How to cook pea soup to pea boil soft? - All secrets


One of the most beloved soups in the whole world is undoubtedly pea, however not every hostess knows how to cook pea soup when there is no ordinary meat at hand, and sometimes there is even nothing at all

One of the most beloved soups in the whole world is undoubtedly pea, but not every housewife knows how to cook pea soup when there is no ordinary meat at hand, and sometimes there is even nothing at all. However, there are plenty of recipes for cooking this dish nowadays, so you need to be prepared for any situations in your life. Today, we will analyze a variety of recipes of the world's favorite and very satisfying soup based on dry peas, which is an ideal dish that combines an appetizing taste and ease of preparation. Well, first, learn more about the soup.

Pea soup can be cooked both in meat and purely in vegetable broth

It is also tasty!

The soup itself came to this world from gloomy Denmark, but it was brought to us only from the seventeenth century. The soup was so fond of its aroma and original taste that it decided to stay for another four centuries, but it will never go away, most likely. Different countries have brought to the recipe something of their own, for example, the perfect Finnish pea soup cooked on the basis of beef. Everyone who has tried, notes the extraordinary nourishing and nutritiousness of the pea soup, and this is all due to the very useful composition and, of course, directly to the peas. What is so useful in soup?

  • Vegetables have always been one of the main sources of vitamins, and it is impossible to live without consuming them. In addition to vitamins, each of them helps the body in a particular matter: to strengthen the immune system, to help in the work of digestion or to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.
  • Meat, which is often cooked soup. Of course, the soup may well do without this ingredient, however, the meat is very important for the health of your body, for life support due to its saturation with proteins and fats. In addition, it is very tasty.
  • Soup - hot liquid dish. Surely, your mother often told you that you need to eat hot and liquid. She was right, because the body definitely needs to eat not only dry and solid foods that are very busy with the work of the stomach.

Everyone who has tried, notes the extraordinary satiety and nutritional value of pea soup, and this is all due to the very useful composition and, of course, directly to the peas

Tip! To get really useful and tasty soup, be sure to cook according to the recipe. If you are unsure that you are ready to repeat the recipe, for example, you do not know how to cook pea soup so that the peas are boiled soft, then find another recipe where you can do without this item. If it is required - study or find another dish.

And what is the use of the peas?

Peas, which is the most important ingredient in this dish, have their own special positive properties. First, I would like to mention his indisputable help in normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract: digestive organs begin their work, intestinal problems are gradually solved, a good abdominal cleansing takes place, and other products may envy the digestion of peas. Peas and pea soup are just perfect for eliminating heartburn and as a remedy for constipation, but for people suffering from flatulence, soup is better to eat in small quantities at home.

Peas are also spoken of as excellent nutrition for athletes and vegetarians. The fact is that this legume is distinguished by the highest protein content, it is even very suitable for meat substitutes for vegans. And, of course, is an excellent food product for people leading an active lifestyle. And all this despite the fact that the peas themselves are low in calories. In its raw form, one hundred grams of peas has 55 kilocalories, while boiled most of them are 5 kilocalories. In addition to all this, it is worth saying that there are quite a lot of carbohydrates in peas, which helps to assimilate this product well.

You can talk about this culture for a long time:

  • Large amounts of starch and ascorbic acid.
  • Pantry of B, C, A and PP vitamins
  • Holt fiber.
  • The record for the content of nickel, iron, calcium, magnesium and other substances.
  • Assistant in the absorption of glucose and sucrose by diabetics.

Peas are distinguished by their highest levels of protein, and are even quite suitable for vegan meat substitutes.

But we still need to finish and move on to what we have gathered here for, but first ...

Tip! Buy peas and all other products only in verified places. Well-known chain stores with a good reputation are better than markets, and farm stores are better than supermarkets. Watch also for the expiration date, and only then you will have a delicious and healthy soup.

