10 richest women in Russia on the list of Forbes-2018


Women firmly occupied many positions in politics, corporate and industrial management, and also in business. Of course, many of them become owners of large states. You yourself can easily recall several surnames of Russian and foreign rich people, but you are ready to argue, they will be men. It just so happened that the fair sex is less known. We will not delve into the reasons for this, but consider the list of the richest women in Russia 2018 according to Forbes ...

Elena Baturina

Elena Baturina won many lawsuits, the content of the main - challenging the false information disseminated by the media

The most famous female businessman who has long and firmly established herself in various ratings, and in Russian she is always the leader. Condition - $ 1200 million. Owned the company Inteko, but later sold it (as it is believed, because of problems with the power of her husband, the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov). At the moment, it owns shares of large companies, a construction business in the USA, and a hotel chain in Europe.

Baturin began her career with a Moscow factory where her parents worked. After graduating from the institute of management, she worked at the research institutes, and in 1989, she and her brother, Viktor, created a cooperative engaged in “everything in a row, just to earn money for something serious,” which gradually grew into the largest company in Russia, Inteko. Now living in the UK because of the "persecution of our family" (the words of Yuri Luzhkov).

Tatyana Bakalchuk

Tatyana is the 165th in the ranking of "200 richest businessmen of Russia 2018"

CEO of Wildberries online store. Status for 2018 - $ 600 million. The company was founded with her husband. Prior to that, Tatiana taught English. On the Internet there is little information about her and her family, and even less truthful ones. She does not give interviews, does not come to social events. Not even her photos.

Tatyana started her business during maternity leave. It was network marketing - the organization of sales from German catalogs of clothes by mail. Then, with the help of her husband, she combined all the clothing suppliers into her Wildberries store. Then other goods appeared in it: electronics, stationery, everyday products, etc. Bakalchuk was not afraid of bold decisions: fitting before issuing, paying only after receiving, and not in advance, the almost complete lack of advertising. She did not go like everyone else, but came up with something else. And did not lose.

Elena Rybolovleva

Elena Rybolovleva with her husband brings up two daughters

With the future husband Dmitry, Elena Rybolovleva met while studying at the medical institute. However, the career of doctors in the troubled nineties did not attract young graduates, and they founded a private clinic. Then, acquiring start-up capital, the couple began to engage in a more popular and stable business - the chemical industry. Gradually, they became major shareholders or owners of companies in the Volga and Urals Federal Districts.

In 2008, the feelings between Dmitry and Elena cooled and they decided to divorce. The spouses did not have a marriage contract, so the usual district court in Switzerland, where the family lived by that time, dealt with the case. The process dragged on for many years, until finally it ended the payment of more than $ 600 million to Elena, which is all of her condition today. Now Rybolovleva is engaged in private investment.

Natalia Fileva

Fileva has a degree in economics

She was born in Novosibirsk, where she also received an education as an engineer, and also graduated from the department of management of the Institute of National Economy. Married to S7 CEO Vladislav Filev.

Natalia is the chairman of the board of directors of S7, and her fortune is estimated at $ 600 million.

The airline company was in the possession of Filev's by chance. Prior to that, they were the owners of the investment company. In the late 90s, the Novosibirsk region government offered them to buy out Siberia Airlines, which is in a pre-bankrupt state. Filev agreed. So they became the owners of the largest in the Russian Federation group of companies S7, which includes subsidiaries in the field of freight and passenger transport.

Olga Belyavtseva

Olga Belyavtseva is also on the list of the most influential women in Russia

The future millionaire started from the bottom of the career ladder. At the age of 20 she got a job as a packer at a juice production workshop. Then she founded the company for the distribution of products of various canneries. And then she became the mistress of the Lebedyansky enterprise, one of the largest manufacturers of juices, baby food and other products, where she once began her career. After the plant was transformed into a public joint-stock company, Olga Belyavtseva earned more money and acquired Lipetsk concern for the production of mineral water. And also in its assets there are agricultural companies, a combine for the production of cardboard and packaging. Condition - $ 500 million

Polina Deripaska

Polina Deripaska heads up a large publishing holding Forward Media Group

The daughters of Valentin Yumashev, the son-in-law of the first president of Russia B. N. Yeltsin and the head of his administration, were lucky to be born in a very prosperous family. She studied journalism in England, with the children of leading politicians and rich people from all over the world.

Polina owns shares in an En + company founded by her husband, Oleg Deripaska, whom she married in 2001. In addition, Pauline is the director of fashion magazines. Her personal fortune is estimated at $ 500 million. However, due to the extremely poor forecasts for the shares of the husband’s companies, her financial position in the future may be greatly shaken.

Tatyana Kuznetsova

He heads up the legal department of Novatek (owner - Mikhail Prokhorov). She is also a member of the board. Condition - $ 400 million First, she worked in subsidiaries, then moved to the head office. She also owns about 3 percent of the shares of the company.

Evgenia Guryev

Evgenia met her spouse while still at school

She graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. She worked at a research institute at the department of MAI, as a radio engineer at Sheremetyevo Airport. Owns shares of the company's husband Andrey Guriev "PhosAgro", which bring her income of $ 400 million. He heads the family charity fund. The fixed capital of the family belongs to her (at least, it was so declared). Evil tongues link this with the post held by Guryev - he was a member of the Federation Council.

Natalya Lutsenko

Like many businesswomen, Natalya Lutsenko started her business with her husband. The co-owners and founders of the Commonwealth group of companies, the spouses Alexander and Natalya Lutsenko, started their business in 1994 with the sale of agricultural feed and feed additives. Then the company erected two oil extraction plants in the Kaliningrad special economic zone and became Russia's largest producer of vegetable oils, including soybean and palm oil. The state is about $ 400 million.

Marina Sedykh

Completes the top ten of the Forbes 2018 ranking among women Marina Sedykh

Having graduated from the law faculty, Marina Sedykh got into a forgotten village in the Primorsky Territory in the Far East. Then she was lucky to become a legal adviser to a number of oil and gas companies, and later, in 2000, to head one of them - the Irkutsk Oil Company. Owns $ 350 million

The last rating (Forbes magazine, autumn 2018) of the 200 richest people in Russia included only six women. Of course it is a bit. We will leave the reasons for discussion and research to sociologists, journalists, and psychologists. Or maybe it motivates the still young girls to start learning well, earn money and sometime get into the new rating.