinary people assure that No-shpa well helps with toothache, we also agree that it really helps.

  • Indications: Headache and dental inflammatory pain.
  • Act: Helps to reduce the intake of calcium ions and relax the muscle tissue in the mouth. Expands blood vessels. Accepted No-shpa 60-120 milligrams twice a day.

Tip! Contraindicated for people suffering from kidney, liver and heart failure and for children up to one year with the use of tablets.


One of the most popular means of all painkillers, as it has a wide range of people to whom it can be applied, which includes pregnant girls and children. It is used for a variety of symptoms, including Nurofen helps with toothache.

  • Indications: Headache, toothache, menstrual pain, fever, and fever.
  • Act: You can take no more than six tablets per day (one thousand two hundred milligrams).

Tip!Contraindicated for children under three months, for pregnant women in the third trimester and for people suffering from diseases of the blood, kidneys and liver, impaired vision and hearing.

Before using any medication carefully read the instructions.


Another remedy allowed for both pregnant women and children. According to a significant number of the population of our country, Paracetamol is a good remedy for toothache, but it is known primarily for helping against heat and hanging temperature.

  • Indications: Heat, not severe headache or toothache, fever.
  • Act: The drug is more aimed at lowering the temperature and combating fever, but it can bring a slight relief of toothache or headache. If you do not have anything else at hand, Paracetamol will fit for a short time.

Take no more than three or four grams per day and one and a half grams at a time.

Tip! Contraindicated in kidney and liver failure, as well as in the presence of inflammation of the rectal mucosa, if you use rectal Paracetamol.

Folk Home Healers

Sometimes you are overwhelmed by a very strong toothache, but the pills you have found do not help, and it’s impossible to go to a doctor (for example, it is a deep night). Then you can try to stop or short-term pay off the pain, using some popular advice. You will surely find something more or less suitable for yourself and, perhaps, it will bring you relief. Here are some options:

  • Propolis tincture on alcohol using a sterile fleece, you can attach the inflamed place next to the tooth and leave this fleece for the next half hour. If you have propolis in the plates, then you are even luckier. Each plate you need to plug a hole from caries, and you can just put them next to the tooth. However, if you are allergic to honey, then the way is contraindicated to you.

Propolis tincture on alcohol using a sterile fleece, you can attach the inflamed place next to the tooth and leave this fleece for the next half hour

  • One tablespoon sage pour two hundred milliliters of boiled water and put the solution to boil for fifteen minutes, then cool. Type in your mouth a little warm broth and hold it next to the tooth for half a minute. Every next six minutes, repeat the process until the decoction is completed or the toothache is extinguished.
  • Take vodkawarm it up to room temperature and start rinsing her mouth without swallowing it. Your gums should start to numb slowly, and this will help you get rid of the pain.
  • Take ice Cube and in place of the cheek, place it between the thumb and forefinger. This will distract the brain from the pain in the tooth. If there is no ice, just carefully massage this place.
  • Find the place that pulses most on your wrist and rub it carefully. garlic. And you need to smear the opposite hand to the tooth, that is, if the tooth hurts on the right, then the wrist must always be left.
  • Take a pair of teeth garlic and a little bit of Luke, but so that both ingredients are in equal volume. Grind them on a fine grater or using a well-sharpened knife, then mix thoroughly and lightly salted. The resulting mixture should be carefully put only in the place affected by caries, then cover all the top with sterile cotton wool and gently grip it with your teeth.

Onion-garlic gruel is also able to calm the pain

Tip! Before using each of these tips, check on your wrist if you are allergic to one or another ingredient. If the wrist becomes covered with a rash or turns red, then you should not conduct such experiments with health.

Essential oils and massage

Some of you have various essential aroma oils in your home range, and these people are very lucky, because if they get a toothache, then these oils are what will help them at home. But how does this even work, and what kind of oils are useful in this case? It is better to immediately clarify the latter: first of all you will be helped by the oils of coniferous trees, especially fir, flowers of carnation and lavender, as well as herbs of mint, coriander and St. John's wort.

Essential oils can also cope with the problem.

But how exactly is it worth taking advantage of these wonderful medicines? Take a sterile fleece, put on it the oil that you have and gently attach it to the aching tooth, closing the jaw after that. Hold for a while until the pain starts to go away. After remove the fleece. Next, you need to start massaging the earlobe with your thumb and forefinger to fix the result. You will relieve pain for a considerable time if you try to take a pill with it or spend one of the popular procedures.

Tip!All these procedures do not negate the fact that you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. You should make a trip to the dentist as soon as possible, so that the pain does not recur, and there are no more serious health problems.

All these procedures do not cancel the fact that you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

We hope that this information was useful for you and helped you cope with your problem. Watch your health!