Prince's relatives accused his doctor of murder

The family of the singer who was killed 2 years ago filed a lawsuit in court against the performer’s primary care physician.

Singer Prince died 2 years ago at the age of 57 because of an overdose of painkillers. Fentanyl, who took the artist, is ten times stronger than morphine, and the singer has significantly exceeded the norm of the drug.

Two years after the tragic death, his relatives filed a lawsuit against the attending physician, Michael Schulenberg. In the opinion of Prince’s family, the doctor incorrectly diagnosed, used useless methods of treatment, and was mistaken in prescribing drugs, which led to the death of the musician. In their statement, they directly indicate that the incompetence of the doctor cost the singer his life.

This is not the first attempt of the relatives of the artist in court to find those responsible for what happened. A few months ago, they had already filed a lawsuit against the clinic, where the singer had addressed a week before his death. But that lawsuit is now decided to withdraw.