How to cook pea soup with meat

It is worth starting from the very beginning. Let's first try to cook pea soup with beef meat - the most standard variation of this soup. For him, we need:

  • Beef meat - 400 grams;
  • Peas - a glass;
  • Carrot - a thing;
  • Onions - two onions;
  • Potatoes - four pieces;
  • Bay leaves - a couple of pieces;
  • Greens and salt - to taste;
  • Sunflower oil.

In order to cook soup well and with high quality, you need to adhere to a strict sequence of actions. This will not only save you from unnecessary problems, but also will not waste your time. After the first attempts, you yourself will remember the sequence.

Before cooking the soup, peas should be soaked in water for 2-3 hours

Let's see:

  1. First of all, wash the peas in cold water. The number of times does not matter, so if you are sure that you didn’t completely wash, rinse on.
  2. The peas are folded into a separate container and filled with water for the next two hours until complete swelling. Sometimes people do not observe this item and think about how you can cook pea soup without soaking this very pea. However, some peas can do without it. See the recommendations of people on the Internet and try it yourself.
  3. Now we work with beef. It should also be thoroughly rinsed, cleaned of films and veins, sent to a saucepan, seasoned with salt and lavrushka and covered with cold water. Boil a piece of meat to its full readiness also about the next two hours. Do not forget to remove the foam.
  4. You have rested during this time and are now ready to get the finished meat and cut it into pieces that are acceptable to you. The broth which has turned out after cooking, is filtered through, and the slices cut by you go there.
  5. Working time with potatoes. It should be peeled, washed and cut into cubes, which will need to be sent to the already boiled broth. By the way, it's time for peas! He also goes to the broth after the potatoes.
  6. Finally, prepare the frying. For her, we wash and clean the bulbs and carrots. The first two need to chop, the last - to grate on a fine grater. Both vegetables are sent to the pan, already seasoned with butter, and thoroughly fried.
  7. The resulting mixture should be added to the soup five minutes before it is fully cooked. Then there must be sent and Zelenushku, finely chopped in advance. Do not forget about the seasonings, if you indulge in them.

In order to cook soup well and efficiently, you need to adhere to a strict sequence of actions.

Tip! The resulting pea soup is poured into plates still hot. It is advisable to serve bread with him.

Add smoked meats

Sometimes a juicy piece of meat is not at hand, and sometimes people just don’t like beef too much. If you even just want to cook something completely new, now we will tell you how to cook flavored pea soup with delicious smoked pork ribs. To do this, you must have:

  • Peas - 500 grams;
  • Smoked pork ribs - 500 grams;
  • Onions - a thing;
  • Carrot - a thing;
  • Potatoes - five pieces;
  • Sunflower oil - a tablespoon;
  • Mustard - three tablespoons;
  • Garlic - three teeth;
  • Greens, pepper and salt to taste.

Despite the fact that the soup is cooked in almost the same way as in the previous version, for better memorization, we will describe all the actions again:

  1. First we take the steps already familiar to us - we wash and soak the peas (about three hours).
  2. We deal with smoked pork ribs. They are cut into several pieces of two ribs and sent to the pan for the next hour and a half. It is important that the meat can be separated from the bones.
  3. We work with cutting vegetables into cubes.
  4. After its preparation, we filter the broth and add peas into it. Let boil for another half hour, after which you can add potatoes there and cook for another half hour.
  5. At this time, the meat is removed from the bones and folds into a bowl.
  6. Fry onions and carrots in a frying pan until they are golden in color and add them to the broth ten minutes before the end of cooking.
  7. But for five you should add the greens, mustard, pepper and salt that you would like to see in the soup. And, of course, meat with garlic.

Pea soup with smoked ribs

It seems your appetizing and nourishing soup is ready. You can safely serve your family or guests, they will certainly appreciate.

Tip! For a better finish and taste, leave the soup to infuse for the next half hour. You can also chop the bacon finely and add it to the soup after removing it from the heat.

