Borodina admitted that she was not friends with Buzova

Ksenia Borodina told what kind of relationship she and Olga Buzova.

Ksenia Borodina has been running the project “House-2” for almost 15 years. During this time, the line-up of the show host has changed a little, but she stubbornly clings to her place and says that she is not going to leave it.

The other day, Borodina frankly told what kind of relationship she had with Olga Buzova. The presenter admitted that they can be attributed to colleagues, but certainly not to her friends. Ksenia shared that she has been sickened by the work style of Buzova, since Borodina herself has no insane plans to conquer all industries and she is satisfied with what she already has.

On the commentary, where she was accused of jealousy, the moderator said that she had been offered to go to work on other channels many times, but she was not a traitor and was not going to run anywhere.