Chicken broth

Delicious soup can be prepared on the basis of poultry. Let's learn how to cook pea soup with poultry meat, for a convenient example, try with chicken, because its meat is the most common cooking for the average mistress. We will need:

  • Chicken - 300 grams;
  • Peas - one and a half glasses;
  • Carrot - a thing;
  • Onions - a thing;
  • Turmeric - half a teaspoon;
  • Potatoes - two pieces;
  • Bay leaves - a couple of pieces;
  • Greens, pepper and salt - to taste.

The cooking process is again very similar to the previous ones. Let's better note the differences of this version of the recipe from the previous two and thereby save time.

Delicious soup can be prepared on the basis of poultry


  1. The peas are washed and soaked in water for an hour only.
  2. Chicken meat is also washed and put into the pan already with the soaked peas, after which everything is put on the boil for the next hour.
  3. When frying onions and carrots, you can add pepper and turmeric to heighten the flavor.
  4. Potatoes are added only after the peas reach the desired condition. The soup is ready when the potatoes are cooked.

Tip! This option is not so common, because the soup is not so nourishing and hearty as when using beef and pork. However, he also has the right to live with different spices and herbs for flavor.

Vegetarian recipe

Surely there are vegetarians among us who still want to eat first courses, but it is important to give up meat. Perhaps you are fasting, but you want a hot, rich soup. For you, we will try to clarify that a delicious soup can be cooked and not on meat. Let's see how to cook pea soup without any meat. For the preparation we will need:

  • Butter (only on request, as vegans and those who keep the post cannot be) - two tablespoons;
  • Sunflower oil - the same amount;
  • Peas - a glass;
  • Carrot - a thing;
  • Onions - a thing;
  • Potato - three or four pieces;
  • Bay leaves - a couple of pieces;
  • Greens, pepper and salt - to taste.

Good leaning is important for lean soup

And cooking soup again. Of course, it will again differ little from all previous recipes, so it will be logical to write again only the differences from the other recipes. And the differences are:

  1. Immediately soaked peas are put into a pot of boiling water. True, despite the lack of meat, you still have to periodically remove the foam.
  2. After cessation of foam formation, the future broth can not be fully covered and left to cook for the next hour and a half.
  3. If opportunities allow you, before frying vegetables, grease the pan with butter, because it allows you to achieve a higher level of fryiness.
  4. Infected vegetables, seasonings and lavrushka should be added fifteen minutes to the end.

Your hearty, lean and vegetarian dish is ready. For beauty, you can sprinkle the soup on top with greens.

Serve this dish with croutons and herbs

Tip! For greater satiety, you can add croutons or crackers without taste fillers to the soup. Also very interesting and optimal option with the filing of fried sandwiches with cheese. If you add greens to the soup, you can add it to the sandwiches.

Cooking in a slow cooker

Of course, cooking the soup yourself in a saucepan on the fire is a very emotional and good exercise. We put all the love and soul into the prepared dish. But not every housewife has time for independent cooking, and here a multifunctional multicooker comes to the rescue. If you have this machine, and you want to know how to cook pea soup in a slow cooker, then we will help you. The list of ingredients is at your discretion, we will proceed immediately to the preparation:

  1. You must chop all the vegetables and meat, if any, into small pieces. Vegetables are better to cut into cubes. Beforehand, all the ingredients should, of course, be rinsed and cleaned.
  2. The peas are again washed and soaked.
  3. In a multi-cooker container, pour some sunflower oil and put carrots and onions. If you cook in a pressure cooker, you can also put pork. Turn on the baking function and forget to their very final frying.
  4. Even then you can throw peas, meat (if you have not thrown it) and potatoes into a container. Do not forget to pour all the hot boiled water to the brim and add salt and spices. Turn on the fire for two or more hours.
  5. Rest and wait for the time to run out.

Cooking pea soup in a slow cooker will not take long

Your delicious soup is ready! Very easy and time-consuming preparation - isn't that what you dreamed about? Say thanks to the one who invented the slow cooker.

Tip! The slow cooker helps the hostess very much, so we highly recommend you to buy it. Help in choosing can reviews people on the Internet. Read them and ask the people themselves.